Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Zigi Kickin Wedge Sneakers!

So call me crazy, but I've been kind of liking this wedge sneakers look that every shoe store seems to have now.  I haven't seen many people actually wear them though.  When I first saw them on a girl, I thought it was the most hideous thing I'd ever seen.  But for some reason it's grown on me!  I wanted to get some to wear as to/from of my pilates and yoga studios.  They add on a couple inches while still maintaining the athletic look!  But I didn't want to spend anything more than $50 really.  Certainly not $650 on the Isabel Marant ones!  Though I think Miranda Kerr makes them look damn good:

Still I cannot spend that kind of money on these!  But I did see these Zigi Kickin ones on ideeli from $85 to $30, and thought why not give them a try!  They had both the taupe color and teal color.  I would have got the teal, but I'm still unsure about the style and thought I'd go with the safer color at least.  The taupe ones are more neutral so they could go with more outfits anyway.

So I had read that these wedge sneakers are very very comfortable.  And it's true!  When I put them on, I was pretty impressed with that.  The wedge is 3 inches and the platform is about a quarter inch.  So together they give you a 3.25 inch rise and they feel like nothing!  

I got them in size 6.5 which is the shoe size I normally go with.  So they are true to size.  But these ones were a little hard to put on.  I had to loosen the shoelaces a lot and kind of squeeze my feet into them a little.  I can see taking them on and off being a bit of a nuisance.  They are made of faux suede and keep your feet pretty warm.  May even be too warm to wear here in a month or so.  I better start wearing them ASAP!

I think they are cute!  And for the price I am definitely keeping them.  I think they'll look cute with skinny jeans/leggings or ankle pants too.  I did a google image search and also saw wedge sneakers paired with skirts.  I'm not too sure about that, but it's fun to play around with fashion!  What do you think about wedge sneakers?


  1. Two years ago, I bought sneakers isabel marant bobby from home. They are expensive but so beautiful. I have sold.
    France, now those are "betty" that are more fashionable:

    I hesitate to buy them ;)

  2. I don't really like the Marant Bekket with the puffy tongue, but I got into the trend with the Nike Dunk Sky Hi at a much more affordable price and retro Nike vibe. Was inspired by Brooklyn Blonde who rocks them here:

  3. I think they're ugly but that's just me LOL. I definitely like the tan ones you bought over the ones Miranda is wearing. They remind me of those stupid Daddy's Money commercials. (No offense, I love your style and I'm sure you can pull them off, just not for me haha)

  4. Haha thanks ladies! Glad to see I'm not the only one kind of feeling this look. I think it's funny that this is one of those looks that people either love or hate. And I wouldn't be surprised if a couple years later, I look at this and go "what was I thinking???". Hehehe... I actually wore them around tonight and got many looks! I kept thinking maybe those people thought they were hideous! Hahahaha!! Oh well!!!

  5. I just looked at your post about your new split 59 crops, and saw what you had on your feet, and thought "what the f*&K is she wearing??. Then I scrolled down and saw this post, LOL.

    If anyone can pull off this look, it would be you. Me? Not so much. haha


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