Saturday, January 26, 2013

Aldo Leanora Peep-Toe Pumps

I got these Aldo Leanora Peep-Toe Pumps right before I went to China, and have only recently been able to wear them around.  For how high they are, they are actually surprisingly comfortable!  I really like the way they look as well.  I actually bought them thinking that they were patent leather, but have since read online that they are synthetic.  I usually hate synthetic shoes (they make your feet stink) and I almost returned these because of it.  But since they were so comfortable and I got them for a good price (the store had a wrong sales tag on it so I got it for $50), I decided to keep them.

So I got these in size 6.  The store actually only had size 6.5 and it was a little too loose for me, so they had these delivered to my house for free.  At first they were pretty tight and pinched my toes on the first day I wore them.  But the second time was significantly better.  The hidden platform really make these feel flatter than they are, so I could wear them all day.  I love the peep toe look as well, and I love that I can wear them to work as well as with jeans.  So I'm pretty happy with them, especially for the price I paid!  

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