Monday, September 24, 2012

Lululemon Wunder Under Crops Bordeaux Drama

I surprised myself and bought the Lululemon Wunder Under crops in Bordeaux Drama last week, and I actually really really love them!  Plum type of color is not usually a color that I lean towards, but I have been toying with the idea of getting bottoms in colors other than black and gray because I was getting bored with them.  Power purple was a wonderful branch out, but I can't wear them all the time.  So when I saw bordeaux drama, I knew it would a color that I would be more willing to reach for as bottoms.  It is more subtle than purple of course, and it also goes with more tops in my closet.  Here it is on me with an older cool racerback in static very violet, which I think goes well.

I also like this web shot of them in a monochromatic look paired with a bordeaux drama top.

I think bordeaux drama will also go with the pinks/corals in my closet such as pink mist, bubbulicious, pig pink, very berry, passion, flash, paris pink, and pow pink.  It will probably not look bad with blues. And obviously will go with black, white, and coal.  So to me that is pretty versatile and I can make many outfits out of these crops.

I actually think bordeaux drama will be a great color to have in Dance Studio pants as well.  But I'm seriously restraining myself at the moment even though they are so tempting!


  1. Apparently the price on the DSP's is hiking this week to $108 so if you're on the fence about them, might as well buy them now rather than later!! (on that note... I can't believe they're raising the price, grrrr!!!)

  2. I was abou to say the same thing! Get em now while the price is $10 cheaper!!

  3. I couldn't help myself and purchased the WU pant and Define in Bordeaux, and I just ordered the Bordeaux DSP online. Weird for me, because I don't typically gravitate toward dark colors, but this shade goes so well with pink and orange, both of which make up the bulk of my workout wear, and I can also see it working with power purple, angel blue, etc. I also like that this shade isn't too cool toned.

    You should definitely get the Studio pant, MSE!! :-)

  4. Did you find the wu sheer like so many other people are reporting?

    1. I don't really find wunder unders sheer. I did a bend over test and these are fine for me.

  5. Ahhh you all are such bad influences. :) They are sold out online now so it looks like I may have to go visit the store! Wow I saw the new lined DSPs are $118... That's crazy! I thought $99 was pushing it for them. Lol.

  6. Just found your blog! :) Oh if I weren't preggers right now, I'd have to get the bordeaux WUs and the drama top paired with it! Maybe, I should be thankful my pregnancy will save me some serious $$!

    xx Vivian @


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