Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lululemon Swiftly Tech 1/2 Zip & Embossed Wunder Unders in Power Purple!

I bought 2 power purple items from Lululemon on Tuesday morning, and they both arrived today.  First I got the Swiftly Tech 1/2 Zip in power purple and omg I am so in love with it!!!  It is so beautiful, I'm ripping the tags off right now.

I have 2 other Swiftly Tech 1/2 Zips, one in ultra violet and one in paris pink.  I love both of them so much, I think this is my favorite style of all long sleeve tops from Lululemon, ever.  This one in power purple just puts it over the top.  I don't think there are many other colors that can beat power purple.  I hung it right next to my other 2 and it makes me so happy!

Here are the web shots:

I also took the plunge and ordered the power purple embossed wunder unders!  I don't have any bottoms in non-black or gray, except for my white denim ones.  So these will be my first pair of colorful ones!  I don't quite know if I want to keep them 100% though.  I think they are very cute in this color, and they are super soft and comfortable.  But I am worried about what tops to wear with them.  Obviously black, white and gray would all work.  But I don't own many tops in those colors.  I tried them on with a few other tops in purplish tones, and think that they would work as well, but I am having trouble thinking of other colors to go with them.

Here they are with majestic purple cool racerback:

And here is another one with lolo purple/power purple Push Ur Limits tank.  I think this outfit might be too matchy matchy for my taste though.

So anyway, I will have to go through my stuff and see what else goes with them!  I do love them with white tops though.

And here are the web shots showing details of the embossed print.  It's very subtle, but I wish they had made these reversible!  The inside is power purple anyway, all they had to do was make the patch on the crotch area the same color (right now they are black) and stick a logo on it.  

So I'll keep these for a while and think about them.  But I think I most likely will be keeping them!


  1. I love the look of the crops but I was hesitant to order them because I wasn't sure about the gusset. Is it the triangle? I find that the triangle sits back way to far on me and is visible on my backside which is not a good look!

    1. It is a triange... and it does go back kind of far. Hmm I need to do a bend test...

  2. You could wear so many colors with power purple! Flash, aquamarine, angel blue, menthol, ray, pow pink, Paris pink, pop orange, wild lime, tree frog, citron, surge... The list is endless! Loving color this season- try it out!

  3. Finally you have cracked and you bought a purple lululemon crop! ;) very nice!!

  4. Angel Blue looks amazing with power purple! So does currant.

  5. Love your Practice Freely Tanks! Wish I would've gotten them too..

  6. I tried on the red Swiftly Tech yesterday, but walked out of the store without it. It's just too hot to buy something with long sleeves. I have a feeling I'll be back searching for it soon, though.

  7. The PPurple WUCs look great on you -- keep them! I agree with Anon 6:09 -- they can be paired with so many colours. I'm loving the purple and currant pairings on many of the product notification photos shown on LLA and LLM blogs. I think PPurple looks amazing with indigo too.

  8. Thank you for the suggestions! I guess I'm not adventurous enough to pair purple with other bright colors! I think I'd feel silly wearing purple and blue or purple and red. Hahaha... need to try on and see...

  9. Love them both!! went into my store the other day and the power purple in person is even more gorgeous. I'm tempted by the CRB but just spent a boatload on currant stuff. I bought the wunder unders in pigment blue and was nervous about them too but now I wear them all the time! they match with so much I would never have thought of.

  10. I think they look great on you! Keep em! :)


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