Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Awesome New (Old) eBay Scores!

I bought 3 more Lulu pieces from eBay last week, and they all arrived at the same time!  It's like opening presents to myself lol.  First of, I got these more-than-awesome tights but I have no idea what they are!  Paid a pretty penny for them too.  I don't know what they retailed for but I'm guessing same as other Lulu crops at $80ish.  I paid a little over $100 on eBay - I almost never pay over retail for things on eBay (especially things I didn't even know existed), but I guess I was either really bored or just sensed that I would like them a lot lol.

I think I remember seeing them years ago but I can't be sure.  They are kind of similar to the Snap Me Up crops that came out about 2 years ago or so, because they also have buttons on the lower leg.  But I think they are older than that.  They are also different - there are only 4 buttons on each leg (vs a bunch more on the Snap Me Up), and they are purely for decoration so you cannot unbutton them, unlike the Snap Me Up.  They are made of this awesome dark charcoal colored pique luon!  Diamond gusset, which tells me they are older.  Does anyone know what they are called and what the color is??  My OCD self really would like to know.  Update:  I found out what they are called - Snap It Up crops, in gray pique, came out in Oct 2009!

They are unbelievably comfortable, and I love the color so much!  If I didn't have these already, I would have bought the new Lulu charcoal wunder unders.  I saw and tried them on in the store over the weekend (actually sized down to a 2 and they were perfect fit) but I much rather have these mystery crops!  They are very similar in color tone, but of course the charcoal wunder unders are silky smooth and pique is uber soft so they are totally different feel.  These are my regular size 4.

The waistband is much wider than most Lulu crops, and it is made of regular luon.  They are similar in rise to wunder under crops.  Here's a close up of the waist and the material:

Button details:

Someone out there must know what these are!

Next, I got the Strength and Tone shorts for only $20!  I actually bought them to just wear around the house.  $20 was a good deal, and shipping was cheap - something like $3.  But I actually really like them!  I thought the pockets were fake for some reason, but they are actually real and quite large!  I could totally wear them outside of the house!  They are black, size 4, but waist feels a little tight.  Though you can fold down the outer, shorter layer of the waistband and keep the ties in place.  Very nice!  

Lastly, I got another Cross My Heart tank finally!  I love the one that I have in silver spoon, and have wanted a second one ever since I bought that one!  I think it's one of the most flattering tanks Lululemon has ever made.  On me, at least.  Whenever I put it on I just feel like it makes my waist look way smaller than usual.  And it makes the chest look nice since the inner bra is actually two separate cups instead of one uniboob.  I also love the little ribbon details on the straps, the adjustable bra band, as well as the huge mesh area on the back.  This tank actually has a lot of details for the retail price of $58 I believe.  But I got my new one in pig pink for only $21!  Size 4 too.  Totally a steal.

 I love pig pink and I think this tank looks super feminine in this color.  So happy with my new scores!


  1. Have you tried JoFit for Golf and Tennis yet? I just ordered a skort for them. I really like their colors...they have bright colors like LLL.

    1. No I've never heard of this brand! Do they make good quality stuff with cute designs?

  2. What awesome scores!! You always find the great deals. So mad I sold my pig pink cross my heart tank :(.

    1. Sometimes I do feel like I get pretty lucky with ebay scores! I use a sniper program though lol.

      I also regret selling stuff sometimes and get tempted to buy it back later on... lol...

  3. I just wanted to tell you that I have been following your blog for a few months now (LOVE it, obviously!) and it has been super motivational to me. I've now lost 27 pounds and went from a LLL size 10 to a 4, which is awesome, and I feel great. The only thing is that whenever I find something cute in a 4 on ebay now I'm thinking I might be competing against you lol! I also got the sniper idea from your blog - never knew about that before :). Anyway, thanks for everything you post!!

  4. Wow that's so great to hear!! I too lost about 25 lbs and went down a bunch of sizes about 5 years ago. It is a great feeling and so motivating when you see results like that. And being able to maintain it going forward. I would NEVER have imagined that I would be where I am today- training hard and loving it! All the cute clothes are nice extra perks!! Keep up the great work!

    I actually don't go on ebay all that often, except lately! I should be worried that you will be out sniping me lol. It's the only way to buy on ebay IMO. I don't have time to sit by my computer and manually put in my bid during the last couple seconds. Sniping makes it so much easier!


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