Friday, December 21, 2012

Calvin Klein Shopping Spree!

Ok here goes another shopping spree!  I went to Calvin Klein with my friend who works for the company, and he gets me 40% off, including sale items.  We do this about once a year or so, and naturally each time I take full advantage of it.  So I basically bought everything at the store that I liked!  Probably spent 4 hours there.  The items turned out to be 10-20 dollars a piece, which is such a great deal!  I swear I never saw a receipt so long in my life.  We bought about $1k worth of stuff, but also a lot of things for others/Christmas presents.  But here are some things I bought for myself!  I can't even find everything I bought for myself from the Calvin Klein website.  I think I got a lot of already 50% off items that have been long gone from the website.

This two-tone surplus knit dress is pretty great.  I love the style and the light gray/dark gray combination.  The belt it comes with is a velvet-y gray/black leopard print belt.  It gives the dress some sass!  The material of this dress is super comfy, it's like sweat shirt material.  I love that.  It drapes well because the material is heavier, and it doesn't wrinkle at all.  I'm wearing it right now!  I usually wear a size 2 in Calvin Klein, since the brand runs big, but the smallest size the store had was a 4, and it fits so I went with it.  This dress was originally $140 but is not on sale for $60.  Great deal even without my friend's 40% off in addition!  This was the single most expensive item I got.

I also like this color-blocked pencil skirt I got, in white and black.  It's also a very comfortable material, but not as thick as the dress, and might wrinkle more.  I haven't worn it to work yet so I don't know for sure.  But I like the white and black colorblocking with black on the outside.  It's very slimming!  This one runs larger for sure.  I got it in size 0.  This one is also on sale for $39 right now.

The second most expensive item I got was this shiny striped roll-up sleeve blouse in black.  I like the subtle pin stripe type of lines on this shirt.  And the style/color is a no brainer.  I don't wear it buttoned all the way up like the model though.  I typically leave the top 2 or 3 buttons undone on my dress shirts. This shirt is still $50, on sale from $70.  I got it in size XS, it fits.

Next I got these two essential cardigans in black and tan, mostly as something to throw on at work if I get cold.  They are very thin and long, with pockets.  I love pockets.  I seriously wish the two-tone surplus dress I got had pockets too.  These cardigans are a great deal right now - only $19, down from $59.  So I basically spent nothing on them after my 40% off.  But right now online they only have it in yellow left.  I got both of these in size S.  XS probably would work too but they didn't have that size left.

I also got some more casual stuff, but I think this satin collar 3/4 sleeve polo shirt can serve as both casual and work wear.  I really love the color of this top, it's in "light purple", although it looks more like a blue to me.  It's a pretty flattering fit because it's long and has a little bit of stretch so it hugs the figure well.  This was also on sale for 20 bucks.  I had to pick it up.  Got it in size S.

Last but not least, I got these super comfy performance lounge pants, also now on sale for $20!  They are black velvet material, pretty cute actually.  I got them mainly for lounging around in my hotel room for when I go on vacation where it will be super cold!  I got these in size XS and they actually fit very well.  The legs are a straight leg style fit, and they are not too wide legged.  They are about an inch too long for me though, but I could always get them hemmed or just roll them up.  Very happy with these.

So I can't find online the other stuff I bought but it's really just a maroon silk blousey type of tank and another black mandarin collar blouse for work.  I think I've been treating myself quite a bit this holiday season lol.  But I got other people presents too!  But it may be time to curb some spending.  =)

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