Friday, February 28, 2014

Lululemon Hotty Hot Short in Savasana Camo :)

Hehe, I got my hands on the Lululemon Hotty Hot short in savasana camo that I missed out on!  These shorts sold out super quick in the stores around here.  They also have really good reviews online.  I think they are pretty much what I expected based on the pictures I've seen.  They are made of the same ultra swift material as the Speed shorts, but they have a wider leg opening.  So even though they are very short, they don't look that way.  And they are super comfy.  They are the perfect type of shorts that I like to wear to lounge around in.  To me, they look more casual/beachy, rather than athletic/running shorts like the Speed shorts.

I like the reflective stripe down the sides, and the half-moon shaped mesh on the bottom:

Here's a closer up picture of the reflector.  You can also tell by the side view that they are rather loose fitting in the legs/butt.  But the waist is elastic so it is fitted.  These are size 4, my normal size at Lulu.

This is the close up of the front view with the elastic band and tie.  I think the rise is a little lower than the Speed shorts.

The back fits loosely too, and there is a pretty good-sized zipper pocket on the left butt cheek:

I don't know what my hand is doing there lol:

So originally I thought that I only needed either these shorts or the Speed shorts in camo, not both.  But now that I have both, I'm thinking I might as well keep both... lol!  They are different types of shorts for different purposes.  I'd wear the Speed shorts for something like hiking or running stairs.  I'd wear these ones to sleep in!  Ok, confession:  My Lululemon Hot Move short are my go-to shorts to sleep in.  I take them with me on every trip (when I'm home, I either sleep in boyshort type of underwear or my birthday suit lol).  They are kind of like these Hotty Hot shorts.  Both are really comfortable, short, and have wide leg opening.  So I can totally see these for the same purpose!  I just got a big bonus check today (my company year end bonus is paid out 2 months later, and I also got my quarterly bonus today too) so I'll treat myself by hoarding a little (or a lot) more camo.  :)

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Splits59 Raquel Expression Flared Tight - Best Surprise Ever!

I got the best surprise package ever from the awesome team at Splits59 - their new Raquel Expression Flared Tights!  These are the Jackson Pollack inspired limited edition Raquels!  I was actually just checking them out online earlier, and then they showed up at my door step a couple days later!  Hmmm... when I first saw the package, I thought my shopping habits were getting worse and I had started ordering stuff in my sleep!  Lol!

I love the placement of the paint splatter on the pants where it's more concentrated at the top and fades towards the bottom.  That gives the pants a nice ombre effect, and strategically camouflages the areas that need it the most.  I love that they used both black and blue paint as well.  Each pair of pants is hand drip painted, so no two pairs are exactly alike!

I have never tried on the Raquel pants before, and have always been curious.  The main reason I never got a pair was because I thought the 32.5 inch inseam would be too long on me as I am only 5'5.  So I couldn't wait to see how they fit!  

In size XS, which is my normal size at Splits59, these fit me quite differently than the model in the photos.  They are very fitted all the way down to the calves (like how tights would fit), then they flare out at the bottom.  If I put on a size S pair, I'd suspect that they would fit more loosely like on the model.  The length is definitely longer on me as well, but luckily I have my trusted wedge sneakers!   I feel like these pants totally elongate the legs visually, especially combined with the wedge sneakers.

Aren't these wild??  If you run your finger over the paint, you can feel the texture as well.  Here are some closer up shots!

I was afraid that being white, they'd be sheer in the butt.  But they are not at all, and the paint also helps cover things up.  I think they are cute-butt pants!

The silver Splits59 logo is kind of camouflaged with this print as well:

Hidden pocket on waistband... I love the blue lining that matches the blue paint!

I think these pants are sooooo different and totally cool!  Although they are made of the technical supplex material, I think they are too pretty to work out in!  Haha!  But they would be the perfect pants to wear to pilates or yoga on the weekend, then out to brunch afterwards.  

They also come in Nova tight style!  

Anyway, I'm super excited for my new pants!  Huge thank you to Splits59 for sending them my way!  I will definitely get a lot of use out of them!

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Funday!

I am happy to have been able to go back to the gym this week.  As I mentioned last week, I hurt my back pretty bad while during dead lifts with weights that were probably too heavy for me.  So I ended up resting most of last week.  I was so antsy because I had just been sick not too long ago so I took a week off then.  Just when I thought I was finally well enough to push myself, I pushed too hard lol.  But I thought it was very important to let my back heal so I sat around for another week.  Finally by Wednesday this week, I was pretty much 100% pain-free.  It feels so good to be back to normal!

I was also on call for jury duty for the week.  First time ever for me, if you can believe it.  I guess they somehow found me lol.  I knew I shouldn't have registered to vote!  =P  So I wasn't called until Thursday, and of course when I did show up there, I was put into the juror pool for a murder trial!  I had to go to a special floor where all the high profile cases take place - it has its own security gate just to get to the court room.  I still don't know if I've been selected though.  All we did on Thursday was meet the judge, lawyers, and defendant, fill out a questionnaire, and then were instructed to go back on Monday to answer more questions if necessary.  The questionnaire asked very generic questions, like what kind of job do you have, what are your hobbies, do you know anyone who was involved in a crime, do you know anyone in law enforcement, etc. etc.  So it's hard to judge what they are looking for.  I guess I'll find out tomorrow.  Or maybe it will take another day or so!  To be honest, I don't mind doing jury duty once to see how the system works.  It might be interesting.  But I'm not sure how I feel about a murder case!  Aside from the fact that it is estimated to take 10-14 court days (that's like a month!), it is also a little creepy.  I just started a new group at work, so this is not a good time to take so much time off either.  But I have a feeling I might get picked.  If not only based on the fact that I am one of like 5 people there who knew what "business casual" dress code meant - everyone else showed up in jeans and hoodies!  Or.... Maybe I'm just the dumb newbie lol.

Anyways... I got back from Tahoe very late on Monday night since my flight was delayed.  I felt good enough to go workout on Tuesday, but I decided to skip it and call it an early night.  I really suffer when I don't get enough sleep!  I do have a Tuesday work outfit though!  I wore this French Connection bambi dress out to dinner in Tahoe, so as I was unpacking, I decided I might as well wear it to work too!  But I wore the Express Studio Stretch zip back pencil skirt over it to make it more work appropriate.  Boots because apparently I forgot I was back to the warm LA weather.  :)

Wednesday 2/19
What I did:  First day back at the gym!  I did a leg workout where I really burned out my quads!  I was super sore for like 3 days afterwards.  I did my 30 minute cardio afterwards where I walk on 15% incline treadmill at varying paces.

It's hard to see the embossed paisley print in photos, in person they look more noticeable like this!

 As to and from, I wore the Lululemon swiftly LS in beach blanket blue/aquamarine:

Thursday 2/20
What I did:  Shoulder & Tri workout.  Followed by the 30 minute cardio workout again.

What I wore:  I took this pic at the gym during my workout at the Smith machine!  I hate taking selfies at the gym lol.  But I forgot to take one beforehand and was going to shower there after my workout.  I wasn't going to put my sweaty clothes back on!  Lululemon Scoop Me Up tank in caspian blue, new Lululemon Live Natural crop in medium gray/soot ombre which I love!  Nike Frees in violet.  I played with pairing different colored tanks with these crops and find that I like lighter colors with it better.  Oh, and I didn't find these crops to be too hot to workout in.  However, I only did upper body weights and 30 minutes of cardio.  If it was a more intense session, maybe it would have been hotter.

Friday 2/21
What I did:  This was the workout that started with the dead lifts that hurt my back badly last week!  But I talked to my coach about it, and he gave me some advice/pointers.  Namely, decrease weight by 20 pounds, and rest the barbell on 2 stacked 45-pound plates so I wouldn't have to go as far down.  I didn't feel any pain after this workout.  Phew!  Cardio afterwards again!

What I wore:  Lululemon swiftly racerback in heathered angel wing paisley, with Lorna Jane Duo bra in yves blue under.  Lululemon Pace Crop aka baseball pants lol, and Nike Frees in violet again.  They match the bra perfectly.  :)

Splits59 Vail Cutout pullover in marianna blue as to and from.  It matches my shoes perfectly too!

On Friday, I wore my Ann Taylor icicle tweed skirt again!  That's the 3rd time in 3 weeks!  I wore the Victoria's Secret Ruched Cotton Cowneck sweater in scarlet red, and Ella Moss Evelyn wedge pumps.

This is actually very similar to one of last week's outfits where I wore the skirt with the same top in a different color lol.  Very similar style wedge pumps too:

Saturday 2/22
What I did:  Second leg workout of the week!  Just when they were recovered enough, I beat them up again hehe.  Then I did my last cardio session as well.

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in petit dot dune with Lorna Jane Portia bra in hyper lime under it.  I know this cool racerback was hated for being thin/sheer, but I kind of like that about it lol.  It's a little like wearing a burnout tank where you can see the color of the bra show through!  This tank also fits tighter than other cool racerbacks of the same size, which is nice for some workouts as well.  On the bottom, I wore the Lululemon Inspire crop in deep zinfandel, and Nike Free Bionics in purple.

Sunday 2/23
What I did:  Well, technically I had one more weight session to do for the week - upper body supersets.  But I went to pilates class instead.  Whatev.  It was pretty tough too!

What I wore:  Lorna Jane Radah tank in hot flamingo marl, with Lorna Jane Clover bra in viola marl under it.  Beyond Yoga Stripe Hyper Long leggings, and Manitobah tall mukluks on the way to class.  :)

Love how the bra/tank combo looks from the back:

I liked this outfit, because I felt totally ok wearing it to brunch after class.  The boots were perfect too, because it's starting to get a little bit chilly here again!  

Alright, I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Wish me luck at court tomorrow!

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lululemon Speed Short in Savasana Camo Fatigue Green

My flight was delayed on Monday night and I was bored at the gate so I actually browsed to Lululemon's website right as the upload was happening!  I bought the new Speed Short in savasana camo fatigue green within minutes of the upload.  They sold out online that night, so I guess it was good that I bought them right away.  I probably would rather have the Hotty Hot short in camo that was uploaded the week before when I forgot about the upload.  I'm just not really a Speed Short person and I'm pretty sure I've sold every pair of Speed Short I ever bought without even taking the tag off lol.  But what can I say... I just really wanted camo shorts!  So maybe these will be the first pair of Speed Shorts I keep.  We'll see.  Definitely going to keep tags on for a couple weeks and decide.  Does anyone want to trade/sell me the camo Hotty Hot Short in size 4??  That would be amazing.  :)

I don't know if it's just me or what, but these shorts arrived today and they seem to have a slightly longer inseam than other Speed Shorts I've tried in the past.  Maybe I'm crazy.  But I don't have any others to compare them to.  They are pretty soft though, not the crunchy kind like some Speed Shorts have felt to me in the past.  The description said that they were 4-way stretch.  Other than the slightly longer length (which I don't mind), they seem to fit the same as other size 4s I've tried before.

And the close ups...

Soooo... when will I have enough camo?  Hmmm... I think I need the crops and then I'm done lol.  If they come out with black (or red??  A girl can dream...) camo tights, I'll be all over that.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lululemon Live Natural Crop

Hmmm so it's been a while since I've hunted down an item at LA area Lululemon stores.  Usually if I miss out on something I might have wanted, I just shrug and move on.  But I was sad to have missed out on the Live Natural crop in heathered medium gray/soot ombre when it was uploaded online 2 weeks ago!  I guess I totally forgot about the upload that night lol, they sold out super fast and by the time I woke up the next morning they were completely gone already.  So when I got an email from a local store yesterday that they had gotten them in store finally, I was super excited.

However!  I guess I under estimated the popularity of these babies.  Right when they opened at 10 am today, I called the store I got the email from (Beverly Hills) and they said they were completely sold out already!  I guess they got them in yesterday and they were instantly sold out.  Huh?  That many people want $82 cotton crops??  So I called like 10 different stores afterwards ranging from Calabasas to El Segundo and every single one was sold out of my size immediately after getting them in yesterday.  Woah!  3 stores said they didn't get them at all (Glendale, Pasadena and Studio City).

Sometimes some things are meant to be, because while nobody answered my repeated phone calls to the Santa Monica store, they did answer my TalkTo message a couple hours later, when I had already given up hope and thought I'd have to resort to ebay:

!!!!!!!  Ok, so I took a "lunch break" from work and drove my ass all the way to Santa Monica from downtown.  It actually only takes about 15 minutes without traffic, but it took me just as long to park.  I hate parking there!  But anyway, that is how yours truly became the new proud owner of the Live Natural crops.  They were literally the last pair in the LA area in size 4.  Even when I was in the store, they kept getting phone calls from people asking about these!  So I guess it really was meant to be.  The girl that sold them to me kept saying how all the girls in the store wanted them, and she seemed sad to have to sell them to me.  Hey, maybe SaMo is one of the only stores where there's a policy of customers before employees??  Crazy, I always just figure all the Lulu stuff sold out quickly because of employee purchases.

I didn't even try them on in the store, and only really looked at them when I got home tonight.  I must say, these are pretty nice!  Even though they are made of cotton, they are not thin at all.  In fact, they are quite thick and soft (feels a little fuzzy/fleece like).  Completely pass the bend over test.  I would say that they offer more compression than regular luon bottoms.  I think they look awesome!  They've got an "earthy" look, in that the color is a bit muted and a little worn looking (I love this look though).  Reminds me of Beyond Yoga leggings.  This is my true to size (4):

Wide waistband:

Ruching on back waist:

The only thing I wish they did differently on these is this seam - I wish they had made the thread ombre too to match the fading of the pants, instead of using dark thread all the way down.

Black logo:

I'm pretty happy with these!  They look different but the gray tones are still very easy to pair tops with.  I don't think there's really any color they don't go with.  At first I thought they'd be a low impact only type of bottom, but I think I can totally do my weight workouts in them.  I'm interested in seeing how they perform, the wicking and drying ability, etc.  I'll have to report back after I try them out, which will probably be tomorrow, because the tags are coming off asap!  =P

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