Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale Haul!

Victoria's Secret is having their semi-annual sale right now and they were offering free 2-day shipping with $25 purchase!  It's been a while since I shopped there last, so I decided to take a look.  Of course I perused over to the VSX Sport section and decided to give some sports bras a try!  I received my package last night, and I have to say that the two sports bras I got seem to be pretty awesome!

I ordered this Supermodel Cami Sport bra in "sweetest orange" and wore it tonight - I couldn't have been happier with it!  It's their seamless material which is a knit stretchy material that feels like the material they use in Lululemon's Ebb & Flow crops.  The straps are adjustable, and there is a very wide band on the bottom that is super comfy!  I seriously didn't even feel that I was wearing a bra!  It also comes with cup inserts - they are slightly thicker than Lululemon ones, but not as thick as the Lorna Jane ones.  So they won't make you look like you are wearing a push-up bra to the gym!  It's only $15 right now, and it comes in orange, green, navy and pink and white stripe.  I got it in size small and it fits  kind of like Lululemon's size 6.  They are not offered in size XS, but I have many bras in size 6 anyways because I don't like them too tight, so I'm fine with the size small.  Larger busted ladies might be happy to hear that the cup size seems to be more generous than Lulu's.  But it also works fine for my B cup - the band just sits slightly lower.  The color in person is a more vibrant orange than the photo shows below.  It's gorgeous!  My instructor kept commenting on how cute my bra is and even asked me in front of everyone in the class where it was from!

The style of this bra is kind of like Lululemon's Flow Y bra, but it has higher coverage on the front, and slightly different back.  But it doesn't dig in at all and fits way more comfortable than the Flow Y!

Here's the back - they didn't have the back shot of this bra in orange so this is a different color.  I like it a lot actually, but they seem to have been sold out already.  Mine is all solid orange.  This back fits perfectly under my cool racerback!  No straps showing at all.

The other bra I got actually goes by real bra size!!  I love that.  It is the Victoria's Secret Angel Sport Bra.  The color I got is so cool, it is called black/floral blossom mesh.  As the name implies, it is a floral pattern with black mesh overlay.  It looks so cool!  And the fit of this bra is amazing - I ordered my regular bra size.  It looks super flattering on, and gives great support.  Definitely more support than the orange bra above.  The front also sits lower so it is a sexier look.  I think it might be my most supportive sports bra yet!  It has actual structured cups!  And cup inserts.  It's also on sale for only $25. 

Again, they don't have a picture of the back of this bra online, so here it is in a different color, which is actually very cute too!  The back has a 3 clasp closure, like a regular bra.  

I haven't worn this yet, but it really makes your chest look good.  Dang... Victoria's Secret should have started making sports bras years ago!  I love their regular bras, it only makes sense that they should be in the sports bra market as well!  

I also got the No-Show Hip Hugger Sport Panty from VSX Sport line as well, and it feels great on too!  It's laser cut and it fits very nicely in size small.  I got it in color taupe plum, which is basically just a nude color.  They come in a bunch of other colors.

These are 3 for $33, but I didn't want to get 3 pairs without trying one on first.  They also come in thong style.  I will definitely be getting more of them later on!  But for now, I got 2 other pairs of regular underwear to get my discount.  They are super cute too:

Lace-Trim Cheeky Panty in sapphire (awesome color):

And the Dream Angels Lace-Trim V-String Panty in ivory /black.  This looks so cute, it reminds me of a tuxedo.

So it's safe to say that I'm pretty happy with everything at this point.  Then I put on these VS Siren Ankle-Zip leggings in winter green, and I was blown away!  They are sooooo cute!!  I must take a picture later.  They come in 2 lengths too, which is great - 28 inch inseam and 30 inch inseam.  I wanted them to be more like ankle jeans so I opted for the 28 inch inseam.  And they do go down to my ankles - perfect!!  30'' would have been way too long.  The color is a gorgeous mint green, and the fit is seriously amazing.  I think they slim you down instantly.  Though they are not that stretchy so you kind of have to shimmy into them.  I love that you can leave the ankle zippers half way zipped.  I got them in size 2, and it is definitely the correct size.  

They look fantastic with heels.  They are on sale for $40 - I want the other light pink color too but they are out of size 2s!!!

Lastly, I got this cute stretchy Wrap Mini skirt.  It's sooooo comfortable, and it has double layers and cute ruching.  I love it!  Though it does hug your butt and it is short so it may not be that appropriate to wear during the day.  Maybe only to the beach or something.  It can definitely be dressed up for a night out though!  It comes in a bunch of colors too and is now only $19.  I got it in navy and heathered gray stripe which they only show a color swatch off so I will have to take a picture of the actual skirt later on too.  But for now, here is what it looks like!  I got it in size small as well.

I'm so surprised that I like everything I ordered!  I totally thought I would return some of them, because I always end up having to return stuff to Victoria's Secret when I ordered from them before.  But happy to keep all my goodies!  For all these things I got, it only set me back $127!  In the future, I will definitely have to keep an eye on this VSX Sport line too.


  1. I recently purchased the vsx knockout capris which are great. I also bought some of the studio tops which I really like. I am really impressed with vsx.

    1. I am too Sara! The tops look cute as well. I am curious about the pants though. How is the material? I had some of VS yoga pants years ago (at least 6 yrs) and they were kind of cheaply made, very thin material and the fabric on the inner thigh pilled super fast and became hard. I got rid of them quickly. I'm sure things have changed since then especially with their new sports line but is it really good quality now??

  2. I thought the capris had more compression than most of my inspires and my wonder unders. The material was thicker, too. It reminded me of my yogasmoga capris I have which I really like. It wasn't as soft as my wonder unders but very opaque. I did the bendover test on the mirror with bright pink underwear-most pants show a hint of the bright pink but nothing with these

    I think it looks more like luon but is more sweat wicking. I have done pilates, weight training, and running in them. They are great. I probably wouldn't run in them above 70.

    1. Hmm that sounds similar to Lorna Jane tights material. And definitely a lot better than my yoga pants from them years ago! Thanks for the info!! I want to try some... I like VSX price point and their sales are great!

      Speaking of yogasmoga... I ordered back in middle of April and I still don't have them!! Got an email update from them about a month ago saying to wait 5-6 weeks. Omg. Unbelievable. I'm over them already.

  3. I love checking out your finds! I just ordered a few of the sports bras you mentioned- they look so cute! I bought the yoga smoga crops in a 6 which is my usual lulu size and they bagged out pretty quickly. I was disappointed because when I first put them on they were great and felt very compressive. Oh well, did get them for 38 bucks or something like that bit still a bummer!

  4. I just found your blog & I love it! I was just wondering about the "No-Show Hip Hugger Sport Panty" and if it's too.. uh... squeezy for your butt? It always seems to be a problem I have when I buy underwear because even if the seam doesn't show, it's visible where the underwear ends because it's too tight for my butt cheeks D: Sorry to be so crude hahaha. Please let me know if you can! Thanks :)


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