Friday, March 1, 2013

Sam Edelman Mallory Slingback - LOVE! And Aldo Strombeck Pumps

I bought more shoes!  I have a pretty bad shoe addiction, and have been curbing it somewhat decently the past couple years.  But it's kind of coming out now!  Well, I'll curb it back just because I don't even have enough room to house my shoe collection anymore!  Time for a Good Will trip again...

But my latest purchase that I love love LOVE, are the Sam Edelman Mallory Slingbacks!  I got them in "blush" from Gilt.  They were $59 and worth every penny!

First impression, I couldn't believe how comfortable they were!  They are pretty high, at 4.5 inch, but the platform is 1.25, so they are actually very flat.  I got them in size 6.5 and they are like the most perfect fit, couldn't have asked for better.  The patent leather in blush is a very nice color, and goes with my skin tone very well.  The cork wedge has a glaze over it, so it looks a bit fancier, but not that noticeable though unless you look more closely.  I did a google search for these shoes today to see if any store still has them in different colors, because I'm already thinking of buying another pair!  There are a few, but these shoes seem to be in high demand, because most sites I found did not have my size anymore.  I didn't end up buying another pair because the one I liked - blue ones - were not on sale.

Here they are on me:

I love how these shoes blend in with my skin and make my legs look super long!  Check out the fit from the side... they were like made for me lol.

Another pair of shoes I bought that were very different and I thought were kind of fun were the Aldo Strombeck pumps.  I was looking at shoes on sale at Aldo, and these caught my attention because they were $120 and now $59, and they are made of leather upper.  Very few Aldo shoes are made of leather, and they sell all their synthetic shoes for a pretty high price in my opinion.  Their quality really isn't that great.  But these were on sale so I thought I'd give them a try.

I love all the colorblocking I've been seeing lately, because they are super fun!  I thought these looked pretty cool, but after I received them I am kind of torn.  For one, they do look kind of cheap and hookerish.  The leather looks a little wrinkly and just not in great shape.  Also they are not very comfortable to walk in.  I got them in size 6, which is a good fit, if not a tiny bit big.  But I think half a size down would be too tight.  The heels are SUPER high, I don't think I own any shoe as high as these.  They are 5.75, with 1.75 hidden platform.  So for how high they are, they really aren't THAT uncomfortable.  But you are not gonna walk a mile in these either.  Another thing is of course they won't go with everything.  In fact, there may not be that many outfits I can wear them with.  So I'm really torn as to whether or not to keep them!  

Here I am in them, what do you guys think?  Should I keep them or save my money for better things?


  1. The wedges look awesome on you! The colorblocked heels actually look way better on you than in the photos by themselves. I would say that if you don't LOVE them, you should return them. I'm thinking you may not wear them often enough to make them worth keeping. Especially if you have a large shoe collection already. I'm trying to curb my own shopping as well so this is the thought process I go through with myself!

  2. I love the Sam Edelman Mallory Slingback. I think with your French Connection dress it should be pretty. On the other side, i dislike your Aldo Strombeck pumps, not very class.
    Bisou. ;)

  3. The wedges are a total win,I love the nude colour! The Aldo shoes look nice on you, but they're not fantastic shoes, really. They look better from the front than the side.

  4. I'd ditch the Aldo shoes because they look quite painful to walk in. The wedges look superb!! <3


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