Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Awesome Michael Kors Vintage Leather Moto Jacket!

If you are on Bloomingdale's email list, you probably get their "secret sale" emails often, where they have selected items on sale for a day or so.  I bought my quilted belt coat from Laundry by Shelli Segal last year that way.  It turned out to be a huge winner at a great price.  So a couple weeks ago, I got a "secret sale" email on jackets again and decided to get this Ella Moss Georgina jacket in houndstooth and faux leather.  It was originally priced at $288, but went on sale for $230.  However, my secret sale price was $150.  I actually thought $150 was a bit much for a faux leather/sweater jacket, but this is the picture that sold it for me:

It arrived in the mail and... hmmm... how come it doesn't look the same on me lol:

Here it is on the model again... I like it on her so much better.

I think my problem with this jacket is that it is very short in the front, and looks boxy.  I got it in size S, and it fits very loose in the stomach area.  But kind of tight in the chest area.  It's just not a good fit for my body.  I also didn't realize that the back was over an inch longer than the front which starts at the side seam.  It looks weird from the side:

And here's the back... I'm pretty sure this jacket does nothing for me:

On top of the ill fit, this jacket also is pretty thin and I can't imagine that it would provide much warmth.  The sweater knit sleeves and back are very fragile, almost like a thin cardigan, and the faux leather front feels like paper.  Too bad, I like jackets that have contrasting sleeves and that is very on trend right now.  But this jacket was an easy return.  

So, I went to the store to return it on Sunday, and decided to go somewhere I never usually go to - Nordstrom Rack!  I didn't even know if there was one around me lol.  But it was across the street from the Bloomingdale's at the Beverly Center.  I usually don't like shopping at places like this because I just don't have enough patience to go through all those racks.  Just one look at them gives me a headache and I feel like turning around and leaving immediately.  But I understand that you can find some really good deals there.

That is precisely what happened to me!  I was just walking around, and then this beautiful Michael Kors vintage leather moto jacket was hanging there all by its lonesome, away from all the other Michael Kors leather jackets.  The price is... $209!  Omg!  That is a great deal for a nice leather jacket I think!  It is only like $60 more than the plastic-y Ella Moss jacket I returned!  I put it on immediately and just knew I had to get it.  I don't think I ever made a decision so fast on a $200 jacket.  

It's a size XS, which I was afraid would be too tight to zip up.  But it actually fits quite well, and I think it's pretty much perfect in every way.  Just what I've been looking for, and not too warm for SoCal weather either!  Here it is...

This is what it looks like zipped up (I don't think I'd ever wear it zipped up all the way to the neck):

More detailed pics:

Obviously I held it close and went to pay for it right away.  But as I was waiting, I noticed that there are a couple small dirty spots on it.  They look kinda like stickers were put on it then removed and left some residue.  Here is one of them on the shoulder, there is also one on the back but it's not as dark:

Well that's kind of a bummer.  But I bought it anyways because it's perfect otherwise!  I actually don't think it's that big of a deal because you can't really see it unless I point it out.  But I did ask my dry cleaners if they could clean it and they said they could.  So we'll see about that.

This is actually the first item I bought that I've been super excited about in a while!  I guess it's because I've been on the lookout for a leather jacket in this style that wasn't going to cost me an arm and a leg for quite a while.  It was a totally unexpected find!  Not to mention the leather feels suuuuper soft and nice, I could pet it all day long lol.

It was the only one left in stock at the Nordstrom Rack I went to, but they said other locations in LA had more.  I definitely recommend you checking it out if you are in the market for something like this.  It's such a cute jacket and at a great price!  

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  1. If you still have the tags on the jacket, you can return to the Rack and ask them for a damage discount - I think they will offer 10-15% off the price you paid due to the stains. Nordstrom is excellent with that!

    1. Hmm I asked the guy that helped me about that and he said the Rack doesn't offer discounts on damaged items... maybe I should ask someone else...

  2. Love the camo crops!! Where are they from?

  3. Thanks! They are from Express... Here's my original post: http://mysuperficialendeavors.blogspot.com/2013/06/loving-my-new-camo-pants-from-express.html

  4. Good call- the MK jacket looks way cuter on you. :)


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