Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Funday!

So I only lifted weights twice this week, because I had my checkin with my trainer mid-way through the week, and he gave me a completely different training schedule!  I will be doing weights from 4 times a week to 5 times a week.  It was easier for my schedule to start the new program today, and I figured a couple extra days of rest might be a good thing for my body.  I still completed my 3 cardio sessions though, and took a pilates reformer class.  I was super good with my diet this week as well, makes me feel so good!

Monday 6/24
What I did:  30 minutes of walking on the treadmill at 15%.

What I wore:  Lululemon Practice Freely tank in heathered paris pink, and Lorna Jane Devoted 7/8 tight, with Brooks Pure Drift shoes.

Tuesday 6/25
What I did:  Pilates class

What I wore:  Lole Spiral tank with Lululemon Snap Me Up crop, shown here with my Zigi Kickin wedge sneakers.  =)

Wednesday 6/26
What I did:  Lower body weights.

Thursday 6/27
What I did:  This was when I was supposed to finish the last workout of my previous program by doing upper body weights.  But I was really tired and just didn't feel like it.  So I did 30 minutes of the gauntlet, and then took an ab lab class.

It's been super hot here in Southern California last week.  Like 90 degrees and just gross.  I hate it when it's really hot.  So I had to dress cool for work.  This Calvin Klein two-tone surplus knit dress is perfect for this type of weather!  Also matches my new Vince Camuto Dacoma pumps perfectly!  I love this mono-toned look sometimes, with the pop of yellow!

Friday 6/28 - Rest day

Saturday 6/29
What I did:  30 minutes of walking on 15% incline treadmill.

What I wore:  Omg, I'm so glad I wore what I wore, because it was hot as hell and the little gym I went to had no AC!  I was immediately drenched 2 minutes into it.  I knew I should have gone to Equinox.  But anyway, I wore my Lija Fuse Approach tank with Lululemon 50 Rep bra in very violet under.  I also wore Lululemon Energy skirt in potion purple, which I found out is pretty much exactly the same as very violet!  I love this tank, it was so great for my sweaty workout!

Seriously no difference in these colors...

Sunday 6/30
What I did:  Today I began my new weight program!  I started the first of the 5 day plan, which is lower body.  It's shorter than my old plan, with longer rest time in between sets, which means heavier weights.

What I wore:  Lorna Jane outfit!  The Erika Excel tank and Marvel 3/4 Tight, with Brooks shoes.  I really like these tights for weight lifting, especially lower body.  They are very compressive, and I always find that to be helpful when I'm doing squats and lunges type of exercises.

So I think the couple extra days of rest made me feel pretty pumped and ready to go again!  I swear, sometimes you just have to stop to get ahead.  Excited about my new weight workouts next week!  

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Loving My New Camo Pants from Express! And More Sweaters...

My latest purchase from Express came, and I cannot be happier with my Stella Brushed Sateen Ankle Legging in camo!  Express is having some really good sales, but these are not on sale.  They are $79.90.  However, if you google for express coupon codes, you will for sure save some money.  I ordered these along with some other stuff on sale, and found a code that was $40 off $120, making these $54.  That code works on top of already 40% off sale items!  I feel like they are giving stuff away right now lol.  Anyway, I love these leggings, but I would hate to pay full price for them because Express always has sales and discounts.

I got these in size 2, which is the same size I always get in their jeans/jeggings.  And it is the right size in these as well.  The material is cotton and lycra spandex, so they are very comfy and stretchy.  It doesn't look like it would wrinkle easily which is great.  They look like true ankle leggings on the model, but on me they pretty much go down all the way and cover my ankles completely.  I like the length better on the model, so I roll them up twice to achieve the same look.  I lose some camo print on the rolled cuffs, but I think it doesn't look bad anyway since the inside is camo green color as well.  I think camo looks awesome with orange, so here I am wearing them with my orange ribbed tank and Donald J Pliner Pausha pumps that are an exact match in color!

Of course good old black will go perfectly well with these leggings too.  I love my Lija Fuse Approach tank, because the fit is loose and yet doesn't make you look pregnant.  I think loose fitting tops go well with tight fitting bottoms.  This look is pretty cool, and I would totally walk around in this outfit even though this is a workout tank technically.  No one can really tell!

I actually went to the Express store yesterday, because the Striped Slub Knit baseball tee I got in neutral actually had a hole in it that I didn't notice till I took the tags off!  Express is pretty damn good with returns/exchanges though, so even though they were sold out of that exact tee for me to exchange, they let me have the Slub Knit Baseball Tee (which was not on sale and costs $12 more) instead as an even exchange.  I got it in dusty moss, which is pretty much an army green color.  It is the exact tee that the model wears in the camo legging photos.  It looks more brown than green on their website, but definitely green in person.

On me, with the leggings:

I got this tee in size small for the loose fit.  I love burnout material and I love baseball style tees.  This is pretty much perfect.

I had already ordered another Striped Knit Slub Baseball tee in blue, so I'm not that upset over losing the one in neutral.  Kind of rather have the one above that is non-striped and camo green.  But I like this blue striped one too.  With the 40% off and my coupon, this only costs me $6.  Lol.

Same as the neutral color I got last time, this one is size XS.  It fits a little tighter than the non-striped tee in S.  But definitely still loose enough.  Express sizes really run very large.  Here it is on me, even though I would never wear it with the camo leggings, but I already had them on so oh well!

I also got 2 more Studded Bateau Neck Ruched Sleeve sweaters since I love the white one so much!  And they cost only $8 now.  Hahahaha.  It's seriously really funny to me how cheap they are!  And they are really nice sweaters!!  I got it in pitch black and aquarium.

Pitch black looks great with the camo leggings too.  This sweater is kind of military inspired style, with the studded shoulders.  So paired with camo leggings, you really can't go wrong.  This one is size XS, same as my white one:

Gold studs
I think it looks really cute on the model as well with black bottoms and matching studded clutch:

Or, paired with white bottoms is nice looking too:

I had to get the aquarium colored one in size S because XS was sold out.  I figured there wouldn't be that big of a difference, but it is actually bigger than I thought.  It's definitely looser fitting, especially in the tummy area.  And it is longer as well.  I don't mind this fit.

Studs are silver in the blue one

Lastly, I got this Striped Rolled Sleeve Tunic Sweater in gray also for $8!  I like that it is a sweater, but it has shirt sleeves that can be rolled up and buttoned.  It makes the sweater perfect for work.  It does run very big though.  I got it in size XS, which is the smallest size offered, and it is still very loose fitting.

I just realized I forgot to take a picture of this on me.  Oh well, I'll have to do it later because I'm starving now and have to go make food!  :)  

But seriously, how great are these deals??  

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dresses from Macy's!

I ordered a couple dresses from Macy's last week.  They have some pretty good sales.  I received my package, and I am in love with one and undecided about the other.

First, the one I love is the Guess Sleeveless Scoop Neck Striped Dress in black:

So the fit is rather casual but the color/pattern kind of dresses it up.  Here it is on me:

The dress that I'm unsure about is the Bar III Sleeveless Scoop Neck Striped Cutout A Line Maxi:


The length is actually good for me with my 4 inch heels on.  I got this in size small:

Side zipper here, but you really don't need it...

I am just unsure about that side cutout hole.  What do you think?  Too much skin? 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jean-Michel Cazabat Pamela Chain Espadrille Wedge & Bella Luxx Pleated Neckline Maxi Tank Dress

My latest purchase from Gilt are the Jean-Michel Cazabat Pamela Chain Espadrille Wedge and Bella Luxx Pleated Neckline Maxi Tank Dress.  I kind of splurged on the wedge shoes ($99), because I wanted some wedges that are not so high so I could wear them comfortably all day.  And I liked the way these looked.  They are black but since they have silver woven into the fabric, they don't look so stark black and more of a gun-metal gray.

And on me...

So these have a 3.5 inch heel and 1/2 inch platform, making them comparable to 3 inches.  The height is perfect.  The straps were kind of tight around my feet in the beginning though.  But now that I've worn them a few times, they have loosened up.  I got them in size 6.5 and I think I could have sized down to 6.  But because of the straps, they will not fall off or anything.  And it's probably more comfortable this way, so I kept them.  I've been wearing them quite often, and I think I will wear them even more in the summer.  They are perfect for walking around on the weekend!

The Bella Luxx maxi dress I got is white.  I was actually thinking of maybe returning it, but it has passed the return time period now so I guess I am keeping lol.  I mainly wanted to return because of the color - it's all white so I'm scared that I will immediately get it dirty.  It's a very soft material so I feel really comfortable in it.  It's white but there is a shorter layer underneath that covers the essential area.  You can see the legs, which makes the dress kind of sexy.  It's very long on me, but the hem is unfinished so I think I can just cut it myself...?!?  Kind of scary... but why pay someone to do the same thing?

So the model has the waist worn lower, right above her hips, and the dress is perfect length for her.  I'm a couple inches shorter, however, so when I do it like that, it is definitely too long, even with 5 inch heels on!

But if I wear the waist up higher, it shortens it by a couple inches.  Still too long on me though, and the inner skirt now looks a little too short too:

Here's the hem.. I think it's totally doable to cut it myself... really carefully...

More detailed shots:

It starts becoming semi-see-thru from the thighs down

So this dress was $59, down from $128.  But I had a 30% off code so the price is actually pretty decent.  It's a size small.  The material is 90% micro modal and 10% silk shell.  It's very thin, but so comfy on.  I hope I get some wear out of it when I shorten it!
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