Friday, May 7, 2010

More Express Stuff!

My order from Express came yesterday.  I got 5 items total.  I'm really happy about 3 of them and not so much about 2 of them.  So here's the dealio.

I got 2 more pairs of the Editor Wide Waistband Pants - as I've stated many times before, I LIVE in these pants (when I'm at work).  I got a pair of gray ones which were on sale from $59 to like $30.  They look a lot lighter in the picture than in person.  I thought I was getting very light gray with almost a tannish tint to it, but what I got was quite a few shades darker gray with black pixels in it.

I actually really like the color even though it wasn't what I expected.  It's just a little close to my other gray ones, but definitely distinctly different so I'm keeping these for sure.  They are also very comfortable because they are "studio stretch".  From now on I will only be getting the studio stretch material when I get these pants.  It's seriously the best.  So comfortable, form fitting, and flattering!

I got the same pants also in blue.  They really resemble denim color, so I was kind of afraid they would look too much like jeans.  But the way they fit is definitely different from jeans.  So it just looks like I'm wearing blue pants at work!

I really like these pants and they are also studio stretch.  So they are a perfect fit!  And I think this color is available online only because I've never seen it in stores.  I love them!

I also got the Graphic Dreamweight Tank

I had seen this tank in stores before when it was at full price.  I actually almost bought it then, but decided I should wait till it went on sale.  Well it did!  From $30 to $12.  So I got it.  It seemed to run a bit big, or it might be that it's supposed to be looser fitting.  But I got XXS and it fits perfectly.  It's a cute light weight tank kind of in the babydoll style.  It's great for the summer.  And the tummy area can stretch out a lot so I was joking with my boyfriend that it's like I'm buying maternity wear!

I also got the V-Neck Roll-Tab Blouse in both black and bitter grape (blue).

I thought this shirt looked really cute in the photos in both colors and they were on sale for like $13 so I got both.  The reviews said that they ran a size big so I got the XXS.  But it's so stupid because the shirt doesn't have any stretch whatsoever!  So they were SO hard to put on!  Once they were on though, the chest area was a bit tight but the waist and stomach area were pretty loose fitting, like on the model pictures.  But it was impossible to get off!  I had to have someone help which just would not work.  I felt very claustrophobic in it.  I can't believe they would make a shirt with absolutely no stretch in it!  How do they expect people to get it on and off??

So I returned them today to the store and exchanged for the Essential Stretch Racerback Vest which I've always had my eye on but it just went on sale from $45 to $29.

This vest is super cute.  I will most likely wear it to work but I can also wear it out and about I suppose.  The store only had size 00 and 2.  I think size 0 would have been a perfect fit because 00 was just a tiny bit tight, and size 2 was too loose.  So I got size 00 because it's not bad tight, and I do plan to lose some weight!  I love the style in the front as well as the back.  There is a clasp in the back that can be adjusted for tightness and that is a great feature!

I also have the Editor Wide Waistband pants in the exact same pattern so I could make the outfit that the model is wearing.  But I'm not sure if that will be a good look for me or a little too much.  While the black and gray crosshatch pattern looks good as a single piece, together I think they may be a little too busy.  I don't know, I haven't made up my mind.  But either way, the vest will look cute with solid black or dark gray colored bottoms.  Now that summer is coming up and my work will observe business casual dress during the summer, I can finally shed my suit jackets and this vest will come in handy!

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