Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Look What I Bought Back!!

Sometimes one buys something and returns it.  Then regrets it big time later and looks everywhere to find it and buy it back.  Yep, that totally happens to me!  I bought the It's A Cinch Dress in concord grape jacquard mesh when it came out in April 2012, and returned it because I thought it was too expensive ($88) to justify keeping.  Well.... I've been looking for it everywhere and finally found it on ebay!  It was $55 buy it now, so I just did it.  It's not that cheap and for the mere $35ish difference, I would have much preferred to have had the original one this whole time.  Lol.  But hey... it is what it is.  It doesn't pop up very often at all, so I had to do it!  So glad because I lurve it!  :P

I think I could play tennis in this dress, but I haven't played in forever!  And I would most likely just use it as a summer dress or something.  I like the color a lot and jacquard mesh is gorgeous.  I think since it's got a sporty look, it works with wedge sneakers!  So I am wearing my Zigi Kickin sneakers here.

Yay!!!  Too bad it's too cold now for this dress.  I'll have to stash it away for a few months.

I also got 2 more things on ebay!  The awesome Run Brisk LS in black for only like $30 bucks and another pair of Strength and Tone short in porcelain, I think for $20?!  Lol, super cheap.

I think the Run Brisk came out too long ago for most people to have heard of it now.  It's one of my all time favorite Lululemon pullovers.  I think it came out at the end of 2009.  I bought the bold blue one, and I will never ever sell it.  I really appreciate the simple design.  The cut is very flattering, and the running luon fabric is very soft.  I could not pass on a $30 buy it now to own it in black as well.  It also came out in senorita pink and faded zap.

The Strength and Tone short I got are in porcelain, I believe, and came out in 2012.  They were actually listed as 4/6 but they are definitely a size 6.  But that's ok, because the black ones I have in size 4 definitely fit on the small side.  I love these shorts as chill at home shorts, so looser fitting is fine by me.

Here are some closer up shots of both items.  The top is my normal size - 4.

You can't really tell in the photo, but both side of the body are circle mesh panels, and there is a side pocket on the lower left.


The ruching on the upper back adds just the right amount of feminine touch:

Love that you can fold down the tie of these shorts, and there are pockets!

So, another wishlist item found!  Now I can be really thankful tomorrow lol.  I am going to start driving up north for the Thanksgiving weekend in a little bit.  I know I will eat a lot of yummy food, so I'm for sure packing gym clothes (I'm a last minute packer) and hope I can fit in at least one workout!  I had a super busy day at work today so I didn't even get to leave early, and did not make it to the gym as I had planned.  But hey... maybe shopping on Black Friday will be my workout!  Hehehe!

I hope all my American readers have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow!  Be safe, and happy shopping!!  :D

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Lululemon Wunder Under Pant in Herringbone!

Omg, why didn't I buy the Lululemon herringbone Wunder Under pants when they first came out like 3 months ago??  I just went to the store yesterday to see what I could exchange my black pique Skinny Will pants for.  They happened to have one last pair of herringbone wunder under pants in my size.  Why were they not completely sold out?!  Lol.  I tried them on, and knew immediately that they would come home with me and be loved to pieces!

What was I thinking not getting them before??  Oh, I think it's because of this picture that completely does not represent how cute they are in real life:

Were those that came out around beginning of September a different pair?  Why do they look totally different from mine?  The ones I bought appear to be darker, and the stitching is the same color as the pant.

Update:  Found out that those are different!  I got the new release that haven't been uploaded online yet... no wonder!  They are darker and I like them much better because they don't have the contrasting colored stitching - I am finding out that I'm really not a fan of that look.  Here's a comparison pic a nice lady posted on facebook.  Older ones that came out in September are on the left, and the newer ones on the right.

This is what they look like on me:

These are actually my first pair of Lululemon full length wunder unders!!!  Can you believe it?  I only bought crops before.  I would have preferred crops in these as well, but since they are so damn soft and comfy, I can't complain.  Full length is great for wearing under boots anyway.  I will most likely be wearing them around as casual/lounge wear and not as workout wear.  Even though it feels so divine, it's thick and rather hot to sweat in.  Maybe yoga or something low impact.  But I can't even remember the last time I did yoga lol.

These feel so much nicer than the black pique luon, it was a no brainer.  I gladly gave them back the Skinny Wills in exchange for these.  I even got $17 back.

Full length wunder unders are quite long!  This is how long they are on me... kind of pools at the ankles a little.  Maybe I'm just a shortie.  For reference, I'm 5'5 and "regular" length at most clothing stores are perfect for me.  These are my regular size, 4.  Although they fit a little tighter than regular luon I think.  Not enough to size up though, in my opinion.  I actually love that they fit tighter because I guess I'm kind of shrinking down to the size 2 territory so these happen to fit me very well.

They make the butt look pretty darn good, if I do say so myself!  Lol... but seriously, they mold your butt better than other pants, probably because they are a little more compressive.

I actually also tried on the pique Skinny Will pants again at the store.  Pique is much thicker and nicer than black pique.  But I couldn't get over the horizontal lines on my ass, it looked really weird.  The lower calf logo didn't help either, so it was an easy decision to get these herringbone pants.

I'm so excited, because I'm going up to Nor Cal for Thanksgiving in a couple days.  It's colder up there.  I'll live in these pants, my boots/Uggs, and either my Don't Hurry Be Happy pullover, or my Off The Mat jacket!  Woohoo!  :P

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Funday!

Omg I'm getting so worried about Thanksgiving!  Lol.  I know that my mom will be making tons of yummy food and I am not sure how I can stay on track with my diet!  I already started feeling the effect of the holiday season when the kitchen at my work made a full on Thanksgiving meal for lunch last Thursday.  They had turkey, ham, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, gravy, etc. etc.  All the works for a traditional Thanksgiving meal.  I have been so good lately, passing on everything and ordering sandwiches/salads instead.  But I couldn't resist that lunch!  Then all weekend, everywhere I went there was special holiday drinks and meals.  Sigh... this is such a tough time of year to be "good".  My next bi-weekly checkin with my coach is the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Lol.  As if.  Perhaps I should take my progress photos on Wednesday instead!  It's not that I don't want to indulge a little.  I really do!  But I don't want to un-do all my hard work over the past few months, and I also don't want to start down this road - it's often hard to get back on track after you've fallen off for a few days.  So, I am just dreading next week.  Gonna work on my will power the next couple days!  :P

This week I did my regular workout schedule of weights Mon-Wed, rest Thurs, then weights again Fri and Sat.  But then I realized that I'm going to be driving up north to my mom's place this coming Wednesday, and will probably be there until at least Saturday, during which time I will most likely not workout at all.  So in order to fit in my 5 weight sessions a week, I would have to start today!  Then my workout schedule will be like Sunday - Wednesday, rest Thurs - Sat, then finish off next Sunday.  I hate messing up my workout schedule like this.  But it's better than not fitting all of them in.  I'm quite OCD when it comes to completing all my workouts.  I will get very upset if I miss one.  So I gotta do what I gotta do to make it happen!  Especially since I see a lot of incoming calories this week/weekend.

Monday 11/18
What I did:  Lower body workout, where I am up to 5 sets of 6-8 squats to start it off.  Yep, I am that person that hogs the squat rack.  I did my 30-minute cardio session afterwards.

What I wore:  All Lorna Jane!  Tempo Excel tank with Portia bra under, and Kudos F/L tight tucked up a little. Nike Free Bionics in purple since the laces match the bra pretty well!

I wore the Lululemon Principle Jacket as to and from since bold blue of the collar goes pretty well with the shoes!  But maybe it was too much black.  We got cooler weather finally, so I am feeling like darker colors are in order!

Tuesday 11/19
What I did:  Shoulder & tri workout followed by cardio session.

What I wore:  Lululemon swiftly short sleeve in lavender, with Splits59 Nova capris in gray/granita.  Turns out, granita is kind of a close match to the swiftly top.  It's just a little darker.  Nike Frees in gray/crimson for a pop of color.

Of course, I have the Splits59 Olivia Run tee in granita which is a perfect match to the tights!

I was quite proud of my work outfit from Tuesday, because I improvised and put two shirts into one!  Hehe.  I wore the Express Sleeveless Lace Yoke shirt under the Express shirred v-neck long sleeve shirt to make one collared shirt!  How fun... lol.  It was business dress at work at that and I didn't feel like wearing an old fashioned collared shirt so this is why I did it.  On the bottom, I kept it simple with my Wide Waistband Editor pants in gray and Vince Camuto Dacoma pumps.

Here's a close up of the final result... not too bad huh??  :)

Since it's gotten colder, I could finally wear my Michael Kors leather jacket!  I love love love this thing!

Wednesday 11/20
What I did:  Back and bi workout... so hard!  Now this workout starts like this: 2 sets of unassisted pull-ups, 3 sets of unassisted chin-ups, then 4 sets of weighted negative chin-ups!  Ok warmed up... 5 more exercises to go lol.  Oh and cardio afterwards!

I put on the Lululemon Swiftly LS in haze as to and from:

So, something very rare happened on Wednesday.  Even the evening news was out interviewing people about it... it rained!!!  Lol!!!  That happens like.... 3 times a year here.  They really were out asking people how they felt about it on the news, I kid you not.  It only drizzled for like a few hours though.  It was so light I could barely feel it actually.  BUT, I did not give up an excuse to wear my "rain jacket" lol - Lululemon Inspire Jacket in senorita pink!  I don't wear this jacket very much, but I really love it.  I want the lolo purple one too!  

So that is what I wore to work.  This is what I wore underneath, and this is the type of outfit I wear to work most of the time.  Express bateau neck ruched sleeve sweater in aquamarine, and Express Wide Waistband Editor pant in blue which resembles denim.  I wore the Vince Camuto Dacoma pumps again.

Thursday 11/21 - Rest day

Friday 11/22
What I did:  Lower leg workout which calls for like 9 sets of squats in a row.  5 sets of regular stance, and 4 sets of close stance.  I've discovered that close stance works better for me, even though it's supposed to be the other way around.  It just feels more natural, and I can use heavier weights to do it!

Saturday 11/23
What I did:  My last weight workout!  Upper body supetsets.  Followed by the last cardio session.

What I wore:  Ok, it feels way colder now.  I decided it was time to take the Lululemon Insight Pant out for a test drive.  It was the first time I wore them and they were great!  I think it might be time to face the fact that Lululemon size 2 pants fit me better than my usual size 4.  I got these pants with a big lot purchase and they happen to be a size 2.  I do not own any other size 2 bottoms.  I found that these fit and feel better than my size 4 bottoms.  Usually with my size 4 pants, they keep slipping down a little until I start to swarm up.  Then the material kind of sticks to my skin and I don't have to keep pulling them up.  However, I never had to pull these pants at all.  They stayed perfectly in place from the start so that was pretty great - it does take a while to start sweating if you are doing weights vs. cardio.  But.... I like buying size 4!  :P

I wore my new beautiful paisley swiftly racerback in heathered angel wing that I just got the day before.  You know it's true love when you rip the tag off right away and can't wait to wear it the next day!  Lorna Jane Clover bra under it.  Black Nike Free Bionics again.

I wore the Alo Sport Cozy Collar hoodie in powder pink as to and from.  By the way, if you live in the LA area, Alo Sport is having sample sale next weekend!  I believe its black Friday - Sunday.  I'll be out of town so I probably won't be able to make it.  But out of all the sample sales I've been to, this one was by far the best one with cheapest prices and lots of selection.  I got stuff for $3-5 a piece last time I went, and they are really nice too!  Love this brand.  This hoodie was like $12 or something lol.  Click the link above to see prices from last time.

Sunday 11/24
What I did:  So it was supposed to be my rest day!  But nope, I went to the gym.  I did my lower body weight workout.  I went to the Equinox in Santa Monica, and the weather was so clear today you could see the ocean so clearly from the balcony (gym is on 2nd street, 1 block away from the ocean)!  Nice perk.  

Wore the Zobha Biker jacket as to and from:

I love this jacket.  I also wore it after I got showered and dressed at the gym.  My casual wear isn't too different from my workout clothes lol.  In fact, I am wearing the Lululemon Wunder Groove crops here.  Cheap Zenana Outfitters tank (love them), and Naughty Monkey jump start boot.  

I walked around Third Street Promenade for a little bit after working out.  Exchanged my Skinny Will pant in black pique for Wunder Under pants in herringbone.  I love them so much more!  Way thicker and softer.  Already ripped off the tag and wearing them now.  :)

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Lululemon Swiftly Racerback Paisley - Heathered Angel Wing - So Pretty!!

I bought the Lululemon Swiftly Racerback Paisley in heathered angel wing since it is on sale now.  I actually wanted to get it when it first came out in full price.  But I held off because I figured I didn't need another white tank.  Angel Wing is a slightly off-white color, but being heathered and in the swiftly material, it might as well be white.  For the sale price of $34 though, I totally caved!  It's so pretty!  I received it last night and I gotta say... if I had tried it on when it was full price, I probably would have bought it right there and then.

I love the subtle paisley pattern in the tank!  I'm a sucker for subtle prints like this.  It's kind of like my white jacquard mesh cool racerback - I wish I had bought it in black too!

So I used to buy swiftly racerbacks in size 4, which is my normal Lulu size.  But the last few I bought, I bought a size up in 6.  I preferred the looser fit and I think it works well with this tank style.  But size 6 was sold out in this one so I had to buy it it in a 4 again.  I kind of think I like the fit of the 4 better now...??  Hahaha... I'm so indecisive!  I feel like this one stays down better, and you can see the top of my bra in the front.  The size 6 ones I have tend to cover the bra completely in the front after I move around for a while.  Or maybe it's just this particular tank, who knows.  It does seem to be longer than my other ones in both size 4 and 6 as well.  So, point is, I like this fit.  So I might have to try on both sizes before buying my next swiftly racerback.  

I can see this tank being used A LOT!  I don't even know why it is marked down since it's so pretty. But I highly recommend that you get one if they still have your size left!  It's a staple for sure, and the paisley pattern makes it a little more special.  It's a great price, and it will still go with everything!  I think the silverescent material might be my favorite to workout in.  It's so light and airy, and dries super fast.  Some people seem to have problems with swiftlies snagging, but I have so many of these in the tank version, short sleeve and long sleeve versions, and I have never gotten a single snag.  Love them!

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lululemon Wunder Under Crop & Skinny Wills

I bought two pairs of Lululemon bottoms during this week's upload.  The Wunder Under crops in beautiful baroque deep zinfandel and the Skinny Will pant in black pique.  Both in size 4, my regular size.

I actually don't own any wunder under crops in a print!  Mostly because I find a lot of prints just... not my cup of tea.  Too bright, too 80s, or too busy, etc.  There were probably a few that I would have bought but... well I didn't.  I like that the beautiful baroque print is subtle and still dark.  I thought they'd work as both workout tights and casual wear with boots, and they wouldn't be too "loud".

When I first opened the package and felt these crops, they felt quite polyester-y.  Then I checked the tag and sure enough, they are 88% poly.  But they actually feel fine once they are on.  They are quite stretchy, in fact.  They also have pretty good coverage as well.  I paired them with the plum Ebb to Street tank and I think the colors go well together.  I also believe these crops would go with a lot of different colors.  I tried to take a good photo of them on me, but they kind of just show up as black on the pictures... :(

The closer up pictures show the print well though... this one is a bit over-exposed.  They don't look this obvious in person:

This is pretty much how they look in person... pretty subtle:

I like the micro macro stripe print on the inside of the waistband:

So I definitely think that I'd be able to wear these a lot.  I might keep the tag on for a while and see if there's anything else that comes out I might like better.  I love that I have until mid January to return them since the holiday return period has kicked in.

The Skinny Will pants in black pique is a bit different from what I expected.  I tried on regular pique when it came out and *almost* bought them.  I didn't because I didn't like that they had dark contrasting stitching.  I'd wear pants like these for casual wear only, and I thought the contrasting stitching was distracting and would not work as well with my regular clothes.  But I did think the pique material was very soft and nice, which is why I almost bought them.

So when the black pique came out, I was thrilled!  I like this color/stitching combo better.  However, the black pique feels much thinner and not as soft as regular pique.  They also don't feel as soft as my other pique items, like my Snap It Up crops in gray pique, or my wunder under crops in silver spoon pique (previous thought was gray pique but they are actually silver spoon!).  They are not "not soft", just "not as soft".  Lol.  If you didn't have anything to compare them with, you'd probably still think these are pretty nice.  

I do like how they look though.  But why oh why did Lululemon have to put the reflective logo on the lower left leg??  It stands out even more against a dark background too.  If I wear these as casual wear, the logo makes it very obvious that I am actually wearing workout clothes.  Sigh...

So I guess these pants probably go best with flats.  I tried them on with my Burberry patent flats and I think they are cute together.  I can't remember the last time I wore flats lol.

I like how the material gathers at the ankles of these pants:

If you leave the waist up, it is very high and covers my belly button:

But you can fold it down which looks better.  It's a very wide and comfy waistband:

Damn you stupid logo!!  I actually really like them with heels.  I really believe that skinny pants are supposed to be worn with heels.  It really slims and elongates the legs.  Here they are with the BCBG Peacock pumps:

But see how the logo totally ruins this look?

 They also look good with wedges... here are the Sam Edelman Mallory slingbacks:


My next thought was to wear them with wedge sneakers.  I think it would work, but not with my brown Zigi Kickin sneakers.  If I had black ones I think it would totally work though:

At least you could wear them with boots over.  They could pass for a dressier look as well I think.  I attempted it with my Express chiffon cross over top, and black knee high boots.

So, I'm going to have to think about whether to keep these or not.  At $98, they are kind of expensive for casual wear.  But as we speak, I am still wearing them now and they are pretty comfy!  Hahaha... tags will stay on for a while on these as well.... at least I have some time to make a decision!

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