Saturday, May 12, 2012

Abercrombie Shorts!

Now that summer is finally here, I figured that some new shorts were in order!  I love Abercrombie shorts so I decided to check out what they had, and ended up getting 4 pairs!  They were all on sale.  I spent average only $25 a pair.  I love them all, and my hubby loves them too which is rare.  His top 2 responses to my "should I keep this" questions are: 1. "They look just like ___ you already have", or 2. "Why do you need so many different ___?".  I was going to pick and choose a couple pairs and return the rest, but he is very adamant that I keep them all lol.  It gets very hot here in the summer, so short shorts are definitely necessary and I can justify them.  So I'm keeping them!  Really can't complain about $100 for 4 pairs of shorts.

Here's the Josey shorts, when I bought them they were $27, now I see that they are up to $37.  Not sure why.  I really love these though.  They are uber comfy and I love light distressed denim paired with white tank tops, especially with a colorful bra under like the Lululemon Centered Energy bra in flash which I am in love with right now.  And in case you are wondering, and I know it kind of looks that way, but my boobs are not popping out from underneath the bra lol.  It's my unfortunate tan line from how I sat on the lounge chair last weekend that is creating the optical illusion...

Here are the close up pics of the shorts:

I also got a pair of dark denim shorts, the Kirstie shorts.  The difference between the 2 pairs is that these have an unfinished hem as opposed to a rolled up one.  The fit of these are a little bit lower rise than the ones above.  I ordered them in the same size - 4. 

And here are close ups of these:

The next one is the Mary classic fit shorts.  These are on clearance for only $19, and still are.  Really good deal!  I bought blue plaid, but they also come in pink.  These definitely fit the most loose in the same size.  And they also have a slightly higher rise.  They are made of mostly cotton and some spandex.  Very soft and light.

Close ups:

Lastly, I love these white Tori shorts.  They also come in different colors like navy, khaki, tan, brown, etc.  But I love white.  They are also cotton but thicker than the plaid ones above.  And these white shorts are not see-through like the white Lululemon Play In The Sun shorts that I bought and then decided I couldn't really wear them with or without underwear which was too bad because they are very cute.  So that leaves me room for these Abercrombie Tori shorts.  Love that they come with a belt too, for half the price of the Lulu shorts.

Close up shots:

I think I'm all set for summer to come on full force!  


  1. They all look GREAT!!! Can you tell me your lulu size? I'm not sure what size to get...I wear a 6 in lulu speed shorts...thanks girl!

    1. Thanks! I wear a Lulu 4 for bottoms usually, and ordered 4s in these shorts too! They are lower rise than Lulu speed shorts, and the waistband is also looser fitting than the Speeds which tend to cut in on my waist a little bit.

  2. Such an inspirational post! I needed the nudge to get summer shorts this weekend...ended up going with after a quick search because they had some fun colors with no side pockets...

  3. I like the white and Josey shorts! very nice for the summer.


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