Saturday, July 13, 2013

Two More Free To Be Bras! Spry Blue & Power Purple

I keep buying Lululemon's Free To Be bras lately!  I know it's kind of boring to have so many colors of the same exact bra, but I love these bras.  And I think if you find something you love, you should stick with it!  I sold my grape seed Energy bra and bright blue Flow Y bra earlier this week.  I find the Energy bra too much support for me.  I know it's weird, but when I wear bras with too much support, I feel like I'm too constricted and can't breathe.  The Free To Be bra in my size up (6) is perfect for me.  I can do cardio, weights, yoga, pilates or whatever with this bra, and this is all I reach for lately.  So I basically replaced my purple and blue colored bras with 2 more Free To Be bras.

I went to the Lululemon store earlier this week and saw spry blue in person.  It's very pretty!  Actually very close to my bright blue Flow Y bra that I sold.  I considered getting a cool racerback in it.  But I'm thinking I might actually get a swiftly tank.  I want to go back to the store and try it on though.  I'm pretty sure I'll like my size up better, because ever since I bought the size 6 very green swiftly tank, I've been in love with the fit.

The power purple one came out a while ago, but they still had size 6 left, so I thought it was meant to be and added it onto my order!  I love power purple as usual and I'm sure will use it a lot.  I would have used my grape seed Energy bra way more often had it been a Free To Be bra instead.

I think I'll pick up a few more of these bras to make a whole rainbow spectrum.  =)


  1. Whenever I find a sports bra that works, I buy them up! Its hard to find sports bra that fit well and don't get in the way. I am a big fan of moving comfort for sports bras for running and surprisingly targets c9 cami bras for yoga.

    1. I haven't tried those brands, but I love the Victoria's Secret sports bras too.


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