Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Funday!

I feel like I spent my whole weekend at the car dealership!  Yesterday I wanted to test drive some new cars but didn't plan on actually getting a new one unless I got a very good deal.  But you know how it always takes foreeeever at the car dealership?  I swear they do it on purpose so you can't test as many cars as you'd like lol.  So my first and only stop ended up being the Audi dealership.  I was interested in the A5 coupe, which is the car that I've liked for some time.  I thought it was probably going to be more than I wanted to pay, but after some back and forth, I felt like it was a deal I couldn't refuse!  They didn't have the car I wanted yesterday, and had to get it transferred from their sister dealership.  So I went back to pick it up today.  They admitted to me today that they made a calculation error, and barely broken even from my transaction.  Not sure if that was a bunch of BS, but works for me lol.  My sales guy was actually pretty awesome, and I'd totally recommend him!  I honestly don't think I would have agreed to get it without testing any other cars if it had been anyone else.  So we're all winners!  =D

Here it is!  He tried to make me get a red one, and even offered it at a lower price.  But mehhh... I don't want that much attention.  I think Audi is one of a few cars that actually looks really good in white, so that's what I got!

I love it!  It's super cute haha.  I seriously can't wait to drive it more!  I think it's funny that it doesn't come with front license holder.  Having a front license is actually a requirement in California, and I could get a fix-it ticket for that.  But I think it just looks better, and if I get a fix-it ticket I will deal with it then!  I won't even get my license plate from the DMV for at least a month anyways.

So after all is said and done, I spent at least half of my weekend getting this car.  I feel like I need more time to chillax!  But at least next week is a short week because it will be the 4th of July holiday!

On a different note, I had a super good workout week.  I continued month 9 of my Get Glutes program, which consists of 4 workouts a week.  Since I was only able to do 3 last week, I made up for it this week and then completed the 4 workouts for this week!  In addition, I squeezed in 3 conditioning sessions as well so I'm super happy about that!

Monday 6/22
What I did:  Make up session of strength #4 that I missed last week.  The 4th strength session is pretty short, and only takes about 30 minutes to complete.  So I spent another 30 minutes doing conditioning workout #1 from my program as well.  I have a serious love/hate relationship with conditioning.

Tuesday 6/23
What I did:  Strength #1.

I found I bought this top a few months ago!  But I found the Lululemon Just Breathe LS in heathered parfait pink and I wore it.  I love this top lol.

I haven't shared a work outfit in a while.  The past couple weeks have been super hot in LA.  So I went a bit on the casual side.  Kensie black/white colorblock top with Express Wide Waistband ankle pant and new French Connection Maya 2 pump.  A lot of my female coworkers appreciated the matching colorblocking in the top and shoes lol.

Wednesday 6/24 - Rest

Thursday 6/25
What I did:  Strength #2, followed up conditioning #2.

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in static very violet with Free To Be bra in spry blue under.  Zobha Tummy Slimming capri and Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 shoes in ash.

I wore the Aiko Trudie top to the gym, since I was planning to wear it with my outfit after I showered.  Kill 2 birds with 1 stone.  =)

Friday 6/26
What I did:  Strength #3.

What I wore:  It was the day after the Splits59 sample sale, so naturally I wore the Celeste tank I got from there!  Lululemon Free To Be bra in laceoflage, and Lululemon Pace crop.  Nike Free 3.0 shoes.  I've been loving the monochromatic look lately.

Oh I forgot that I also added the Lululemon Play The Field cap, for even more black/white colorblocking/matching!

I wore my Splits59 Venus jacket that I got from the 2013 sample sale as to and from!  I've gotten such good purchases from their sample sales!

To keep the black/white theme going for my work outfit, I wore the Ann Taylor Spot Print tie neck blouse and my new DvF Emma pencil skirt with French Connection Maya 2 pumps again.  I knew I'd get a lot of use out of these shoes!

Saturday 6/27
What I did:  Strength #4!  Followed up conditioning #2 again, and then 20 minutes on the treadmill.

What I wore:  Another new Splits59 tank from Thursday's sample sale - the Tone Racerback, with Titika March bra, and Lululemon Top Speed crop.  Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 shoes in hyper cobalt/bright mango.

It was super hot and I came home to shower, so no need for to/from!

Alright, that's it for this week!  I'm starving and my Chinese delivery just got here!  So I'm going to go eat and watch True Detection.  =)  Hope you had a great weekend!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Lululemon What The Sport Singlet, Ivivva Socks & Another Hat!

I went to Lululemon on Thursday after leaving the Splits59 sample sale.  I actually had some stuff to return to different stores, so I headed over to Santa Monica and stopped by the Lululemon store there.  That's the biggest store in the LA area, so it's always a decent bet.  It seemed like everything in the store was marked down?!  I haven't shopped at Lululemon in a while.  But if prices are tempting, I'd get some new things!

So I saw the What The Sport Singlet in heathered poseidon/gold marked down to $34 and decided to get it.  I actually tried this exact tank on a while ago, when this color first came out.  I liked the color but the tank is sooooo thin, and tight fitting in my regular size.  I didn't feel like spending full price on it.  $34 is probably the highest I'd go for this tank.

I don't think the tank is shiny in person like it looks on these photos.  The color is interesting, because it is a shark gray with very subtle gold weaving in it.  So it has a slight sheen.  I like it a lot, and it's the main reason I got the tank.  

The style of the tank is ok I think.  My regular size 4 is like a skin tight fit, which I am just so not into nowadays, especially in this super thin and semi-sheer material (Seriously Light Luon, which I think is really their way of giving you less material for the same or higher price).  I got it in a size up and I can achieve a similar fit as the model.  But in both sizes, it is just a little too long.  It covers my butt completely on the back.  I wish it was a couple inches shorter!

Here are some pictures of the tank and fabric up close:

I wasn't a big fan of their scalloped hem like on the 105 F Singlet, but this hem is kind of sad looking:

Soooo I like the color of this tank lol.  Would never spend full price on it.  Even $34 feels a bit high to be honest, because the tank style is just meh.

My online order also arrived yesterday.  I got another What'SUP Hat!  I got an all black one this time.  This is my 3rd What'SUP Hat, and I gotta say I wear the others so much that I can add a few more!  Now that my hair is shorter, hats really help my bangs stay away from my face.

My order from Ivivva also arrived!  I have to confess that I love Ivivva Everywhere socks... and I wear size XS/S (equivalent to girl's shoe size 11-4) in it... lol!  I am a women's size 6, which is the same as little girl size 4.  So my size is at the higher end of the range.  But they are not that tight at all.  I think even a women's size 7 could wear the XS/S Ivivva size.  

I got a 3 pack of these socks before, and have been wearing them for months.  They've held up really well!  They come in all kinds of cute colors/prints.  They fit well, the material is perfect, and they are completely "no show".  Oh, and the price is very reasonable too!  I think the 3 pack was better priced, although I can't remember what it was exactly.  But this time they didn't have any 3 packs so I just got 3 pairs of 1 pack at $8 per pair.  Not too bad still.

These are my favorites - Hey Sailor Stripe.  Love that the 2 socks are different!  So fun!

And they all have some kind of saying on the inside lol... these ones say: Sky Above.

I also got the Stars and Stripes print - these are even more fun since the 2 are completely different in print and color!  But they are perfect for 4th of July coming up.  =)

They say "Shine Star" on the inside:

The last pair I got is way more low key - they are mostly white:

Inside says:  Ready Set Goal:

I could have bought even more pairs!  Hehe.  But I thought 3 would be enough for now.  I have sooooo many pairs of Lululemon socks, and I don't like any of them as much as Ivivva socks.  So I'll be on the lookout for more cute prints in the future!

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