Friday, May 31, 2013

Lululemon Track Time Crop & Wunder Under Crop in Light Gray Pique!

My recent two scores on ebay are making me very happy!  The Lululemon Track Time crop in black/power purple, and Wunder Under crops in light gray pique!  Both are divine in their own way.  I can't believe I never tried on the Track Time crop before.  I think I thought they were too expensive at $98.  But the other day I saw a girl at my gym wearing the black/power purple ones and they looked so cute on her.  Then a couple weeks later, I saw them on ebay!  So I snatched them up.  They feel so nice on! The power luxtreme feels different in these than my other ones.  They are like thicker, opaque during the bend over test, have compression and feel buttery soft.  I didn't want to take them off when I first put them on!  The fit is very flattering with higher rise and wide waistband.  And the purple lines going down the back is very eye-catching.  These crops have bonded seam, so you do not see or feel any stitching at all.  I never really bought into this before, but I do feel the difference.  I'm so glad I got these!

And here's what they will look like most of the time, with a tank over the waistband.

I have a power purple cool racerback and power purple swiftly 1/2 zip that match these perfectly.  But I think really you could wear any color.  I had on my yellow and coral tanks when I received them in the mail so I didn't change my top.  But I like them with these colors!  Very bright and summery!  From the front though, you don't see the purple all that much.  Then you turn around and... boom surprise!  Lol fun.

The light gray pique wunder under crops are soooo soft, and I love the way they look too!  I think they are the light gray color that I wanted when I got the Ebb & Flow crops in heathered dark classic sport gray.  I sold those recently, so I kind of see these light gray pique wunder under crops as a trade. 

I have the white/light gray pique No Limit tank that would be a perfect match with these crops!  But of course they will go with any color as well.  I just can't get over how soft and comfortable they are!  Like wearing pajamas... maybe I won't wear them to workout in at all... hahaha.


  1. I've been thinking about a Run Track Time Crop for a long while now, what size did you get in these? Was wondering if they are a size up item!

  2. Oh yeah forgot to mention about sizing - I think they are true to size. I got my regular 4. They do offer a bit more compression though.

  3. Hi, I enjoy your blog a lot. Thanks for posting these awesome stuff!!

    I've been trying to check out crops which are suitable to replace lululemon's luxtreme crops. May I know whether Splits59, LJ, or any other brands you know have similar material for crops?

    1. Hi there! I actually haven't really found any tights similar to lululemon's luxtreme. Splits59 tights are super nice but they are definitely more like luon. Lorna Jane tights are thicker and more cottony as well, so I would say they are a thicker luon. Cw-x tights are more like luxtreme I suppose... But much thicker and definitely not as stretchy. But they offer great compression. Maybe Nike, UA or Adidas have more luxtreme like materials but I haven't really tried any of their tights. Sorry I am no help!

    2. No worries, thank you!

  4. Hi would I be able to work out at the gym with these? I found a pair on ebay.


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