Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lorna Jane Clover Bra - Pretty!

I bought another Lorna Jane bra!  The Clover bra - confession: I check Lorna Jane Australian website for the newest stuff once in a while, so I know what is coming to the US in the near future.  There seems to be a couple weeks lag.  So I've had my eye on this bra for a while!  I keep stalking the US site for it and finally it showed up!  But I guess others must have been checking as well because it literally sold out within like 2 days.  They still have full size stock of them on the Australian side.  It seems a little fishy, because I think Lorna Jane is way more popular in Australia than it is in the US.  I'm guessing they just send very few quantities to sell on the US site.  But if you live near a Lorna Jane store, you can still get one.

The color I got is called viola marl.  It's super pretty.  I just love the design of the back of this bra:

The color looks a lot more desaturated online than in person.  I think my photos below represent better how it looks in real life:

Lorna Jane bras come with these thick paddings to make you look boobie-licious

I think this one (size S) may fit a little tighter than my other Lorna Jane bras that are all size XS.  The bottom band is slightly wider, but the straps are definitely not loose.

Anyways, I gotta find some more open-back type of shirts to show off this bra!


  1. Nice....I tried to access the US website but can't. I saw on your site of the US LJ website and think it has better deals than the AU one. But I just can't access it. Humph. :(

  2. Cute color.

    I ordered a pammy bra when they were on sale and it should come tomorrow. I am excited to try it.

    1. Hope you like it! Get ready for some major push up action lol


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