Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lululemon Push Ur Limits Tank - Lolo Purple / Power Purple

I love my boyfriend for many reasons, one of which is that he doesn't think I have a shopping problem (or maybe thinks it but doesn't voice it?), and never ridicules me for buying too much of anything, and a lot of it consists of Lululemon stuff.  He actually likes my Lululemons and thinks their clothes look nice on me.  He even suggested that I apply to work there part time on weekends because I could then get discount on their clothes, wear it around all the time and get paid to work out at different gyms.  I agree it's pretty much the perfect job for me - only if I had more time!  So yeah, he always goes shopping with me and chats with the girls while I try on a million things.  Occasionally, he also goes alone to the store and picks up things for me.  And today was one of those days!  He brought me back a pretty Push Ur Limits Tank in lolo purple with power purple straps!  And he even asked for cup inserts which he calls "boobie cups".  Lol.

Hmm I don't know why my floor shows up gold in the photos - I'm having iphone camera issues.  But the color of the tank looks pretty close to real life colors. 

I LOVE the Push Ur Limits Tank.  I have only one, in Passion Wee Stripe, because I keep waiting for them to come out in non-gray or black contrasting colors.  Finally they made this one!  I swear if they had made more of these, I would have about 10 of them right now.  But I refused to buy solid colors, because I think the contrasting colors are what makes this tank special.

This one feels and fits exactly the same as my passion one, so my regular size works.  But I feel like the lolo purple looks darker in this tank than it does on other things I've seen.  Maybe it's because of the luxtreme material.  I can't wait to wear this one - it's been like 100 degrees lately, so the luxtreme material feels a lot nicer than luon to sweat in!  Not to mention the mesh panel in the back.  We'll see how well this color does with sweat - my passion one shows sweat like crazy and I sweat a lot when I work out, so I always look like a sea monster when I wear it.  I don't think it happens to luxtreme tops across the board though, because my Light Up Tank looks exactly the same dry or wet.  But it doesn't matter either way because I love my new tank and will wear it lots no matter what!


  1. Tried that one on the other day .... super cute ... it's on my list .... love that lolo and am getting way too many pieces in that colour lately ...

  2. I agree about the contrasting colors on the Push Ur Limits. They're super cute, but I don't own one. . . yet. Your boyfriend is so sweet. My husband doesn't share your boyfriend's point of view on lululemon purchases!

  3. Btw, this one bleeds! I had a sweaty work out in it yesterday, then when I was stretching, I put a white towel on the mat, and by the time I was done the towel had splotches of purple dye!

  4. Aww, good boyfriend! I love this color combo. If you ever get tired of this tank, let me know - I think we wear the same size in Lulu tanks. ;)


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