Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lululemon Wunder Under Crop & Skinny Wills

I bought two pairs of Lululemon bottoms during this week's upload.  The Wunder Under crops in beautiful baroque deep zinfandel and the Skinny Will pant in black pique.  Both in size 4, my regular size.

I actually don't own any wunder under crops in a print!  Mostly because I find a lot of prints just... not my cup of tea.  Too bright, too 80s, or too busy, etc.  There were probably a few that I would have bought but... well I didn't.  I like that the beautiful baroque print is subtle and still dark.  I thought they'd work as both workout tights and casual wear with boots, and they wouldn't be too "loud".

When I first opened the package and felt these crops, they felt quite polyester-y.  Then I checked the tag and sure enough, they are 88% poly.  But they actually feel fine once they are on.  They are quite stretchy, in fact.  They also have pretty good coverage as well.  I paired them with the plum Ebb to Street tank and I think the colors go well together.  I also believe these crops would go with a lot of different colors.  I tried to take a good photo of them on me, but they kind of just show up as black on the pictures... :(

The closer up pictures show the print well though... this one is a bit over-exposed.  They don't look this obvious in person:

This is pretty much how they look in person... pretty subtle:

I like the micro macro stripe print on the inside of the waistband:

So I definitely think that I'd be able to wear these a lot.  I might keep the tag on for a while and see if there's anything else that comes out I might like better.  I love that I have until mid January to return them since the holiday return period has kicked in.

The Skinny Will pants in black pique is a bit different from what I expected.  I tried on regular pique when it came out and *almost* bought them.  I didn't because I didn't like that they had dark contrasting stitching.  I'd wear pants like these for casual wear only, and I thought the contrasting stitching was distracting and would not work as well with my regular clothes.  But I did think the pique material was very soft and nice, which is why I almost bought them.

So when the black pique came out, I was thrilled!  I like this color/stitching combo better.  However, the black pique feels much thinner and not as soft as regular pique.  They also don't feel as soft as my other pique items, like my Snap It Up crops in gray pique, or my wunder under crops in silver spoon pique (previous thought was gray pique but they are actually silver spoon!).  They are not "not soft", just "not as soft".  Lol.  If you didn't have anything to compare them with, you'd probably still think these are pretty nice.  

I do like how they look though.  But why oh why did Lululemon have to put the reflective logo on the lower left leg??  It stands out even more against a dark background too.  If I wear these as casual wear, the logo makes it very obvious that I am actually wearing workout clothes.  Sigh...

So I guess these pants probably go best with flats.  I tried them on with my Burberry patent flats and I think they are cute together.  I can't remember the last time I wore flats lol.

I like how the material gathers at the ankles of these pants:

If you leave the waist up, it is very high and covers my belly button:

But you can fold it down which looks better.  It's a very wide and comfy waistband:

Damn you stupid logo!!  I actually really like them with heels.  I really believe that skinny pants are supposed to be worn with heels.  It really slims and elongates the legs.  Here they are with the BCBG Peacock pumps:

But see how the logo totally ruins this look?

 They also look good with wedges... here are the Sam Edelman Mallory slingbacks:


My next thought was to wear them with wedge sneakers.  I think it would work, but not with my brown Zigi Kickin sneakers.  If I had black ones I think it would totally work though:

At least you could wear them with boots over.  They could pass for a dressier look as well I think.  I attempted it with my Express chiffon cross over top, and black knee high boots.

So, I'm going to have to think about whether to keep these or not.  At $98, they are kind of expensive for casual wear.  But as we speak, I am still wearing them now and they are pretty comfy!  Hahaha... tags will stay on for a while on these as well.... at least I have some time to make a decision!

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  1. I have the pique skinny wills from earlier this fall and I love them. I mostly wear them casually since they are so comfy. I sometimes wear them to barre class.

    I like the baroque print.

    1. Yeah I think I could wear them to pilates or something too. But I would just prefer to wear them casually as well.

  2. They've apparently released the same piqué in the wunder under pants... The weird logo placement shouldn't be on those. Just a though. :)

    1. Yeah, I saw that on fb somewhere this morning too. But I think the Skinny Wills look a little more dressy, which is why it's annoying that the logo is so visible. Wunder under pants just look like leggings/yoga attire to me, which would be ok if you wear them under boots... I might just return these and forget about it altogether... hahaha

    2. I got the WU version today and they are quite amazing. They don't cast the weird shadows like the other pique and herringbone ones .

  3. I don't like the obvious logo and the draw string on the skinny wills. Have you tried the skinny groove yet? The look is similar but the logo is hidden and without the draw string. I like mine but not sure if I will keep them since I plan to wear them casually and there are many better alternatives to skinny grooves at similar cost. I love my new pilcro serif cord leggings and will buy a pair of black when it is available.

  4. I wish they would use more of the black reflective logo or metal logo. I hate brands like Abercrombie who can't make a single item for decades without a huge logo showing off their brand.

    1. I just exchanged them for the last pair of herringbone wunder under pants they had at the store. I like those so much better! So soft and thick. Love the pattern too.


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