Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lululemon Warm Up Crew - Not Liking It!!

I ordered the Lululemon Warm Up Crew in dune/faded zap from the website last week because it went on sale from $98 to $29.  I would never have considered such a unflattering style, but since it was so cheap and it's made of brushed luxtreme that I LOVE, I decided to get it.  Well, I received it, put it on and just can't like it even for $29.  I wish I could return it, but I guess it's going on ebay.  Unless one of my lovely readers wants to buy it from me.  =)

Well, the best thing about this thing is the material - brushed luxtreme really is lovely.  It's all warm and cozy feeling when you put it on.  The color combo is ok I think.  I'm actually not too crazy about it, but I didn't want one of the stripey ones.  I might have liked the solid black or white ones better.  But honestly I just don't really like the fit.  It is shapeless from the side, and I don't like how the back is longer than the front by a good inch or more.  And the zipper has such a long pull it's kind of strange.  Here are some pics from the website, not bad on the model, but they don't really show a side view:

And on me:

Sooo yeah, the shoulders fit tight and pull weird.  I don't have particularly wide shoulders either.  I got this in a size 4, my regular size, just for reference.  Well, this one is up for grabs!


  1. Wow I'm glad I didn't buy it, cause you make everything look good and (no offense) it is not the most flattering. No wonder it was $29. It was originally $98 or something, what is Lulu smoking?

  2. I think you look great in it. I would keep it if I were you..just saying.

  3. Call them and let them know how disappointed you are, maybe they'll take it back. The last thing they need right now is more negative reviews.

  4. I couldn't resist the $29 price tag either! Def see why this top went to that price. Doesn't fit me right either :(. It's a shame because its such a great material and could've been amazing!

    It looks cute on you though!! A lot better than me :)

  5. I bought it in person this week (first Lulu purchase in months) and it fits me really well. I'm normally an 8 because of my shoulders, but sizes down in this and it isn't tight on my shoulders. I'm also built like a boy without nice accentuation like you have and a very short torso with go-go gadget legs. So maybe it only works well on a very specific body type - I also think it looks fine on you, just not amazing like everything else we see you in!!

  6. Aww thanks you guys! I think there are def better options out there for me so I'll pass on this... And I have seen it look better on some other people so it is definitely body dependent.

  7. I agree 100% with your review of this item. I would never have considered it for $99 or $49 but for $29 I thought for sure it would be worth a shot. Sadly the weird fit in the back does not work for me either. I think I might try sewing the front and back sides together so it's more fitted and less boxy. I'm not sure why LL didn't just do that in the first place...

    PS - I think you look great in it too so you should hang on to it :)

  8. Hi
    I was wondering if you still have the warm up crew and planned to sell it for $29?

    1. Hi, I actually put it on eBay. The auction is not over yet. It is currently at $21. http://bit.ly/14aYXy5

  9. What are the black pants you're wearing in this outfit they look perfect for Mexico


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