Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Funday!

It's kind of funny that I took Friday off work to just chill and do nothing, and yet I've been extra busy this weekend!  I did manage to go to the Alo Sport sample sale on Friday, and got tons of stuff!  The prices were too good and I couldn't help myself... hehe.  More about that later!  And then yesterday I was running all over town trying to get this damn Swarovski skull keychain for my friend's birthday present.  He loves this skull stuff, and I couldn't believe that it was so hard to get!  Sold out all over LA... I got the last one in stock at the Century City store.  I'm not really a skull person myself, but I must say it does look pretty good in person... not sure if it's worth $140 (that is all relative anyway) but it's a lot better than this picture online at least:

I wanted to share one of my favorite meals that I've been making for dinner which for some reason makes me feel so good afterwards!  It's pretty easy to make as well.  Chicken pad thai noodles with kale and peanut sauce!  I start by boiling some chicken breasts, and then shredding them so they look like this afterwards:

I also blanch a bunch of cut-up kale for about 30 seconds in boiling water, as well as making some pad thai noodles at the same time... yep, 3 pots going altogether!  Although I have no pictures of those.  =(

And then I make this amazing peanut sauce!  I just combine about 2 tbsp of peanut butter (can be smooth or chunky) with 1 clove of minced garlic, 1 tbsp of soy sauce, 2 tbsp of rice vinegar, a few drops of sesame seed oil and hot peppers to taste, and then mix it all until its smooth!



And then I mix together the noodles, kale, chicken, sauce, some cut-up pieces of cucumber, green onions, and sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds, and that's it!  It can be served either hot or cold too.  It just makes my stomach feel extra good after eating it for some reason.  I'm not sure which ingredient it is or if it's a combination of different ones, but I can't complain!

Ok, enough about food!  Moving onto the workouts of this week!  

Monday 4/15
What I did:  I took pilates class at Pilates Plus.  

What I wore:  My new Lululemon cool racerback in ocean stripe mellow lemon, which is super soft and I love it!  With the Centered Energy bra in flash.  OMG it's still bleeding after all this time!!  Ok provided I don't wear it that often, but it bled onto my new cool racerback a little bit!  Last time it did that, it came out during the wash, so I'm hoping it will again on this one.  Anyway, I wore the Wunder Groove crops, and my Zigy Kickin wedge sneakers as to and from.

I also wore the concord grape Dance Studio pants and white swiftly long sleeve shirt to and from.  I  love yellow and purple paired together, so here is what the cool racerback and pants look like together.

And I'm still loving wedge sneakers with the pants completely let out!  Well, and wedge sneakers by themselves too.  And the white swiftly!  =)

Tuesday 4/16
What I did:  I did a tough whole body weight workout, and ended with 100 burpees.  Ugh, hate those.

And I wore the white swiftly as to and from again!  I just love it with electric orange.

Wednesday 4/17 - Rest day, but I took a picture of my work outfit.  It was the first time I wore my white sheer sleeve Esley blazer.  I wore it with Express chiffon overlay ruffle cami and Express pieced pencil skirt in navy.  Shoes are Ivanka Trump pinkish pumps!

Thursday 4/18
What I did:  I ran 8 20-second sprints, did 3 weight supersets - squat rack with 100 lbs, kettlebell bicep & shoulder lifts, and kettlebell twisting lunges.  Then I ran another 8 20-second sprints and went to mat pilates class!  Fun stuff.

What I wore:  Lululemon pearl luxtreme cool racerback in pigeon and Free To Be bra in faded zap.  Coal/chirp Team Spirit crops and Nike Frees.  I like the light and dark gray tone on tone look.   It was the first time I wore luxtreme bottoms to pilates!  I usually opt for luon.  It was fine, I don't know why I was so adamant with the distinction before.

Wore my mellow lemon swiftly for the first time too!  Gray and yellow together is one of the best color combos in my opinion!  

I also took a picture of my work outfit from the same day too.  I wore my Tahair ASL outfit from Ruelala!  The Vala top and Thelina slim ankle pants in red! The shirt is very casual, so I had to add my Calvin Klein blazer over it.  I think it works!  I used my cute little Marc Jacobs Ashley bag as well.

Friday 4/19
What I did:  A really really tough but great yoga class at Equinox.

What I wore:  Lululemon Flow and Go tank in faded zap, with the new Lulu lab Perennial tights!  Yellow and gray again!  Well, close enough to yellow.  And loved the crops for an actual workout too!

I wore the Splits59 Cameron jacket and to and from.

Saturday 4/20 - rest day!

Sunday 4/21
What I did:  I ran a mile, then did 4 sets of TRX workouts, and ended with five 1-minute sprints on hills.

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in heathered angel blue with white Flow Y bra, and Splits59 Ginger 3/4 crop in marianna blue - love these!!!  I love the tone of tone blue look too!  But I didn't go crazy with blue shoes too, but wore my white New Balance Minimus Road shoes instead.  =)

There was a girl working out next to me wearing aquamarine/ discover stripe Practice Freely tank, and beaming blue wunder under crops.  Her boyfriend said to her as they walked past me: you guys are wearing the exact same outfit.  WHAT!!!  I was so tempted to tell him that aquamarine is a lot lighter than heathered angel blue, not to mention Practice Freely tank is quite a different fit from a cool racerback...?!?  And I'm not even wearing Lululemon crops!  But I didn't want to appear to be a crazy person so I kept my mouth shut.  Still don't appreciate this type of comments though, and I think she didn't like it either lol.

I wore the Zella Stripey Melange Hoodie as to and from.

Ok it's almost 11:30 and way past my bed time!  Yikes!  I have to be at work early all next week too, which means I need to be up at around 5 am.  Super sad face!!!  My Monday blues is spilling over to my Sunday!

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