Wednesday, July 17, 2013

BCBGMAXAZRIA Peacock Pumps & Faricia Sandals Long At Last!!!

Ok, I've been lusting over these BCBGMAXAZRIA Peacock pumps and Faricia Sandals for ages!  They were so pricey originally, at $295 for the Peacock pumps and $350 for the Faricia Sandals.  Then I saw them on various flash sale sites, like Gilt and ideeli for about 50% off.  They also went on sale at Nordstrom, but still in the 200ish range.  Then, a couple weeks ago, the black peacock pumps finally went down to $99 on ideeli!  And I happened to have a $50 credit and free shipping, so I promptly paid $50 for them and now I am their new proud owner!  Hey, it does pay to be patient sometimes.  I'm just really bad at that most of the time.  They are now on sale for $147 at Nordstrom, which is not bad.  I'm considering getting the powder irridescent color from them, but may also wait and see if they go down further.  I check daily... LOL!  Here's the link for the Peacock pumps.

This is the black pair, the ones I got:

And here are the powder irridescent ones.  I would have bought either one of them, but the black were the only ones ideeli had for that price.

I actually really love them in black.  The crystals on them kind of change colors.  Sometimes they look gunmetal, and sometimes goldish.  The change is very subtle though.  In person, they are also not too sparkly or anything.  

I got them in size 6, which is a good fit.  Ok, I do have to say that they are not the most comfortable shoes in the world.  They are ok for light walking, but when I wore them the other day and walked around for a few blocks, some of my skin got rubbed raw on the outer edge of my heel cup.  I'm hoping this is also due to the fact that they are new shoes, and will not happen anymore once they are worn in. They are a 4.5 inch heel with half an inch of platform.  But I don't think the platform does anything to make them feel less high.  So they feel more like the 4.5 inch heels that they are.  I don't usually like heels above 4 inches because I feel like my feet always slide downward and my weight is distributed more heavily towards the toe area.  Not a good feeling.  But, that is the price one has to pay sometimes for beauty lol.  There was no way I was letting these babies go.

The description says these are made of leather upper, lining and sole.  But upper looks like suede.  Well, I guess suede is leather anyways.  But I like that the color is not super dark.

Love the gunmetal colored heels:

Here are some pictures of them on me:

Right around 4th of July, I checked Nordstrom's website every few hours to see if they would further mark down the Faricia Sandals.  They didn't.  Dang!  Fine, I looked elsewhere.  On lastcall, they were selling them for $120.  I figured that was as good as it would probably get, so I went ahead and got them!  I was so annoyed though, that I missed them on ideeli when they were clearing them out for like $70...?!?  Omg.  My heart stopped a little when I saw that they were sold out for that price.  $120 (+tax) is almost doubling it!  Grrrrr... oh well, they were gone, and $120 is acceptable.  They are now back up to $147 on lastcall though, and still $175 at Nordstrom.

I got them in powder irridescent color.  But I think black is also very cute.  I guess I really wouldn't mind having both colors in these shoes as well lol.

This is the black:

I read reviews on the Nordstrom site for these shoes that say that they run very small and you should size up.  Well, lastcall only had size 6 or 7 in them.  I know size 7 shoes are almost always too big for me, and I have rather narrow feet so I took a chance with size 6.  I was nervous that they would be too tight/small, but they fit perfectly!  I could see why those people said to size up though.  If the arch of my feet were a little higher, I'd have a hard time getting these on.  And unlike the Peacock pumps, these Faricia sandals have a pretty thick padding on the heel liner, so they feel way more comfortable on even though they are also 4.5 inch high with 0.5 inch platform.  These have a suede upper and leather lining and sole.  

They are so pretty in person too.  I think this nude colorway is good, because they will go with more outfits and nude always makes the legs look longer.  But like I said, if the price goes down more, I'll most likely pick up the black ones too.  I love the bootie/sandal hybrid look of these!


Zipper on the inside:

I wish they didn't make the heels in suede though, because it can get dirty easily and harder to clean off.  

Here they are on me... the thing that bothers me a little about the frontal view is that the side piece cutout doens't lay close to my feet.  As you can see, they kind of stick out:

I love how they look from the side, but it looks like maybe there is too much material around my ankles and that's why the piece stands up instead of laying flat.  

While I wish the pieces would conform to my feet perfectly, I love them too much to part with them.  I think it's something I can deal with.  I already threw away the shoebox so that I wouldn't be able to return them... LOL!

I'm just really happy that after hunting these shoes for so long, I finally own them and it did not break the bank!

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