Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lorna Jane Quietly Confident Sports Bra & Tempo Excel Tank

I ordered the Lorna Jane Quietly Confident bra after eyeing it for a few weeks, and it finally arrived!  I ordered it in size small, but after a few days I got a phone call from their customer service department who informed me that size smalls were sold out.  So I settled for size XS.  The girl I spoke to said that she had spent a few days looking for a size small for me from all the stores but could not find any.  Ok, I was annoyed that they sold me something they no longer had, but I appreciate that gesture.  I know Lululemon wouldn't have done that lol.  Nor would Splits59 - same thing happened to me last time I ordered from them.  All I got was an email saying I could get something else or get a refund.  I got a refund.

Well, I knew the XS would work, because I have their Pammy Bra in size XS and it fits great.  I just didn't want to chance it being too tight, which is why I originally went with the S.  This bra in XS fits the same as the Pammy bra, so I'm all good now.  I know I sound like a broken record, but I really really like Lorna Jane's sports bras.  Their designs are so cute, and they make your boobs look amazing. Partially because of the substantial cups that come with them.  I was looking for a link of this bra online, but apparently it's sold out!  It's super cute... if you can still find one in store, I'd highly recommend it.  This was $65 originally, which was quite pricey, but I got it during their "any sports bra or 3/4 tight for $50" deal which is now over.  And I had my 20% off coupon, so I ended up paying $40 for it.  They now offer free shipping too, so the price is not bad at all.

I think the back is super cute.  The color is called ink, which is a dark navy blue.  The straps are white and pink.  I love the color combo of these 3 together.

And this is the front:

I also went to the store about a week ago, to exchange my Venus Excel tank because I noticed that the back seam of that tank was crooked.  When I told the sales associate that, she didn't even bother to look at it lol.  Whatever, I guess she cares even less than me.

So I got the Tempo Excel tank instead.  It's black, but it has like 3 different types of mesh in the tank.  As usual, black is so hard to photograph, you can't really appreciate the differences as well in photos than in person.  Oh well....

So as you can see, the shoulder straps and the stripes on the back are this bigger mesh, the back panel is a different mesh, and the side panels are yet another mesh (the honeycomb mesh, my fav).  It's really quite cool.  Plus the little zipper in the front is cute too.  It has a wide band on the bottom of the tank that is elastic.  I really like the fit of it which is body skimming, not skin tight.  I got it in size small.

I noticed something interesting - this tank is named "LJ Black" label, which says that it is made of superior quality and craftsmanship from their normal label.  And it does appear to be very well-made.  But this is not a part of their description online.  So if you only have access to their online store, you will not be able to tell which items are "LJ Black" and which are normal.  I also tried on these Zulu 3/4 Crop (like a Safari print, pretty cool) in the store and they are also labeled LJ Black.  The best part is, these crops have totally locked down flat seams to prevent chafing, unlike their other crops which don't lock down the seams and you can feel them on your skin after a while.  Those were super comfortable in comparison.  They are the same price as normal crops too, which is a bit weird... why have a "superior" line and charge the same?  They should just decrease the price of their other stuff.  Since I'm still pretty new to this brand, I wonder if this is a new thing they are trying out.

Anyways, here is the Tempo Excel tank on me:

This is the black label:

And more close up shots that maybe you can better see the different fabrics of:

The back ruching running down the middle is actually very similar to the Venus tank that I returned.  But like I mentioned earlier, the middle band on the Venus tank was not straight which is probably why I thought it looked weird on me.  It was like straight to the middle of the back, then curved to the left.  Not cool.  I checked this one carefully to ensure it does run straight - it's a little hard to tell with all the ruching going on.

So anyway, I like my new bra and tank a lot.  I can't wait to figure out what cute tops to wear over the bra that will show off the straps on the back!


  1. I got the LJ chloe tank which is fab!!! It has a mesh strip running down the front and yet it is not see thru. Wont show skin. Amazing.

  2. Lululemon 'Breath and Release' tank would look awesome to showcase the back of this bra. I do believe that they have sold out since its release on Tuesday. I purchased one and waiting for it to arrive...crossing my fingers I bought the right size as there were no fit reviews.

    1. Yeah, I saw that tank... not sure how I feel about the back being completely open though. I'd like to try it on in store...


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