Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Funday!

Guess what??  I am going to this blogger "meet and tweet" event sponsored by Fitness Magazine on Tuesday!  I got my invitation a couple weeks ago, but I don't think I announced it here.  It seemed so far away at the time, but now it's only a couple days away!  I have no idea what to expect.  I guess they've done this in New York before, but this is the first time they are doing it in LA.  All I know is what it says on their website about it:

I don't know how I got selected for it.  I didn't even have a Twitter account!  Hahaha!  I'm so lazy!  So after I got selected for it, I actually went and signed up for an account.  So please follow me if you have Twitter as well!  Hehehe.

I wonder what the gift bag will have!  They asked for my clothing and shoe size.

I am also trying to decide what to wear!  The dress code is "fitness attire".  Of course that is most of my wardrobe anyway.  But to decide on ONE outfit is so hard.  I figure I should start with shoes and narrow down my tops that way.

So today I actually bought 2 pairs of new shoes!  I only want to keep one pair though, because they are both purple.  I realized that purple sneakers is what's been missing in my life.  I bought the Adidas A.T. 360 Climacool Celebration in zebra, and Nike Free Bionic in purple/frost/volt.  I've actually been eyeing both pairs for a while.  The Adidas ones are purple and pink, they are higher rise than the Nike Free Bionics, but feel more substantial and stable.  Although I'm not crazy about the white sole.  I have another pair of Nike Free Bionics that I love, and when I saw this new color combo on Nordstrom's website at first, I thought they were more of a dark blue than purple.  But today I saw them at the Nike store and they were totally purple so I couldn't resist!  I love the camo sole.  But I can't decide if I should get another pair of the same shoes or a totally different pair!  Help!!!  Which ones do I keep??  They are exactly the same price.  I've asked some friends and so far the vote is about 50/50.

Of course the camo sole also matches the new nail polish I got today - the Formula X for Sephora - note, color is also called "Bionic" lime and black confetti.  And it's like a camo print nail polish!!!  How cool is that.  

I painted them over my existing light gold nail polish on my toes, I think I love it!

Ok, anyway.  So I had another long week of workouts jumboed together for 5 days straight.  Monday was a holiday so I had it off work and went to San Francisco for the weekend.  It was so fun!  I hadn't been back to that city for ages.  The weather was great, which helped big time.  I also stayed at such a cute little boutique hotel - Hotel Griffon.  It's owned by the Luxe chain.  The location is awesome.  It's right by the Bay Bridge and pretty much across the street from the Ferry Building.  You could walk everywhere from there.  Many good restaurants nearby, and Union Square isn't far away either.  I actually played tourist for a little and went to the Palace of Fine Art as well as Fisherman's Wharf.  Lol.  I grew up in San Francisco, so I think that's kind of hilarious.  I also happened to have dinner reservation at this amazing restaurant on the water called La Mar Cebicheria Peruana.  It's Peruvian and food is delicious.  The place is very nice with excellent view of the water, but the place is still kind of casual and not stuck up.  I love plantain chips, so I was thrilled to see them being handed out for free!  Lol.  Although I had to try and not go too crazy.  That's the thing about traveling.  It's hard to keep the diet clean.  I did my best though, and really didn't gain any weight at all so yay!  

I totally forgot how the vibe was up there.  You'd think people in SoCal would be way more casual... but no.  People here will dress up to go out.  I see short skirts/shorts and heels everywhere I go.  Girls do their hair nicely and wear lots of makeup.  Nobody even wears heels in SF.  I felt ok running around in my Lululemon all day since everybody else was too.  I wore my wedge sneakers and was the most dressed up person in 99% of places I went to!  No wonder I never felt like I fit in there... I developed a high heel addiction when I was like 14 lol.

Since I didn't get back to LA until late Monday night, I missed my Monday workout.  So I pushed my workout schedule back a day and did Tuesday - Saturday instead.  Took today off, and definitely needed it - I went and got a massage!  Soooo nice... I should remember to do that at least once a month.  I get so tight from all the weight lifting!  No time for yoga anymore either.  :(

Tuesday 10/15
What I did:  Big lower body weight circuit, followed by 30 minutes of cardio.  I think circuits are very effective.  But I hate doing them when the gym is crowded.  Now that there's Monday night football, my gym is pretty empty on Mondays which is awesome.  But Tuesdays are suuuuper crowded.  So I took a long lunch break to workout and avoid the crowd.  It was a loooong lunch break lol.

Wednesday 10/16
What I did:  Upper body weights for shoulders & tri, then my 30 minute cardio session.

What I wore:  Lululemon Ebb to Street tank in plum with Lorna Jane Devoted 7/8 Tight and New Balance Minimus Road shoes.  I don't think I like this tank to workout in anymore.  Glad I returned the black one.  The stomach area feels so weird now, like it's all bagged out.  I didn't notice it the first time I wore it.  This was the second time I had worn it and it was just not a flattering look.  Also hate the new, thinner, bra cups.  They are almost non-existent and makes you look super flat chested.  :( :( :(

I never wrote about this, but a couple weeks ago I went to Express to return something and found this Sleeveless Lace Yoke blouse which is all lace on the upper back.  It was on sale for like $19.  I got it thinking I could wear it under a jacket or wrap to work, and also wear it casually.  So I wore it to work with my Express studio stretch corset pencil skirt and I actually didn't even wear anything over the top.  It's still almost 90 degrees here everyday if you can believe it.  It's time for fall!!!  I want to wear my boots and jackets lol.

I wore this same top out to dinner in Vegas a few weeks ago, with Express minus the leather quilted skirt and tights.  I love tops that can do double duty.  Especially for $19.

Thursday 10/17
What I did:  Back and bicep weight workout, then cardio!

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in petit dot dune, with Victoria's Secret supermodel cami bra under.  Beyond Yoga Gathered Legging in dusk, and Nike Frees in gray/crimson.  This cool racerback is thin and polyestery, but I kind of like how you can see the color of the bra under it.  I also love that it is the same color as these shoes.

This bra is so comfy and looks perfect under a cool racerback:

Friday 10/18
What I did:  So now I'm back on workout schedule - lower body weights.  I made it so tough for myself.  Upped my leg press to like 180 lbs.  Didn't feel like walking on high incline afterwards so I skipped cardio.

What I wore:  Lole Spiral tank and Lululemon Wunder Under crop in bordeaux drama, with NB Minimus shoes.

Oh I wore a white Lululemon Free To Be bra under the tank since it has no place for cup inserts.  I love how the bra looks under this tank!

Saturday 10/19
What I did:  Upper body supersets, followed by my 4th and final cardio session of the week.

What I wore:  Lululemon Scoop Me Up tank in caspian blue with Lululemon Ebb & Flow crop in deep indigo and Nike Frees in violet.

I wore my Lululemon Swiftly LS in aquamarine/beach blanket blue as to and from.  I don't know why.  It was hot.

So after working out so hard all week, I rewarded myself on Saturday night!  I went to dinner at an awesome new(er) restaurant in k-town, called EMC Seafood.  It stands for "Eat More Clam" lol.  I had a whole lobster for $25.  Also got great crab, shrimp and calamari appetizers.  Yuuuummmy!!!  I'll have to go back for the $1 oyster happy hour.  They have really good drinks too though I only had a couple sips.  I think any cocktail with cucumber, mint, or elderflower is pretty much a guaranteed hit.  They had 3 cocktails with those ingredients!  It's my kind of place.

I sort of dressed up for the occasion.  More so because I just really wanted to wear my Express studded mini skirt!  With matchy matchy BCBGMaxAzria peacock pumps of course!  I wore some Nordstrom BP tank with it, but with an Express oversized drape neck sweater over it.  I guess I forgot we're still in full summer swing here so I was sweating in it.  Oh and my lovely Balanciaga City bag.  :)

Okie dokie, time for me to get ready for bed!  I don't know why I only took Tuesday off work (for the Meet & Tweet event) but not tomorrow.  What was I thinking!  Oh well.  Hope you all have a good night!


  1. I can't wait to hear the details on your fitness blogger event- that sounds cool! (And LA seems like a better city for that type of even than NY...just sayin'!) Just started following you on Twitter. :)

    On the Daily Express

    1. Thank you! I am getting kind of nervous! I wonder what the atmosphere will be like there and how many people are attending. I guess I'll find out tomorrow! The location is nice... it will be in Santa Monica/Malibu. :)

  2. Congratulations! That's sounds exciting. Your blog is very inspiring as I myself, have started to pick up the weights. I've been a mainly cardio only gal but now that I've incorportated some weights, I feel better. I am sore, very sore...almost every day from the lifting but I know(deep inside) that it's my body telling me that I've worked hard.

    Have fun!

    1. That's awesome Kathy! I think some soreness is normal and it comes with the territory. More women should realize how great weightlifting is! I love what it has done for me. I was just looking at some older posts I have here, and I can definitely see a difference in my pre-weights photos and now. The difference actually looks bigger in pictures than it does to me in person. But I guess it's hard to notice changes in yourself when you look at yourself all the time. So you should definitely take progress photos! They will serve as motivation to keep going!

  3. The fitness event sounds fun, especially with goodie bags!

    I like the color of both shoes. Good luck deciding-I would probably keep both :)

    1. Lol don't tempt me... I keep looking at the pics and thinking the Nikes indeed look more blue than purple so I should just keep both! HAHAHA!

      Well, maybe one of these will be in my goodie bag and make my decision easier. =P

  4. Hello, havent left any comments for quite sometime. I went to see a nutritionist abt losing weight. I showed her my food diary. She found nothing much to comment. I'm averaging about 1,800 calories a day. And she told me to eat more as I felt cold during my morning workouts. Before this, I asked if I could eat less, she said I cannot reduce anymore.

    Basically, she put me on a 12 day detox program with more veges, more water and everything remain same. Then I was given supplements like L Carnitine, Green Tea extract, and a multivate with Cinnamon to control blood sugar, magnesium to help me relax and sleep better.

    So far I have only lost about 4.5lbs and 1.5inches off my waist. Humph....seems quite slow. :(


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