Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lululemon Mod Moves Crop in Afterglo!

I think Lulu did a sneaky upload of these Mod Moves crop in a pink called afterglo.  I've been wanting to get another pair of these because I love my black/groovy stripe nimbus ones.  But I wasn't too crazy about the other colors they had, and was hoping they'd come out with a pink one!  So one day I checked and they were there!  I haven't seen this afterglo color in anything else yet, but it's a very pretty pink.

So I think this afterglo looks kind of similar to pinkalicious.  But it's a little bit lighter.  In the below photo, pinkalicious is upper right, and afterglo is the bottom one.  On upper left it is the Power Y tank in groovy stripe multi which has raspberry glo light, and it is quite a bit brighter.

Anyways, love this color and these crops!  Glad to have another pair now.  And I'm really going to stop buying crops!  :)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Funday!

I have had a loooonnnggg weekend!  Basically I worked close to 20 hours to get my condo ready for staging, which will be done next week. Then we will be taking pictures and putting it on the market!  The stager had come to take a look at the place earlier this week and decided that very little existing furniture should be used for staging.  So I had to move almost everything out to a storage unit.  Then clean and wipe down everything.  It was such a huge pain in the behind.  I guess if I was a better person, I'd have cleaned it more regularly and it wouldn't be such a mess.  But I'm busy!  So I had to pay the price this weekend.  I am exhausted right now.  Worst part is, I have to go back to work tomorrow so it's like not having a weekend at all.  :(

Well, at this point I've done pretty much all I can.  So I'm just hoping the stager will perform some magic next week that make potential buyers swoon.  I am paying them good money, so they better.  Then I hope my realtor sells it fast!  Ok, apparently she's from the #1 selling real estate office in the country (Coldwell Banker of Beverly Hills).  So I'm really hoping it works out well.  She was my realtor when I bought the place, and I love her.  She's super on top of things and very responsive and keeps you in the loop, which I think are very important qualities to have in a real estate broker.  She's probably also used to selling very expensive places, but she likes me for some reason and took me on as her charity case lol.  Fingers crossed next week goes well, and then hopefully next weekend we will have our first showing!  This process is way stressful though.  Ugh.

Anyways, enough rambling!  I gotta make this one short so I can go to bed... hehe.  This was my second week of being on a reduced calorie diet.  I say reduced, but it's still more than what I ate before I started training with my coach.  I think I have definitely become leaner the past 2 weeks.  But earlier this week it was my time of the month, and I retained water more than any of the times after I started this training program.  I was so happy the last couple times that I had almost no weight gain at all.  But this time I gained like 3 lbs.  It's not that significant and it went right back down after I was done, but I find that a little bit interesting.  This is probably all TMI though!

Monday 7/22
What I did:  Lower body weights.  I increased my Bulgarian split squat weights to 75 lbs, 3 sets of 12.  I think my legs were sore from it for like 3 days after!

What I wore:  Lululemon No Limit Tank in flash, and Empower Crop in coal/passion with Adidas adizero adios 2 shoes.

I kind of forgot about this Tahari ASL Surplice Woven Shirtdress for a while, but I dug it out of my dry cleaner's bag and wore it to work!  I wore it with Sam Edelman Mallory slingbacks.  It used to fit perfectly but is now a little baggy around the hips.  Sad face!!  

Tuesday 7/23
What I did:  Upper body weights, tris and shoulder.  Followed by 30 minutes of walking on the treadmill.

Wednesday 7/24
What I did:  Upper body weights with back and biceps.  Followed by 30 minutes of gauntlet.

Thursday 7/25 - Rest day.  But here's my work outfit:  Express studded bateau neck ruched sleeve sweater in aquamarine, with Express tweed studio stretch corset pencil skirt and Vince Camuto Dacoma pumps in hurricane gray pearl patent.  It was the first time I wore this sweater since getting it.  I totally forgot about it lol.

Friday 7/26
What I did:  Lower body weights, followed by 30 minutes of walking on 15% incline.

What I wore:  Splits59 Ashby tank in yucca, with Lululemon Free To Be bra under it in faded zap, and new Splits59 Nova capri tights in gray/granita.  I wore the Skora Phase shoes which I hate and threw away right after this workout.  Aside from being uncomfortable and still rubbing my heels, they are already coming apart and I only wore them lightly like 5 times.

The tank is pretty sheer, so you can see the pretty bra under it.  I love it, it's super soft and comfy, and wicked really well.  You can see it really well in the back!

For work on the same day, I went more casual.  I wore my Express striped rolled sleeve tunic sweater in gray and Express cropped wide waistband editor pants.  But I wore my new shoes for the first time!  The Vince Camuto Jiris sandals!  Love them, they were super comfy all day.

Saturday 7/27
What I did:  Upper body supersets.  It only took me about 30 minutes in the morning, but after that I went and moved furniture and stuff all day until like 9 pm!

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in petit dot dune with Victoria's Secret supermodel cami bra under it in sweetest orange.  I know a lot of people don't like this cool racerback because it's one of the super sheer ones.  But I like that about it.  I love that you can see the bra!  Especially since the tank and bra combo matches my new gray/crimson Nike Frees perfectly!!!  I also wore my Beyond Yoga gathered legging in mojave, which is such an awesome color.  I secretly really loved this outfit and wished I wore it for longer than 30 minutes.

Sunday 7/28
What I did:  I played tennis with the ball machine!  Does cleaning all day count as arm workout too?

What I wore:  Alo Sport Zen Layer tank with Beyond Yoga white skort and my new Nike Frees again!  I love the color combo of these shoes, even though I probably shouldn't wear them for tennis.  But I only played for an hour.

And my Lululemon Centered Energy bra in flash fits under the tank perfectly:

Love the back of this tank

And that's it for this week!  I am hitting the sacks now, it's almost midnight!  Eeek!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Two New Pairs of Nike Frees! 3.0 v5 and 5.0+.

I am not a huge fan of my current Nike Free 3.0 v3.  When I first bought them I thought they were very cool since they were my first pair of "minimalist" shoes.  The lightweight alone made me ecstatic.  But after having tried other brands, they really pale in comparison.  My main issue with them is that my feet tend to slip outwards when I wear them.  They are ok for short runs, but I cannot really wear them to do things like squats, lunges, etc. because they offer no stability.  I know I'm also not really supposed to wear running shoes for weights, but I get 3 pairs for free a year for my shoe testing, and I really like how lightweight they are.  I generally feel like it's a waste of money for me to buy other shoes throughout the year, but I'm getting tired of my shoe rotation, and Nike Frees are just really pretty.  I've also read reviews that the Nike Free 3.0 v5s are a major improvement over the prior versions.

So I figured I'd give them a try if I found them on sale.  Well, I found a pair of very pretty Pure Platinum/Dark Grey/Total Crimson/White ones for sale for $79.88 from runningwarehouse.com.  They are also offering 15% off sales price, so they are in fact $68.  Not bad at all, they are still $110 on Nike's website.  I love the light grey and bright orange color combo!

So I figured that since they are on sale, I might as well pick up another pair lol.  I have seen this violet/orange combo on everybody and their mama.  But it's a nice combo that I've been wanting for a while, so I caved and bought them too.  They are still $100 at Nordstrom, but only $59 ($69.88 +15% off) at runningwarehouse.  They are actually Nike Free 5.0+.  I understand that the higher the number, the less "minimalist" the Nike Frees are.  These are about an ounce heavier than the 3.0s, but still only about 7 oz which is like nothing.  I haven't tried 5.0s but I figure they'd probably be even better than 3.0s for weights.  Just a hunch.  The runningwarehouse offers free overnight shipping in California, and return shipping, so nothing to lose really.

Anyway, so they arrived yesterday and I think the 3.0 v5s are definitely improved over my version 3!  Well, I also got size 6.5 whereas my v3s are size 7.  So they fit snugger, and slimmer.  They actually feel a tiny bit too tight in the heel cup, but I think it will stretch out so I rather keep these than to exchange for a size 7 and have them be too big in 2 weeks.  I don't feel my feet rolling out in the front at all.  I think they are very very pretty as well.  I love the crimson color peaking out from the gray mesh overlay.  The gray is extremely light, could almost pass for some type of off-white color.  Same as my v3s, they are very soft and feel more like a sock than a shoe.

The 5.0+s are actually slightly bigger fitting than the 3.0s in the same size (6.5).  So they fit perfectly right now.  No discomfort whatsoever.  Their heel height is supposed to be 2mm higher than the 3.0s, and the rise in these are 9mm, vs 4mm in the 3.0s.  So it sounds like they should feel quite different.  But they really don't.  I'm not even sure if I can tell a difference between the two pairs.  

Anyway, I was thinking of maybe returning a pair, but I think I will keep both!  The prices are very good, and they are purrrty!

Here they are on me, one on each foot!  :)

I can't wait to actually wear them and try them out!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ebay Score! Splits59 Nova Capri Tight in Gray / Granita / Reflective!

I'm so happy right now, because I received my newest eBay purchase which is the Splits59 Nova Capri tight in the older season's color combo that I loved!  I actually wanted to get these exact ones when I saw them on their website a year ago or so, but for some reason I didn't and then they were sold out.  So I was so happy when I found these in my size on ebay!  They are the gray/granita/reflective color combo.  Best part is they were only $17!  I had $15 worth of ebay bucks too from previous purchases, so they were practically free!

I love the color combo in person!  I think these will be one of my favorites:

This is the perfect match to my Splits59 Sabrina tank in light gray/granita!  May be a bit too matchy matchy for me, but I might rock that outfit some time.

These Nova Capri Tights are shorter than my newer release of the same tights in black.  The difference is like an inch!  The black ones I have can almost be full length tights.  So maybe they are making this model longer nowadays.  Both pairs are exactly the same size, which is XS.  I love these tights because they are so comfy and flattering.  The same style can look totally different too.  No wonder they are one of Splits59's best selling products.

Omg now I am really running out of room in my dresser for all my workout tights!!  I must start selling off some.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lorna Jane Mosaic F/L Tight!

Ok, it must be meant to be, because I have been drooling over the Lorna Jane Mosaic F/L Tight on their website forever!  I'm not kidding, I've added them to my cart at least 5 times, and didn't go through with purchasing them in the end.  I actually saw them at the Santa Monica store a couple months ago, but the smallest size they had left was a large so I didn't get to try them on.  I always thought they were kind of pricey, because they are full length tights and the price is $105.99.  Even with the 20% off coupon, they are still not cheap.  But yesterday, for just one day, they were for sale for $70!  The 20% off coupon worked on top of that too and so they were only $56!  I am really trying to restrain myself from buying so many tights, especially since I just got 5 pairs at the Beyond Yoga sample sale.  But I just couldn't help myself and had to get these Mosaic tights!

They shipped out same day too, and since they ship from Santa Monica, it's pretty much free overnight shipping for me.  So I got them already!  They are the Lorna Jane Black label too!!!  I had no idea!  They are super cute on, and are very comfortable because the black label actually has locked down flat seams!  I got size XS and they are the perfect size, I love everything about them!  The orange under the mosaic cutouts on the legs make these tights look very different.  I am also going through an orange-loving phase so they are perfect!

The waistband is actually orange on the inside.  In the web photos above, they actually had it rolled down so the orange shows on the outside.  But you don't have to.  I kind of prefer the higher rise when you don't have it rolled down, so that's probably how I would wear them.  Any shirt I wear will cover the waistband anyways.

Yay!  So happy I got these for such a good price!  They will go so perfectly with my Inspire Excel tank!  

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Funday!

I took a week vacation from work this week, and am going back to work starting tomorrow.  Needless to say, I am not a happy camper right now!  I'm having major Sunday night blues lol.  I didn't go on any trips or anything while on vacation, but surprisingly was very very busy.  I just had so much errands to take care of that I normally don't have time for when I'm at work all day.  I also have decided to sell my condo so I met up with my realtor and I have a lot to do on that end too to clean it up, stage it, make it look nice, etc.  I bought the condo about 3 years ago for a pretty decent price.  But it's not exactly convenient distance to work.  Ok, well it's only like 10 miles from my work, but in LA traffic, that can sometimes take up to an hour or more each way.  It's a pretty cute place with 3 bedrooms and good layout, and in a good neighborhood.  There have been a couple units in the building that have sold for about 50k more than I bought mine for.  They are both 2 bedrooms only, but about the same size as mine.  So I'm thinking now is a good time to sell it while market seems to be still doing fine and rates are low.  Who knows how long that will last... a lot of people say it is another bubble right now.  I kind of just want to cash out and I'd be pretty happy if I could make a few bucks!  Who knows though.  I'm keeping my expectations low so there will be less chance of disappointment lol.  I'm actually meeting up with a stager tomorrow.  I think first impression is really important, and the longer a place is on the market, the less bargaining power you (as a seller) have.  So I want to make it look as nice as I can right from the get-go.  One of the units that sold last month was actually bid up $50k more than the listing price, and sold within 10 days!  I want that!!  I'll just rent for a while and in a few months maybe look into buying another place in a different area.  I just hope this process goes smoothly and I'll be able to sell it quick.  Fingers crossed!!

Anyways... aside from that whole thing and other errands that required my time, I worked out pretty hard everyday this week too!  I love going to the gym at like 9 / 10 am, take my time, shower afterwards, etc. and almost no one else is around to bother me!  It's almost like having a private gym, haha!  Oh the luxuries of not having to go to work.  I could really get used to it!  I always think that if I didn't have to work, I'd be in a lot better shape!

This was also the first week of my "new" diet plan which has my daily calorie intake decreased from around 1900 to 1550.  I actually did not get as hungry as I thought I would.  In fact, I was way more hungry when I was eating 1900.  Wtf?  Body does weird things!!!  Can't understand it.

I did notice that I am down about 2-3 lbs this week.  But I don't really look any better.  I feel like I'm starting to look a little bit wasted away instead of moving towards that cut, filled-out muscles look.  I was going to talk to my trainer about this.  Maybe this calorie intake is just too low for me right now.  But I just had my cheat meal and I feel pretty good right now lol.  I have even more cheat meal waiting for me to eat in a little bit!  I went to this farmers market today, and bought some matcha green tea white chocolate scones from Sugarbird Sweets... yuuummm (they sell online too)!!!  I am obsessed with anything green tea, and did not know there were green tea scones in existence...???

We are also in the middle of DineLA week, which happens about twice a year, and many LA restaurants participate for the week and offer special menus for set prices.  It's a fun time to go out and experience restaurants you've always wanted to try.  So dieting or not, I couldn't just stay in this whole week.  I went to Taste on Melrose for lunch today because they are offering $15 for 2 courses, and I had the BEST seared ahi tuna sandwich.  They put seaweed salad in it!!!  OMG.  Whoever thought of that is a genius.  I also tried their lamb burger with hummus too.  Both are so so good.  That is why I feel so happy right now... haha!

Ok enough yummy food talk.  Now onto the workouts!  :)

Monday 7/15 #1
What I did:  Lower body weights.  It's always the most "horrible" day, because I do split squats, squats, and step ups back to back.  It's like... death.

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in heathered angel blue, with my new power purple Free To Be bra under it.  I also wore the Track Time crop in power purple and Nike Frees in blue glow.

You can see the matching power purple bra and crops better from the back view:

So apparently doing lower body weights in the morning is not enough torture for one day, so...

Monday 7/15 #2
What I did:  I took a pilates reformer class in the afternoon.  See, this is what I meant by "I'd be in a lot better shape if I didn't have to work"!

Tuesday 7/16
What I did:  Upper body weights - shoulders & Tris.  Then I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes on 15% incline.

What I wore:  Lululemon Power Y tank in groovy stripe multi / raspberry glo light.  I bought this a while ago and just now took off the tag.  I really like it though, not sure why I waited so long.  I wore the Lorna Jane Devoted 7/8 tight with the tank and I think the pinks matched pretty well!  New Balance Minimus Road shoes with white/pink too hehe.

As to and from, I put on the g by Guess Devin cutout tee in black:

Wednesday 7/17
What I did:  Upper body weights, back and bis.  Followed by 45 min spin class.

What I wore:  I wanted to wear my Sweaty Betty Adrenaline Ombre capri, and thought they would be a perfect match to the new Lululemon Swiftly tank in spry blue with pow pink Free To Be bra under it, with Nike Frees.  I thought I ended up looking a bit smurf-y after I put on the outfit, but hey, the movie is coming out soon!  So I threw on a white headband too lol.  Go big or go home!!  :D

The pinks are much better seen from the side and back photos:

Thursday 7/18 - Rest day

Friday 7/19
What I did:  Lower body weights again, not as hard as the first time.

What I wore:  Lorna Jane Inspire Excel tank with Victoria's Secret Supermodel Cami sports bra under in sweetest orange.  I think this bra was made for the tank!!  I wore my Splits59 Nova Capri tights which I think are so cool looking, and Brooks Pure Drift shoes.  I wish the shoes had orange instead of pink, but what can I do...

Saturday 7/20
What I did:  Upper body supersets, then 30 minutes of the gauntlet.

What I wore:  I wore my new Beyond Yoga Elastic Sweep tank in white stripe, with Lululemon Bandha Crop in soot light.  The tank has gray stripes in it, and the crops have white stripes in it - perfect match!!  I love it.  I at first thought that I did not have a good bra to wear under the tank, but turns out my Lorna Jane Pammy bra works just fine.  It's black, but the straps can be worn like a regular bra strap.  And it stays hidden under the tank well enough.  I loved this tank to workout in!  Whatever this nylon/lycra blend is, is amazing.  The Bandha crops are not bad either, but the waistband did roll down from time to time in the front.  I think it's because the material is thinner than other Lulu crop waistbands, so it tends to fold onto itself.  Oh well, it's not that big of a deal.  I wore my Adidas adizero adios 2 shoes.

As to and from, I wore my Splits59 Olivia Run Tee in barberry/apricot... love this color!

Sunday 7/21 - Rest day

I did wear my new Beyond Yoga maxi dress from the sample sale though.  It's kind of long on me and requires high heels.  But I figured out that if I put a belt on it, and kind of pull up the material a bit so it gathers around the belt, then it takes a couple inches off the dress and I can wear low heels with it!  So awesome!  Here it is with my $16 Nordstrom BP belt which I think is magical and happens to match everything in my wardrobe lol:

It was a tiny bit chilly today, so I wore my Express Oversized Drape Neck Pullover sweater over the dress:

Ok, time for my green tea scone!!  :D

Friday, July 19, 2013

Beyond Yoga Sample Sale Haul!

I went to the annual Beyond Yoga sample sale today in Culver City.  I thought it would be like the Alo sample sale I went to, which was held in a HUGE warehouse and everything was pretty much $5 or less.  But this one was literally in their office space.  It looked like they emptied out a few rooms and put out tons of racks and bins filled with clothes.  There was also a couple empty rooms used as fitting rooms, but you literally stripe down and share it with whoever else happened to be in there too which was an interesting experience lol.  The prices were cheap compared to their retail price, but not $5 cheap. Their leggings/pants were $20, tanks/tops and shorts were $15, bras were $10, dresses and rompers were $30-35, and I forgot how much jackets were but I want to say $30 as well.  The cheapest things by far were the skirts, which were $5 each but they didn't have many selections in skirts.  I think they tried to organize everything constantly but people kept throwing different sizes into the wrong size bins or racks, and it was a little chaotic at times.  I was confused by their organization for a while in the beginning too.  But overall, the selection was ok.

Their sample sale is only two days - today and tomorrow from 9 am to 4 pm.  I showed up at around noon today, and there were already quite a few people there.  I totally should have gone right when they opened!  Because I think by the time I got there, a lot of goodies were gone already.  I spent maybe an hour or so there, and by the time I left, they had a lot fewer selections.  I don't know what they are going to do tomorrow, because they don't have anything else to put out.  They said they will probably close early.  So if you live in the area and did not go today, I would say it's probably not really worth going tomorrow as selections will be little.

I still walked away with about $200 worth of stuff though!  That includes 2 tops, 5 pairs of leggings, 2 skirts, 1 pair of shorts, and a maxi dress!  Not too shabby at all.  I love their supplex material, which is soooo soft and nice.  I would say it feels like Lululemon's sheer luon, or maybe running luon.  But from back in the day when they used to be super soft, not the thin version that they sell now.

Their sizing is all over the place though.  I got sizes ranging from XXS - M.

So my absolute favorite piece that I got today has to be this Elastic Sweep tank in white stripe.  It's currently on their site selling for $64.  It is sooooo worth the $15 that it cost me.  The material is interesting in this top.  It feels silky and very light.  I guess the best I can do is compare it to Lululemon's silverescent, but it is softer and silkier.  I instantly fell in love with it.  It was the only top I saw there in this material.  Everything else is their supplex.

So this top has an elastic band on the bottom that cinches it in.  I love the light and flowy style of this top.  It has a built-in bra, but it's very thin and definitely shows your nipples lol.  I put some cups in when I took the following pictures, but there is no pocket for cup inserts.  Just have to wear a sports bra under. I don't care, I love this top.  This is a size small.

Here's a close up of the material, which is white with thin grayish-colored stripe in it.

As you can see, I am wearing a black skirt here.  This is one of the 2 skirts I bought.  Or maybe I should say "skorts".  They both have built in shorts with diamond gusset.  I was asking them why they were charging $5 for a skirt with built in shorts, while charging $15 for just shorts alone.  Seems counter-intuitive lol.  But the girl I asked obviously did not make those decisions, and I wasn't complaining about the $5 price tag.  I think this skirt is sooooo cute.  It's tiny/super short, and it's made of the super soft supplex.  But it is so comfy and it will be great for tennis.  This is size XS, which was the only size they had.

I like skirts that don't bell out.  Most Lululemon skirts don't do it for me because of this reason.  There are so many ruffles and stuff, and they always look too big on me from the front, even in size 2.  I prefer the simple look of this skirt.

I got it in white too, which was the only other color they had:

The pair of shorts I got, which I believe are the Short Short, currently on sale on their website for $32, down from $58.  They are basically exactly the same as the built-in shorts of the skorts with the same diamond shaped gusset, but they cost me 3x more!

The same shorts (I think) on me.  These are size XXS, but they are still pretty loose.  I think sizing is definitely off in these.  They feel like a S.

The only other top I got is also currently for sale online, at least I believe it's the same one.  It is the Racerback Drawstring tank in heather gray.

So I think it might be the same tank, and they hid the drawstrings on the pictures above.  Or it could be a slightly different tank.  This tank is a size M.  The supplex used in this tank is thinner, and it reminds me of Lululemon's sheer luon a lot.  

The maxi dress that I got was definitely the most expensive thing.  I almost didn't get it.  But then I figured that $30 is still a pretty good price for it so I tried it on.  It's actually pretty cute on!  And I like the violet color.  It's pretty long though.  I have to wear like 4 inch heels with it.  The back of the dress looks kind of like Lululemon's Free To Be bra/tank.

Ok, now the leggings!  I actually got 2 pairs of full length leggings!  I don't own any full length leggings, in fact, I never even tried any on before.  I guess I just figure that they are too long to workout in.  But I tried on their Essential Gather Long legging in heather gray and red, and I fell in love with both!  Both colors are sold out online, but there are other colors available now for $88.  They are actually very slimming, and I think they elongate the legs more than the crop length!  But could I wear them to do weights/cardio or just yoga/pilates/barre type of workouts?  I feel like they would look weird with sneakers on.

The heather gray pair is size XS, and the red ones are size XXS.  But the heather gray pair actually feels more compressive than the red pair.  So strange!  The rise of the heather gray pair is slightly higher too, but you probably can't really tell from the photos.  I only feel a slight difference when I put them on.  I also noticed that the red pair has a diamond gusset, while the heather gray pair has a triangle gusset.

I love this red... it's true red without any orange or coral undertone, which I love.  I almost didn't try them on because they only had size XXS and I thought they'd be too tight.  Glad I took them with me anyways!

I also got another pair of Essential Gathered Legging.  The only Beyond Yoga item I owned before today was a very recent purchase, which is this exact style legging in dusk.  I love them!  So when I saw this moss green pair today, I picked them up too.  These are also size XXS, with diamond gusset (my dusk pair is XS with triangle gusset).  They fit pretty much exactly the same.  The color is called mojave, and I actually wanted these when I got the dusk ones online.  But they were sold out of my size.  I guess it's meant to be!

I also got a pair of what I think are the Essential Knee Length Legging in true navy.  They look exactly like the pair still for sale online for $66.  These ones did not have any tags, so I don't know the size, style nor color code.  So I'm just going by the picture.  They have a triangle gusset, which seems to be on newer items, so I think these are most likely them because they are still available for purchase online.

They fit looser in the waist than all the other pairs I got, so I'm inclined to believe they may be a size S.  They actually look like a grayish navy in person.  I really like the color.

Lastly, I got these white fold-down waist leggings.  I don't know the name of them either.  All the Beyond Yoga tags only have style numbers, not names.  I don't see this style online, so it's probably older and sold out.  They have a diamond gusset.  The fold down waist is very wide.  They feel thinner than the other supplex bottoms, and being white I feared that they would be very see-through.  However, I was surprised to find that they are not at all!  The fold down waistband also covers half of the butt anyways so that's double layer material right there.  These will probably work best as casual wear rather than workout wear.  They are size XS.

Actually I would wear all Beyond Yoga leggings for lower impact activities.  They are so comfortable that they can totally just be pajamas/ lounge wear too.  Due to the thickness, I think they'd be too hot for any high impact cardio type of workouts.  They are definitely ok for weights.  This is the reason I didn't get most of their tanks as well.  I feel supplex is just too hot as tank material to sweat in, no matter how comfortable it is.  

Anyways, the sample sale also had tons of what they called "lifestyle tops", which are basically non-performance material tanks and short/long sleeve tops.  They were sold at mostly $15 too which is the same as their performance material.  I have enough casual wear clothes (well... enough workout clothes too but somehow I keep buying more...), so I wasn't really tempted by those.  They also had some sweaters and jackets that I wasn't too crazy about style wise.

The men's section had 1 single bin lol.  It only contained 3 or so different colored t-shirts for $10.  Kind of sad. So this was almost a female-exclusive event.

Anyways, I think I got some pretty good scores for the price!  I thought I got a lot of stuff, but I saw other girls that literally bought racks of clothing.  So crazy!  They made me feel better about myself... hahaha.  I guess since this is an annual event, it's not bad to splurge a little.  

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