Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lululemon Scoop Neck Tank & Another Cool Racerback

I went to make returns at the Lululemon stores yesterday.  I had to go to a different store than the one I normally go to because I've been making so many returns lately!  So I had to go somewhere where they didn't know me.  While I was there, I saw the Scoop Neck tanks in new colors, and they are very pretty. 

There were 3 different colors:  Potion purple/ power purple, river rock / static charcoal and static dark classic sport gray / seniorita pink.  I ended up getting the last one.

I like the silky feel and the look of the static gray a lot.  And the pink neckline makes this top very striking.  I love the fit of the Scoop Neck tanks, although they are very snug fitting and sometimes pull on my neck.  I suppose I could wear a size 6 in this top, but I've never tried that and I'd be afraid that the bra band would be too loose.  I normally only wear them for an hour or so at a time anyway, so whatevs.  

I don't like to wear the Scoop Neck tanks I have anymore because they have white neckline.  The white is too see-through so when I have the cup cookies in (I always wear my tanks with the inserts), a part of them show through.  It looks very odd.  So I always have to fiddle with them to hide them.  So I'll never buy any tank with white necklines again.  I won't have that problem with this one though!  

I also really liked the river rock color, just didn't want to buy 2 scoop neck tanks.  I think I might have to return my static oasis Cool Racerback and wait for it to come out in river rock.  They are of the same color family and I like river rock better.  It's lighter and more muted than oasis.  I don't always feel like wearing bright tops!

Speaking of the static Cool Racerbacks, I saw the static alarming color which I actually liked.  I didn't like alarming in the tanks I've seen before, but it's nice in static.  I didn't get it though.  I'm going to see what else comes out later. 

I did get a wish blue Cool Racerback though, because it was on the sales rack for $24, which is a pretty good price.  I've never seen any Cool Racerbacks on sale at the store I normally go to, let alone in my size.  I think this store had it on sale because it had some deodorant marks on it.  But it came out in the wash pretty easily.

This color is pretty nice.  It's very close to bold blue from the end of last year I believe, but bold blue had a hint of purple hue, and this is a true blue tone.  I don't have any dark blue tanks so this is a nice addition.


  1. I love my wish blue CRB but I kinda wish I had held out for the wish blue Circle Mesh CRB!

  2. Those do look intriguing. I want to try them on in store though, and see what other colors they come in.

  3. I have one in Black and really like it. Much more lightweight and breathable in my opinion. A little less stretchy. But I find it fits me better than the regular CRBs too. I haven't seen any in store yet...but my local store seems to get things really late.

  4. It seems to me if they changed the fit of the scoop neck to come up on the neck about 1/2" lower that would solve the pulling on the neck issue. I would love this tank if it didn't hurt my neck.

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