Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Zobha Racer Capri in Perfect Purple

I bought the Zobha Racer Capri (currently sold out online) when I got an email from them last week regarding the spring sale.  It went on sale for only $30!  I know when I tried on Zobha crops before (different style), I liked them but didn't feel like spending close to $100 for them.  For $30, I definitely was in!  They ship super fast too so I got them the next day.  I read that Zobha runs slightly large so I decided to try for a size 2.  There wasn't a ton of color choices with size 2 available, so I got these dark purple ones called perfect purple. I would have preferred a dark blue color, but I do love purple as well!

So when I first tried them on, I thought they fit really well.  They fit like my Lululemon size 4 luon bottoms, with the wide waistband that I love and all.  And they make your butt look cute!  The rise and feel of the fabric are very similar to Lululemon as well.  But I think it fits better than recent Lululemon crops around the crotch.  Maybe better gusset design, but I don't feel like they are being eaten by my crotch... hahahaha.

The knee is actually slightly looser fitting so they are not "tights", but "capris".  Though for all intents and purposes, they look and feel pretty much just like tights.  The hit me right below the knee, which is a length that I love.  I actually wore them tonight during my workout.  I thought they felt slightly lighter and more breathable than Lululemon's luon.  But the waistband did ride down on me a little bit, which happens with my Lulu wunder unders and luxtreme bottoms as well.  But usually with Lulu bottoms, after I start sweating a little, the fabric would sort of stick to my skin and they wouldn't move down anymore.  However, with these Zobha crops, they kept riding down a little.  Not very noticeable, but enough for me to pull them up from 2-3 times.  After maybe an hour (...?!?), they finally stopped moving.  I guess these need more sweat to stick to the body than luon!

Overall though I did like them a lot.  But I think I would like them more for yoga than running.  They are very comfortable, and the color is very nice.  I think dark purple will go with a lot of stuff I have.  Especially for $30 I think they are a steal.  I checked for darker sweat stains after I worked out and didn't see any.  Though to be fair, I don't really sweat on my bottom that much.  So the verdict is that they probably get an A- from me, whereas my Splits59 Ginger crops still get A+++ lol.  

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