Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Express Editor Wide Waistband Pants - White and Neutral

I went to the Express store yesterday and bought two more pairs of the Editor Wide Waistband Pants.  I swear by these pants when it comes to my work wardrobe, same as I swear by Lululemon stuff when I work out.  Hehe.  They are just the greatest pants for work - super comfortable and flattering at the same time.  I don't like the regular Editor pants because I think they fit me weird.  But for some reason the wide waistband ones are a perfect fit.  Not gonna complain about that!  I think the wide waistband gives it a clean and professional look, great for wearing with a button down shirt or a sweater or something.  The length of these pants in regular inseam is perfect for me with heels on so I never have to get them altered. 

I already have like 6 pairs of them, but I need a little bit more variety instead of one for each day of the week.  Most of mine are dark, and now that it's Spring, I felt like lighter pants are in order!  Even white!  Is it bad to wear white pants to a professional work environment though?  Hmm...

(By the way, why do their stock photos show white pants on white background?  Seems kinda dumb.)

So the white ones are actually a different material than my other "Studio Stretch" ones.  They are the Cotton Sateen material, which is of mostly cotton with 3% spandex or something.  They are $10 less than the other ones, at $49.  I'm actually not too much of a fan of this material because it wrinkles easily and looks horrible if you wash them in the washer as the washing instructions suggest.  You have to dry clean them with starch to make them stay in nice shape.  I know because I have a pair of pants in this material that I got on sale, and after I washed them they are totally ruined!  They look so old and used up, no matter how hard I ironed.  I just can't wear them anymore because they make me feel like a slob.  =(  I got them on sale for like $20 so that was a good guinea pig I guess.

I got the white ones though because I just wanted white pants.  I'm going through a white pants phase.  And the material also gives it a more casual look - good for my business casual Fridays dress code for work, as well as for the weekend if I want.

The other ones I got are neutral color, which is a light tan color with dark brown stripes.

The stripes are subtle, which is good.  These pants are not the famous Express "Studio Stretch" either, but I think they are made of similar material.  The description just says Synthetic/Spandex.  They are the same price as the other Editor Wide Waistband Pants I have - $59.  They feel lighter and flow-yer than my Studio Stretch ones.  But I also have a pair of Studio Stretch ones in grey stripes and the material feels very similar to these, so I don't know.  I have a feeling these won't stay their shape as well.  Perhaps I will dry clean them with starch and see if it helps.  

They also seem to run a tiny bit bigger.  I got both these and the white ones in size 00 - same size as all the ones I already have.  But these feel looser.  If I lost a little bit weight I wouldn't be able to wear them anymore.  More incentives to eat chocolate!  LOL!

So I had yet another discount card I got from Express in the mail, which gave me $30 off if I spend over $100.  These went just a little over $100!  So I was able to get $30 off and ended up getting them at about $40 a pair after tax.  Pretty good deal!  I love these pants and will continue getting them when new colors come out!


  1. Hi there!
    Based on your review I'm thinking of giving these a try, in studio stretch and "denim" (their denim-like lightweight fabric). I'm not sure what size to get though. I wear a true lululemon 4 , so I was thinking a 2, but from your reviews that sounds too large. There's a pair I like in the 00 but I'm afraid those will be way too small. Any tips? Thanks a lot :)

  2. Hmm... I'm normally a size 4 bottom at Lululemon, but I can get away with size 2 as well. I've found that size 0 in the Editor Wide Waistband pants are too big, especially because they tend to stretch out a bit with wear. Each wash is slightly different though so it's hard to say, but I think that if you are a solid 4 at Lulu, you are probably about the same size as me. So I would say you could most likely get away with 00 in these. They might be a little tight in the beginning but trust me they will stretch out and become a perfect fit! Size 2 would definitely be too large!

  3. P.S. I'm wearing mine right now as I am at work - so comfy! =)

  4. Thanks so much! There's so much vanity sizing nowadays it's hard to tell what will fit and what won't.

  5. Be sure to watch for express sales where it is buy one get one half price. That is when I stock up.


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