Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Funday!

As I mentioned last week, I have decided to try taking a week off for every 4 weeks of weight lifting, and see if it helps my progress.  So as of last Sunday, I concluded my 4th week of Get Glutes month 10 workouts.  Therefore this entire week I have been doing different workouts.  I really enjoy switching things up, actually!  As much as I love weight lifting, it does get kind of monotonous at times.  It's nice to take a physical as well as mental break.  This week I have done so many different workouts that I don't normally have time to do when I follow my weight lifting program (unless I'm willing to go to the gym twice a day).  Plus, my bf has been in Europe for work meetings all week so I was also eating better lol.  You know how it's so easy to "cheat" when you live with someone else, who is like "let's go get burgers for dinner".  And you're like "I really should be cooking the chicken breast in the fridge but I'm lazy and burger sounds better".  Haha... but it's all about balance at the end of the day.  I used to be super strict with what I put in my mouth, but I've gotten past that.  Sure I am not as lean as I was when I watched and weighed everything I ate.  But now I just think it's more important to enjoy the good things in life in moderation.

Monday 8/24
What I did:  I did interval training on the treadmill for about 45 minutes.

What I wore:
Top:  Splits59 Sabrina Fighter Tank
Bottom:  Lululemon Ebb & Flow crop in black
Shoes:  HKNB 420 Sneakers

To and From:  Nike Epic crew in magenta

Tuesday 8/25
What I did:  Spin class

What I wore:
Top:  Splits59 Devon Singlette in everest
Shoes:  Nike Dunk Sky Hi wedge sneakers (obviously wore my spin shoes in class)

Wednesday 8/26
What I did:  Took a kettlebell class!

What I wore:  
Shoes:  Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 in ash

Thursday 8/27 - Rest day

Friday 8/28
What I did:  Yoga class

What I wore:  
Shoes:  Nike Free 3.0 in gray/crimson

To and From:  Lorna Jane Danni vest

Saturday 8/29
What I did:  Boxing class

What I wore
Bottom:  Lululemon Run For Fun crop in paisley embossed
Shoes:  Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 in ash

Sunday 8/30 - Rest.  I was going to go take my favorite spin class today, but I am SO sore from the boxing class yesterday!  It was the first boxing class I've taken in quite a while, and boxing is such a tough workout.  My entire back is super sore.  I need to take boxing more often!  It hits muscles that don't normally get worked on.

So, next week I will be getting back into weight lifting!  Will start month 11 workouts from Get Glutes.  The week off from weights makes me more excited to start it again.  I think taking breaks is all around a good idea!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lorna Jane, Splits59 & Lululemon Combined!

I've been buying a few workout wear pieces here and there, so I thought I'd combine them into one post!  Super happy with all of them.

First, I got the Lorna Jane Acrobat Sports bra in neon orchid.  It was on sale (a little) from $65 to $55.  But Lorna Jane was offering additional 20% off sales price.  I also bought 2 more items but after I placed my order I was told the other 2 were no longer available.  I swear this keeps happening to me, ugh!

I actually really really like this bra!  It's very comfortable and the back is so cute.  I got it in size S which is my preferred Lorna Jane bra size.  I also have a few of their bras in size XS but only because S was sold out when I bought them haha.  

I was hoping that the neon orchid color would be more purple than violet.  But it's actually got even more red in person than the web photo shows.  Oh well, it's not bad, I just already have the Clover bra which is a very similar color.  But it's ok, I will make sure to wear it still.

The Acrobat bra in this color is very low in stock now, but it's still available in black which is actually very cute too.

The next item I got is the Splits59 Devon Singlette II in everest.  I mentioned last month that I ordered this tank from Splits59's semi-annual sale.  But after placing my order, they emailed me telling me it was sold out (see, it happens all the time to me!).  So a couple weeks ago, I found one on ebay!  Got it for only like $20 too!  I love the color and the new design for the Devon tank (I have a couple of the older design in this tank already).  

I got it in size S which is the same size as my older Devon tanks.  It fits very similar in the body, but I think the older style is slightly looser fitting in the torso.  Not enough to get a different size though.  So the main difference in this newer style is the "V" strap design on the back.  I really like this one, and love the green color.

By the way, the new Splits59 Alana Singlette is pretty similar to the Devon.  It is super cute too and comes in a few other colors!

So the 3rd item I got recently is the Lululemon If You're Lucky pant which I have been wanting foreverrrrrr!  You know how sometimes you don't think you want something, but then you see someone wearing it and makes you really really want it all of a sudden??  This happened to me with these pants.  When they first came out, I thought: the last thing I need is another pair of black pants.  But one day I was just strolling down the street and saw a girl wearing them with the 100% matching heathered black If You're Lucky tank that I also have.  It looked so cute that I immediately went to look for these pants, but they were already sold out.  There are quite a few of them listed on ebay actually, but for way higher than retail.  However, after many months of watching ebay, I finally found a new pair that started at a reasonable auction price and I ended up getting them for like $65 only!  Woohoo!

These are full on luxtreme, but they feel so so much better than my other full on luxtreme pants (i.e. fatigue camo, oil slick camo, pretty palm).  They are stretchier and thinner, yet have good compression.  They don't feel polyestery or slick.  I am actually very happy with this version of full on luxtreme.  

So they are in my normal Lulu bottom size - 4.  As is the usual case with full length Lululemon pants, they are very very long on me.  I can wear them half way down my feet:

At first I thought they would look bad pulled up and pool around the ankles, since the bottom portion is made of mesh.  But they are too long on the model too, and the slight pooling doesn't look bad on her at all.  So I think I wear them like that too!

These are very high rise, like the High Times pant, which is always nice since it holds you in:

You can barely see the logo on the back of the waistband, since it is black and blends in really well with the pant:

Here's the close up of heathered black colorblocking on the calves, as well as the mesh on the bottom:

I know these are just simple black and heathered black (looks charcoal) combo, for some reason I really like them!  They just caught my attention since that one time I saw them on the random chick on the street.

I think they look pretty good with my Nike Dunk Sky Hi wedge sneakers!  I'm going to go to yoga or pilates like this one day lol:

So, those are the 3 latest items I added to my workout wardrobe!  Can't wait to wear them all!  To be honest, we are having a major heat wave the past couple weeks and I can't even imagine wearing full length pants right now (even if the bottom is mesh).  But it's supposed to cool down starting next week, so maybe I will get to wear the pants then!  On the other hand, it's the perfect time to wear the Splits tank right now!  =)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sweater Pencil Skirt?! And a Rachel Roy Top =)

I went to Nordstrom on Saturday to return the Eliza J dress, and of course I couldn't leave without picking up something else!  This Halogen Windowpane Check Knit pencil skirt in burgandy/ivory pattern really caught my eye.  And when I tried it on, it was so comfortable and fit like a dream!  I have no idea why the idea of a sweater skirt never occurred to me before.  I love sweater dresses, and own many.  But sweater skirt is pretty awesome too!

Even though it's still super hot here, I realize that fall fashion is starting to hit stores.  Fall is probably my favorite season.  I've always said I should live in a colder climate since I love all the knits and boots, scarves, jackets, etc.  I think this skirt will be perfect for work once the weather cools down a little.  It's just so comfortable!  I got it in size XS.

So I think the length of the skirt is perfect since it hits right below the knee.  It feels like a thicker, more substantial material.  So it's definitely not see-through.  The heavier material also can hide some lumps and bumps.  Because of that, I think the $78 price tag is actually not bad.

The waist is a wide elastic band in black:

There is also a thin black hem at the bottom:

I'm not sure why the gray colored lines make a long, kind of tear-shaped pattern, but I guess it's the way the material is cut.  I think it looks a little distracting, but at least it's the same on both sides.

Here's the pattern super close:

 The reverse side of the skirt is actually quite cute too:

It gave me an idea... can't I wear it inside out and get a completely different look for the price of one skirt??  LOL!

Well... the side seam is kind of problematic.  It's obviously not meant to be worn inside out:

But since it's a knit material, it actually doesn't look that bad if you are not looking super up close at it.  In fact, if you are a little bit of a distance away, you can't really see the seam at all:

Here's the front:

And back... obviously the tags would need to be cut off if it were to be worn this way:

I'm not sure if I'd actually wear it this way, but it's something to consider!  I wish they really had made this reversible though!

The second item I'm going to share today is this Rachel Roy Scarf Blouse in bright blue that I got from Macy's a couple weeks ago.  I really like it!

I wore it for the first time on Saturday, while buying the above skirt from Nordstrom!  Haha.  This is the exact outfit I wore, complete with my Joe's Niyah skinny jeans and Mansur Gavriel bucket bag:

This top looks light and flowy, but it's actually a heavier material that is somewhat stiff.  I like it though.  It drapes very well.  I also really like the color combo:

It's also lined with this turquoise color underneath:

I actually bought this top right off of the mannequin lol.  They only had size L left at the store, and the mannequin was wearing a size M.  I normally wear size S but I held up the top and thought M would be fine so I bought it without trying.  I think it did turn out pretty well!  I probably would not have liked a size smaller.  I love the looseness and the length is perfect.  The full price of $79 seemed a bit high to me though.  Luckily the store was offering 25% off or something, so I got it for around $50.

While browsing the Macy's website, I noticed they have the same top in different colors, and some of them are on sale!  This fuchsia ocean combo is only $39:

The "multi combo" is $54:

Those 2 prints are not bad at all!  There are also a bunch of different solid colors for $69, not on sale.  

I can wear this top on its own, or under a jacket or cardigan for work.  I like the versatility!

I am also now anxiously awaiting the weather to cool down, so I can wear my sweater skirt!

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