Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lorna Jane Mosaic F/L Tight!

Ok, it must be meant to be, because I have been drooling over the Lorna Jane Mosaic F/L Tight on their website forever!  I'm not kidding, I've added them to my cart at least 5 times, and didn't go through with purchasing them in the end.  I actually saw them at the Santa Monica store a couple months ago, but the smallest size they had left was a large so I didn't get to try them on.  I always thought they were kind of pricey, because they are full length tights and the price is $105.99.  Even with the 20% off coupon, they are still not cheap.  But yesterday, for just one day, they were for sale for $70!  The 20% off coupon worked on top of that too and so they were only $56!  I am really trying to restrain myself from buying so many tights, especially since I just got 5 pairs at the Beyond Yoga sample sale.  But I just couldn't help myself and had to get these Mosaic tights!

They shipped out same day too, and since they ship from Santa Monica, it's pretty much free overnight shipping for me.  So I got them already!  They are the Lorna Jane Black label too!!!  I had no idea!  They are super cute on, and are very comfortable because the black label actually has locked down flat seams!  I got size XS and they are the perfect size, I love everything about them!  The orange under the mosaic cutouts on the legs make these tights look very different.  I am also going through an orange-loving phase so they are perfect!

The waistband is actually orange on the inside.  In the web photos above, they actually had it rolled down so the orange shows on the outside.  But you don't have to.  I kind of prefer the higher rise when you don't have it rolled down, so that's probably how I would wear them.  Any shirt I wear will cover the waistband anyways.

Yay!  So happy I got these for such a good price!  They will go so perfectly with my Inspire Excel tank!  


  1. The tights are really cute. I keep debating about a couple of their tanks and crops.

    1. Do it! Lol I'm being an enabler. Which ones are you eyeing?

    2. I like the analisa tank in red, the grace excel tank, the zeal 3/4 tights, and the front runner 3/4 tights...

    3. Oh I like those 2 tanks too! I have the analisa tank in blue already though, so I'm holding out on the red. Though I think I'd rather have the red because I only have one red workout tank. The grace tank is made of honeycomb mesh!! I love that material. I think I'm done with tights for a long time lol.

  2. Love these pants! I don't own any Lorna Jane yet, I've been such a die hard lulu girl for years. But I did branch out for some yogasmoga (love it) so maybe LJ is in my future! hmm


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