Monday, January 10, 2011

Lululemon Run: Inspire Jacket - Finally Got One!

I've been eying the Lululemon Run: Inspire Jacket since it first came out in September.  I tried it on in the store and loved the look, the fit, and everything about it!  But at the price of $158 here in SoCal, I just knew I wasn't going to get enough use out of it to make it worth it.  I read that people were having fit issues with this jacket particularly the tightness in the shoulder/chest area.  I do not have this issue and find the fit to be perfect and I am able to do running motions without problems - I think it's because I have like no boobs lol.  So I thought that it might hit the sales rack but they just disappeared!  Where did they all go??  However, I was still thinking about it for months after - that is usually a sign that I REALLY want something.  Well, thanks to reader Nancy, I was able to get one finally! I can't believe she was willing to give this beauty up!  =)

And it's senorita pink!  I love it... because I have tons of blues and purples, so this will really stand out!  And I think that the senorita pink in this material is not as blinding as it is in others.  It looks a little bit darker to me, and gorge!

I never get excited about Lululemon's running jackets, mostly because I think they look kind of shapeless and boring.  And windbreakers are overkill for the weather here.  But this one really caught my eye.  The fit is very flattering - it hugs the waist and falls in an A line shape.  I love the asymmetrical zipper that gives the jacket a unique look.  It's got great details too such as the hood that's stow-able inside the collar - one of the greatest things about the comeback of the 80's!  I love the soft running luon cuffs that poke out from under the outer layer.  It also has a slit on the left cuff for the watch to poke through!  I always always wear a watch, so I'm really excited about this.  Usually when I wear a running pullover, I have to wear the watch outside of the sleeves because I can't be bothered to lift up the sleeve to see the time or my heart rate.  This is a great feature for lazy ol' me!  The material of the jacket is called glyde and it's pretty light weight, and I think it's water resistant.  The jacket's also got venting, tons of pockets, and reflector stripes.  I'm so excited about it!  I wish it would rain again so I can go out in style!  

I will also consider running in it.  I just don't want to die from overheating.  It's still fairly chilly out at 50-60 degrees these days, so maybe I'll give it a try if I go out in the early morning or late evening.  

I also think this jacket will be great for those few times a year that I make it up to the mountains to go snowboarding.  I always wear Lululemon under my snowboarding clothes, such as wunder unders, bra, tank, and usually a running pullover under the snowboarding jacket.  I have a really awesome snowboarding jacket that I love, but maybe I can switch it out for the Inspire jacket when it's not as cold and snowy out there!

Yay for the new (old) jacket!


  1. yay! congrats on snagging one of these. I have it in black and love it. Not sure if this helps, but I wore it in 49 and rainy earlier this fall for a 5 mile run and found I got a little warm (with crops and a zoom singlet underneath). I don't like to be too warm when I run though.

  2. I remember when you got it - glad to hear you still love it! I don't like to be too warm when I run either. It makes me light headed. It's not likely to be as cold as 49 here, but maybe it will be ok for me since I get cold much easier now that I've lived in LA for a few years! You really get spoiled by the nice weather fast. It's not a big deal if it doesn't work for running though. I'll still find ways to wear it!

  3. Glad you love it!
    I couldn't justify having this along with a plum hustle jacket so I'm glad it went to someone who loves it.

  4. Well I'm glad! I live very close to a showroom which gets stuff later than regular stores. They just got the plum and power purple hustle jackets in. They are cute! But I won't be interested in one since I now have the Inspire! =)

  5. I have this jacket too, in pink, and I love it! Living in Ontario Canada, I've worn it running in freezing cold weather with some layers under, and it's awesome. I I got the Hustle in Plum for Christmas and I find it a little warmer, so I'll be switching to that now, with one less layer underneath, until things start to thaw a little here. (Which hopefully will be soon, but realistically, not til March, Ugh!)
    So jealous of you in the California sunshine!! :)

  6. I have this jacket in the purple and love it! I live in Toronto - and use it with a few layers underneath. It's perfect! I too don't find any fit issues with it and definitely think it's one of the best jackets that Lulu has come out with!

  7. I have this jacket in pink too! I really adore it! I can't believe there were so many haters, because I find the fit to be perfect. I have worn it running in the rain, on frigid days, and on windy 50 degree days and I really like its versatility. Plus, people ALWAYS comment that I look cute ;)!

    Glad you got it!

  8. Oh sounds like we could all be twins ladies! Hehehe. It's funny with the fit issue... I think my shoulders are on the broader side for my size, and I don't find the jacket tight at all in that area. So it must have something to do with the size of your knockers!

    It rained like a few drops last night as I was driving to my yoga class, and I was so excited because I was wearing this jacket! I walked the 5 steps from my car to the gym in the rain and didn't get wet! Hahaha. It looked so stylish too! I love it so much I could cuddle with it.


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