Monday, November 7, 2011

My New Boots!

So I bought 3 pairs of boots online within like 2 days while I was in Europe, because it was cold there and everyone was wearing boots but I didn't have any!  I could have bought some there but did not want to carry anything back.  Plus, things are always cheaper in the US.  I did, however, buy a pair of rain boots in Venice.  I never owned a pair of rain boots before, because it really doesn't rain much in LA.  I didn't know they were such a fashionable item that costs more than say 20 bucks (unless you are buying Burberry ones or something)?!?  Mine were more like 100 USD, but they did keep my feet dry.  Ever since I came home I've been wishing for rain so I can use them again.  Haha!

Anyway, so the first pair of boots I bought are from Nordstrom - the Naughty Monkey Jump Start Boot.  I had never heard of this brand before, but it is BP shoes so that means less price point I suppose.  I've been wanting a pair of low heeled, low shaft, kind of slouchy boots for a while and these fit the bill pretty well.  They are 2.5 inches high, and they go up to a little over my calf.  They are a taupe colored suede material, which I think will go with a lot of stuff I have.

The back zipper is decorative only by the way.  They are pull on style.  I sized up in these when I ordered and got a 7 which turned out to be good call I think.  I like them a little bit looser in the legs.  I really like these, I can wear them with tights, jeans, skirts, whatever.  Yay!

Ok next pair, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and get some riding-boot style boots.  So when I was playing on the Gilt app on my phone, I saw these Modern Vintage over the knee boots and decided to get them.  They were more than I wanted to spend, at $220, but down from original price of $450 so I went for it.  

They arrived super fast too, before I even got home from Europe.  I was super excited to receive these, but when I opened the box I was immediately taken aback by how high the shaft actually goes!  They are kind of street walker style.  When I put them on, I definitely think they are at least 1.5 to 2 inches too high.  I sized up in these too and went for a size 7.  But the shaft is rather tight still, as they are pull on style, I had a bit of trouble getting them on.  I think the style could have been better if they were looser around my ankles and calves, then they would look less hookerish.  But now I don't think I could rock these so they are going back to Gilt.

Lastly, I bought these cute Bearpaw boots from Hautelook.

My old Uggs are super worn out so I think these will do for a great replacement.  They are super soft and comfy too!  

So 2 keepers out of 3.  Not bad.  I still think I will be on the lookout for another pair of riding boots, but I need to actually go to the stores and try a bunch on to see what style fits best.  


  1. Those riding boots are super tall! Before I read what you wrote about them I was thinking "I wonder if she realizes just how tall these are". Guess you figured it out :)

  2. Welcome back! Nice boots. The second pair IS tall. I'm in the middle of looking for riding boots too...I have a hard time finding a pair that I could wear over skinny jeans because of my calves. I have a pair of Bear Paw boots from a few years ago...they've since done a much better job of making them look more like Uggs.

  3. These Bear Paw boots look so adorable. How are they compared to EMU and Ugg?

  4. Well I don't have EMU or Uggs, but compared to my Koolaburra boots which I paid a lot more money for, these seem pretty much the same. They are nice and comfy inside, and I really like the look of them. The opening is a little tight on these though. So you kind of have to squeeze your feet in. Once inside it's not tight at all.


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