Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Shopping Spree at Express!

I went kind of crazy shopping at Express and bought a bunch of stuff in the past couple weeks.  This post will actually encompass like 3 different transactions to include everything I've bought from there!  I got some good deals though, with Black Friday deals and their holiday specials.  I could always wear Express stuff for work, so I don't feel too bad splurging once in a while.  Recently I've been trying to step it up with my work outfits, because I think image at work does matter.  I look at these sad looking hard workers who do a good job and spend long hours at work, but they don't get anywhere because they simply don't look the part.  So I'm just going to put in a little bit more effort, and give off a nice image!  We'll see what happens.

Anyways, so here are some of my purchases!  Brace yourselves for a long post, ladies!

First of, I bought this Long Convertible Sleeve Blouse in ivory and black piping, and I love love love it!  I love it because it works with pants or skirts, tucked in or left out.  It's loose fitting without being unflattering.  So obviously I bought it in another color - cayman blue.

I actually posted a picture of this in my latest Sunday Funday, where the color is a lot more green.  It is how it looks in real life, not this baby blue color from the Express website.  Kind of misleading - I was hoping for this blue, but the actual color is nice as well so I kept it.  Same as the other shirt, I got it in size XS and it still fits loosely.

In the above pic, I also wore my new Zip Back Studio Stretch Pencil Skirt (too bad it's currently sold out online so there's no link).  It's such a nice skirt, and I only paid $29 for it!  It actually fits exactly like my High-Waist Studio Stretch Pieced Pencil Skirt.  But this one is solid black, with a gold zipper in the back that zips all the way.  The zipper goes both ways, so you can adjust how high you want the back slit to be.  Pretty cool!  I got it in my normal Express pencil skirt size - 2.  Here's the picture of it on the model:

I also bought another Long Convertible Sleeve Blouse in this beautiful dark red color called Red Lacquer.  It's also sold out online currently.  I love this color, but the sleeves in this one fits looser than the other two I have even though it's also a size XS.  It's strange, but it doesn't matter too much since the sleeves will always be rolled up how I will wear it.

I got this other casual tee also in Red Lacquer.  It's such a gorgeous color.  It's called Dolman Graphic Tee - Thrill Of It.  It's sooooo soft and comfy on, I love the material a lot.  It was also on sale for only $14 so I couldn't pass it up.  I love wearing it on weekends with jeans.  I got this one in size S and it fits loosely, but I wouldn't size down.  It fits me like how it fits the model.  I wouldn't want it any tighter.

Close up

Another tank I got that is not for work is this Sequin And Lace Stripe Racerback Tank in mist.  It was pretty cheap as well at $19, and it is something that can be thrown on quickly to dress up an outfit. I also got this in a size S for a looser fit.  It's a pretty long tank, and the back bottom half is lace.  I love the colors in this tank.

I got a couple more pairs of Wide Waistband Editor pants, of course!  They are the only pants I wear to work, and they are hit or miss.  Sometimes you end up with a pair that fits super well, and sometimes not at all.  This makes online shopping tough for them, but I typically buy online and return to the store what I don't like.  I bought these 2 pairs, both in my regular size of 0.

For some reason, these are super flattering, so I'm very happy with them.  And I love the cute button details on the back of the waist.  I actually also posted a picture of myself in these in last Sunday Funday:


These are very cute as well.  I love light heathered gray color, and have been looking for a pair for a while.  So I'm very happy with these.

I actually bought a 3rd pair, the Wide Contrast Waistband Editor Pant in Gray, but these were horrible. I knew they'd be bad as soon as I put them on, so they already went back to the store.  The material was yucky and cheap feeling, and the pair I got had one leg slightly longer than the other!

I also bought FOUR sweater dresses!  Lol.  I love sweater dresses for the cooler months of the year.  I love wearing them with tights and boots, or even just heels.  And these dresses are pretty awesome.  I got the Mesh Sleeve Metallic Sweater Dress, currently sold out online, but I just saw a bunch of them at the store I went to on Sunday.  This dress is so cute!  I love the mesh sleeves on a sweater dress, and the back has a gold zipper that goes very low.  But you don't need to zip/unzip it at all to put the dress on/off.  I bought this dress in size XS, since it was the only size left.  The sleeves were a bit tight around the upper arm area when I first put it on, but the body fit perfectly well.  But after one wear, the sleeves stretched out a bit and it's completely comfortable now!

So I first bought this black one, liked it a lot, and went back to the store on Sunday and got another one in this beautiful wine color.  I think I'm obsessed with this wine color right now.  It looks so good!  But this one is actually a slightly metallic material.  It's very subtle, but very cool.  I also got it in a size XS since it was the only size the store had left as well.  But this one had a looser fitting arm to begin with so it was never too tight.  It might even fit better than the black one!  Mesh Sleeve Metallic Sweater Dress:

And then I bought 2 Ruched Sweater Dresses, one in royal purple, and one in aquarium.  Both colors are gorgeous!  I at first bought the purple one online, in a size S.  It fits loosely.  So when I was at the store, I tried on the aquarium one in size XS and it was a perfect fit!  I wish I hadn't taken off the tags from the purple one and worn it already, otherwise I'd exchange it for a size XS.  But oh well, it fits fine.  I posted a picture of myself in it from last week as well.

And this is the picture of it on me:

And here is the aquarium one.  It's a very pretty blue.

So I totally ordered a bunch of stuff and was hoping that I'd be able to return some of them and not spend so much money!  But I fell in love with each so there was no way I'd return any of these, other than the pair of ill-fitting Editor pants mentioned above.  But I did order 2 sweaters that were not quite as nice.  They are the Slub V-Neck sweaters.  The material is nice in these sweaters, because they are thin and kind of see-through.  Almost like a burn-out type of material which I love.  They were also pretty comfortable on.  But I ordered size S in them and the arms looked very loose and boxy.  Made me look very wide.  I'm not sure if I should have tried on a size XS in them, but I returned them.  I do really like the two colors I got in them though, Jamaican Blue, and Warm Stone.

That's some pretty good odds... only a few "No"s out of a bunch of "Yes"s.  So I'm pretty happy!  Overall I spent something like $320 for all these things I'm keeping.  I'd say that's a pretty sweet deal!


  1. I haven't shopped at Express in a million years, but you're making me want to check it out. :)


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