Friday, December 23, 2011

Lululemon Lift Your Spirits Jacket

Happy Festivus!  I celebrated by getting the Lululemon Lift Your Spirits Jacket from ebay.  Hehe.  I tried it on when it was in the stores like a year ago.  But it was $148 and there was no way I'd spend that much on it.  I think later on it got repriced, to around $118 which was still pretty expensive.  I got it for $49 on ebay, NWT, which is totally worth it for this jacket.

All I remembered from trying it on in store was how flattering it was for the waistline, especially the profile view.  I am happy to say that it is just as I remembered!  The upper chest portion is loose fitting, but not as loose as I remember.  Maybe it's because I was skinnier back then.  Lol.  Dang... gotta stop eating junk during the holiday season.  But it's a really cute jacket, and it's actually my first solid black Lululemon jacket.  I have been thinking about getting a black Define jacket, but haven't bit the bullet on that yet.  So this one came up right on time because I like the price way better!

I couldn't get a clear shot of this jacket on me with my phone camera through the mirror.  This is as good as I could get, but you can't really see the V-shaped paneling details on it very well:

I also couldn't find a big enough web photo:

But I did find a reviewer's pictures that she posted on Lululemon's website, it looks super cute on her, and the details look amazing in these shots.  I hope she doesn't mind me using these:

So you can see pretty clearly on her photos the design on the upper portion as well as the ribbed panel on the bottom which is long and stretchy.  It's also got a silver, blingy zipper.  The material of the jacket is super soft - brushed luxtreme.  Same as my Ambition Pullover.  This material feels very thin, however it is pretty warm.  I love my Ambition pullover, but find it too hot to run in.  I mostly just wear it around as a hoodie and it's very comfy.  So I think I will reach for the Lift Your Spirits jacket a lot.  


  1. This jacket is super flattering on you!

    Have a Merry Christmas, MSE!!


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