Friday, October 30, 2015

Lorna Jane Mercedes Tight & Deception Tank

I went to the Lorna Jane store specifically for the Mercedes Seamless Tight.  I saw them on a girl at the gym last week and decided that I had to have them too lol.  They've got herringbone pattern on them!  It's one of my favorite patterns, so I got them!

So these tights are seamless, and they felt pretty thin when I was touching them initially.  I was sure that they would be sheer.  But when I tried them on, they were actually not bad!  Well... what I didn't realize was that I was wearing light colored undies at the time.  When I tried them on with darker ones at home, you could definitely see them.  Soooo... I guess they are semi-sheer.  But they are cute, and price is not bad ($79) so I'll forgive them.  Just stick with light underwear haha.

I got them in size XS which is my normal Lorna Jane bottom size.  I actually find the color (canyon marl) of these tights to be somewhat interesting.  They are a medium gray color with blue hue.  So they look in between gray and blue to me, which is definitely a color I don't already have.

I think the placement of the herringbone pattern looks cool too!

I also got the Deception Tank in powder grey marl, which is quite similar to the Mercedes tights.  This tank is very soft, and it is priced lower than most LJ tanks, at $55.  It's actually very similar in style to my Nike Camouflage burnout tanks.  I love it.

I got it in size S.  I usually wear either XS or S in LJ tanks.  The store only had S, and it fits quite nicely so I didn't really need to try on any other size.  I'd say if you are between sizes, go with the larger one in this tank.

So as you can see, the "honeycomb" looking stripes are semi-sheer:

So I have to vent a little about Lorna Jane stores.  They are SO annoying to shop at lol.  Every time I go in one, I get smothered by the sales girls.  I usually run out of them before they bug me too much.  But when I've had to try stuff on, it is the most horrific experience.  Basically while you are in the fitting room, they will come and bring you a bunch of other items to try, even if you had already gone through the store yourself and passed on them.  This time was especially annoying, because I was kind of in a hurry and only wanted to try on 3 things.  But the girl literally brought me like 10 different OUTFITS, with top, bra, and tights for each!  Are you kidding me?!  That is just too much.  I didn't touch those items so she only created more work for herself lol.  But seriously, this makes me not want to shop at their stores ever.  At the same time, it is also tough to buy from them online since sizing and material can be very different in person.  Sigh.  I wish whoever told them to upsell like that would realize that it is not a good tactic to use.  I can't imagine what kind of person can stand this.  

Ok, rant over lol.  So aside from my annoying experience at the store, I am glad I walked away with 2 cute items.  It might be quite a while before I gather enough courage to venture back to a LJ store though!  So this could be my last in the near future.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

New Pretty Nike Shoes! And a Top =)

I went to the Nike store today to return some items that I ordered online a few weeks ago.  I actually decided to return the shoes I got since I don't have many clothing pieces to match them and they fit a bit too snug.  I also returned the Epic Lux crops due to sheerness, and 2 tanks as well.  My wallet was all happy with the money back onto my credit card.  But of course I decided to browse the store afterwards!  And of course found more things to buy so all the credit went back to Nike... and then some... hahaha.  But that's ok, because I found shoes that I LOVE!  They are apparently a holiday edition Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 5 shoes, in metallic!  But the metallic is subtle since there's black mesh over it.  The exact color is:  Black/Blue Lagoon/Glacier Blue/Metallic Silver.  They also come in black and metallic purple, as well as all metallic black.  I like the blues ones I got the most though.  They are soooo cool!

I love everything about these shoes.  The combo of geometric print, metallic, and mesh just look awesome together.  The faint baby blue color also works well with my wardrobe.  I used to think that dark shoes were too boring, but since I wear my ash TR Fit 4 shoes SO much, I don't feel bad at all getting another pair of mostly black shoes.  I know I'll wear these a lot!

They have just the right amount of sparkle lol:

So after I got these shoes, I decided to browse the clothing area as well.  I ended up getting the Nike Pro Warm Embossed Heights Vixen Raglan Zip pullover.  I love the feel of my Pro Warm Nordic pullover, and this one feels the same.  It's like a soft brushed material on the inside.  Feels like fleece, but thinner.  It's very cozy.  

They actually have this same print in jacket style too.  But I like the raglan zip.  I find this top to run pretty tight.  I'm always size S in Nike tops, but the size S in this top was very tight, especially around the shoulder/chest.  So I sized up to M.  It's a big difference.  M feels even a little too loose, since this is a fitted style.  I think it works, but if it fit somewhere in the middle of S and M then it would be the perfect fit!

Here it is on me:

So the way I'm wearing it, I have it mostly unzipped, but the zipper can still go a little farther.  Here's a close up:

Here it is at the farthest - not too different from above:

And here it is all the way zipped up like the model has:

I do wish the logo was black so it wouldn't stand out so much.  It is VERY obvious in white:

They didn't have it in the store, but they have a crimson one online - it's kinda cute too!  But pretty loud.

Anyway, the price of this pullover is pretty decent at $65.  I was thinking it was going to be around $100.  I really like how cozy it is, and since I'm hoping the weather will cool down here soon, I am going to keep it around just in case... hahaha.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday Funday!

I had such a great week!  It was one of those weeks which everything just fell in place.  Even the weather cooled down a bit lol.  Although still 80s in late October.  =(  I'm so sick of summer!  But anyway... my workouts this week were on point too.  I only got in 2 workouts last week, so this week I went 5 times and made up for the prior week a little bit.  I will do so again next week and completely catch up!  

Monday 10/19
What I did:  Strength #3 (since I did #1 and #2 only last week, I started this week at #3).

What I wore:  
Top: Lululemon Cool Racerback in savasana camo
Bra: Lululemon Free To Be in faded zap
Shoes:  Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 in ash

Tuesday 10/20
What I did:  Strength #4, followed by spin class.

What I wore:
Top:  Lululemon Flow and Go Tank in faded zap
Bottom:  Lululemon Wunder Under crop in pretty palm cadet blue
Shoes:  Nike Free 3.0 in gray/crimson

Wednesday 10/21
What I did:  Strength #1, followed by 30 minutes on the treadmill

What I wore:
Shoes:  Nike Free 3.0

Thursday 10/22
What I did:  Strength #2.

What I wore:

Friday 10/23
What I did:  Strength #3 for the second time this week!  Followed by 30 minutes on the gauntlet.

What I wore:
Bottom:  Splits59 Ginger crop in marianna blue
Shoes:  Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 in hyper cobalt/bright mango

To and From:  Beyond Yoga top

I am taking both days of this weekend as rest days!  So that's my week.  =)  Hope you all had a great one!  

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