Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Boots!

So I didn't really do much shopping in China, because everything was so expensive!  Well, I mean like brand named stuff cost about 3x more than they do in the US.  Of course there are cheap things too, but it's hard to find cheap things that are ok in quality.  I went to this whole sale outlet type of place, and it was pretty much the only place I bought stuff, and I was able to buy 3 pairs of boots!  They weren't that cheap though, but I am actually very very happy with them.

I am pretty much in love with these black boots made of lamb skin.  They are the softest leather you'd ever feel, seriously divine!  I love the style too.  I've been looking for sooooo long for boots just like these, and these hit every single point I wanted - the shaft height, the leather, the heel height, and the fact that they are slouchier around the ankles were all the things I wanted!  So I spent about 1200 yuan on them, which is like close to $200.

At the same store, I also got these tan colored boots.  These are cow skin, so they are not as soft.  But I guess that's also a good thing for boots since they stay up very well.  The style is pretty similar to the black boots.  I love them too.  I got them for 700 yuan, which is a little over $100.

And lastly, I got these booties with fur around the ankles and these decoration things.  I thought they were kind of fun, and got them for only 190 yuan, which is like 30 bucks.  I don't have short boots like these, so I have to figure out how to wear them.  I'm thinking they will work with skinny jeans, or skirts with tights.  Can't beat the price!  They are actually very comfortable too.

So I'd say my shopping trip that day was a huge success!  I can't even believe I found multiple pairs of shoes that I'm that happy with on the same day.  That rarely happens.  Prices I paid were not a steal, but I also went to department stores in China where boots not nearly as cute cost at least twice as much.  So I'm hoping that these boots will last me a long time!

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