Saturday, April 2, 2011

Burberry Patent Flat

I bought a pair of Burberry Patent Flats the other day on Ruelala.  I actually don't have any flats because I prefer to wear heels.  But lately I've been thinking that I should get some to wear on my train rides to and from work, since I do have to walk 2 blocks after I get off the train station to my work building.  I've been looking at Tory Burch flats since everyone seems to be crazy about them, and I was almost going to buy a pair when I saw the Burberry flats on Ruelala for only $150, down from $325.  That's cheaper than Tory Burch on sale!  I don't really like the idea of spending $300 on a pair of flats, so this is as high as I'd go.  Plus I really like how the Burberry ones look more than the Tory Burch ones I've seen.

I really like the twisty fabric detail on top of the shoe, and how the dark color plays off of the black of the patent leather.  Here are some close up shots:

The description of these shoes said that if you are between sizes, they recommended sizing up half a size.  But I got my regular size 6.  Well size 36 since they come in Euro sizes.  I'm so glad I did because I actually find them to be a little loose!  But the heel doesn't come out or anything when I walk, so I think they are good.  I just really love how they look, and they are very very comfortable and soft.  I can actually wear them with work pants or skirts, if I can get over not wearing heels.  Hehe.  Is this a sign of old age?? 


  1. I have them too.
    I got them on sale and I really like them.
    They are way cuter than the Tory Burch ones.


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