Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sharagano Zip-Front Sleeveless Dress

I got another really cute dress from ideeli!  This one I really really like.  It's by Sharagano, and I almost wasn't able to get it!  I had to put myself on the wait list, which I basically figured meant it would never happen.  But then I got an email saying it was available again!  So I bought it right away.  Ahhh... it was meant to be.  =)

I think this model looks fantastic in it.  When you have darker skin or a nice tan, white just looks great on you!  I gotta start working on my tan again now that it's almost summer!  Here it is on me:

So I really really like the style of this dress because it's got a sporty flare to it.  The material is a little stiff (cotton, polyester, spandex blend) which is nice for the collar as it will stay up however you style it.  It feels like when you take a shirt to the dry cleaners and have them lightly starch the collars.  I got it in a size 4, which I think is the right size for me.  It is not tight but is definitely body skimming.  It's actually very flattering, especially for a white dress!  It's not very stretchy, and the only way to get into it is to just zip the front all the way down, step into it and pull it up over the hips.  I tried putting it on over my head and it just wasn't going to happen!  I'm wearing it with my Modern Vintage wedge sandals, but I think it would pretty much go with any of my shoes.  Very excited to add this dress to my wardrobe!  

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