Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Amazing Dress from Lulus!

I made another order from Lulus after a successful first order.  This time, I ordered this amazing dress, Final Stretch Dress.  It's only $44 but it's awesome!  Super flattering and nice thick material too.  Totally worth the money!

The description says that this dress runs large, and I ordered size S the first time.  But I had to exchange it for size M, because I found the S to be too tight in the chest.  I tend to have this issue with a lot of dresses and tops though.  I think my shoulder to waist ratio is wider than standard lol.  So while I found the S to be good in the waist, the chest didn't work for me.  The M feels very comfortable, and since the material is the stretchy kind, the waist is not too big either so I think it's perfect!

I think this dress could work for so many occasions.  Definitely one to have in the arsenal.

In fact, I got it in white too!  Since the material is thick, the white is not see-through or anything at all.  I love it.

I also ordered another Handle My Business Sleeveless Top, in light blue this time.  The white one from last time was so cute so I got another!  The white one I got was size M since they were out of size S.  I find it to be pretty loose, so I went with S in the light blue.  I think it fits slightly better in the body, though not a huge difference since it's so loose fitting anyways.

This top is very versatile as well.  I've worn it to work under a blazer as well as to a night out on the town.  

I gotta say, I'm pretty happy with Lulus!  The return shipping was free as well and the process was very smooth.  I got my refund pretty fast.  So I'll be on the lookout for more from them in the future!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Funday from Italy!

I arrived in Italy earlier this week and have been enjoying the beautiful scenery at the Amalfi coast! This is my first time to the Amalfi coast and I already think I need to come back again soon! I'm staying at this amazing villa that we got on Airbnb, in the town of Amalfi. As you may know, the "Amalfi Coast" consists of many little towns, one of which is actually named Amalfi. It's about a 30 minute ferry ride from the most famous and touristy town, Positano. But I actually like the vibe in Amalfi better. It's very small but quite nice and relaxed. You don't feel like you have to fight the crowd so much, but it's still very lively. The people are so nice and the food and wine are great. I also feel like I can eat more since I've been walking and climbing so many stairs here lol!

So, other than taking day trips to different towns here, I've been just relaxing at the beach and villa! Our Airbnb host is so awesome. She gave us a huge welcome pack with different wine, limoncello, cured meat, bread, pasta, fruits and vegetables. Her wine was so good, when we asked her where we could get more, she insisted on coming by- and then showed up with 10 bottles LOL! Needless to say, we've been drinking a lot of wine at the villa. 6 bottles down, 4 more to go! 

Here are some photos I've taken of different places here! There is really beauty everywhere you look!

Amalfi town: 

360 degree views from the villa: 


This is along the walk from the villa to Amalfi town. The cliffs are so steep!

It takes like 1000 steps (not even kidding) to get down to the beach- such a workout! When we were there, we saw this yacht in the below picture which looked so impressive that we had to google it. Turns out, it is actually the second largest yacht ever built called the Maltese Falcon. Crazy!

Capri island - definitely recommend at least a day trip there. It's very beautiful and a little bit more high end. 

The blue grotto on Capri is this amazing grotto that you pay a lot of money to get into lol ($13 + tip per person for a 3 minute boat ride). It does look super cool though. If you go all the way there, you might as well just pay it lol. The sunlight hits the water in a way that makes the water a magical aqua color. There are long lines to see this too. Such a great money maker. 

Why does time go by so fast while you are on vacation? I wish it would never end! 

So anyway, I do have some outfit pictures from earlier this week too. I got in a yoga class before I flew out! Unfortunately I haven't really been able to take any ootd pics in Italy. I've been too busy relaxing to even think about it lol. 

Monday 8/22
What I did: Yoga class.

What I wore:
Top:  Lululemon No Limit Tank
 in caspian blue

To and From:  Alo Yoga Mirage LS

Tuesday 8/23 - Travel day!  Here's my comfy flight outfit:
Shoes:  Tieks flats

Needed a cardigan for the flight, as well as for my trip.  So I took my go-to Caslon Drape Front Cardigan!

I've been wearing my Tieks a lot and so far they've been very comfortable! 

Anyway, off to bed now! More adventures to come in next week's post! :)

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Follies, Pigalle & So Kate Comparison!

My latest pair of Louboutins is the Pigalle Follies in patent glittart, in 100mm.  They are on sale for $486 at Saks right now!  But I found this other great website called Amuze that carries an amazing collection of Louboutins at great prices, and they are legit!  If you sign up using my link, you will get $25 off your first order too.  It's a flash sale website similar to Gilt, Ruelala, etc. etc. but they seem to have way higher end brands and free shipping.  These Louboutin shoes I got are on sale right now for only $395.  That's the lowest I've seen among these sites.  

These are SO fun!  I love the pink and silver swirl, and they have a subtle glimmer too.  It's super pretty.  The Saks site has a nice little video so you can see the glimmer better.  I'm obsessed with these.

These are size 36 and they fit very similar to the Pigalles, which is to say if you have longer toes or wider feet, you should definitely size up at least half a size.  But I stayed true to size.

I found the different Louboutin pointy toe styles to be a bit confusing to differentiate in the beginning, so I thought maybe this would help.  I have done a little comparison between the Pigalle, Pigalle Follies, and So Kate, and I'll let you know which one my favorite is.

As you can see, they are all very similar looking but here are the differences:  
  • The Pigalle is the "original" Louboutin style with a chunkier heel and shorter toe box and comes in 100 and 120mm.  
  • Then the So Kate came out which has a more slender heel that tapers a little, and a slightly longer toe box.  It only comes in 120mm.  
  • The Pigalle Follies is like a hybrid between the Pigalle and the So Kate style.  It has the front smaller toe box of the Pigalles, and the back slender heels of the So Kate.  It comes in both 100 and 120 as well.

I think it's very hard to differentiate between the So Kate and Pigalle Follies 120.  Next to each other, I'd be able to tell the difference by looking at the toe box.  But if I were just to look at one pair alone, I'm not sure I'd be able to tell which one it is!

So, I haven't tried on the Pigalle or Pigalle Follies 120, but the So Kate 120 is not that comfortable lol.  I can't imagine that the Pigalle or Pigalle Follies 120 would be much better.  I think there's just a huge difference between 100 and 120 even though 20mm sounds like such a small amount.  

Pigalle 100 and Pigalle Follies 100 fit very similar, so it's a matter of aesthetic which one you prefer.  I like both of them, to be honest.  I feel like the Pigalles are sturdier, but I love the ultra skinny heel of the Pigalle Follies.  I'm actually happy that I have both.  But I think I'm leaning towards the Pigalle Follies more.  I think I probably wouldn't get any more So Kates, unless it is in a color/print that blows me away.  But I can definitely see myself getting more Follies.  So there you go!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100

I've become quite a Louboutin shoe fan in the last year or so.  But I never tried the famed "Pigalle" style until recently.  As any heel lover would know, the Pigalle is the iconic Louboutin style that put the brand on the map.  I've recently decided that I should upgrade all my "go to" heels, because why not lol.  I have all these Loubies now, but I actually wear my "normal" black or nude patent heels most of the time.  And I realized that if I'm going to spend money on shoes, it would make more sense to spend them on shoes that I can wear everyday instead of only on special occasions or date nights.  Soooo, I got both patent nude and patent black Pigalle 100mm heels!  100mm was very important to me, because 100 is everyday wear to me, and 120 is a bit uncomfortable.

This was such a good decision, because I've already worn both of these a bunch after getting them.  I feel like the style is pretty classic and versatile.  Also, Louboutin's "nude" is such a close match to my skin color that they are a true nude on me and really have that leg lengthening effect.  I haven't found another brand that is as close a match as CL.

They are both size 36, which is definitely on the tighter fitting side.  The toe box in the Pigalle style is smaller than most pointy toed shoes.  I think half a size up probably would work for me as well, but I always struggle with my feet coming out of the back of the heels if the fit is slightly too large.  So I didn't want to take that chance.  Plus, leather shoes will stretch.  Although patent won't stretch as much, but I'm thinking they will still stretch at least a little and mold to my feet!  

Although this style is not how I started wearing Louboutin shoes, I think it's actually a pretty good gateway style!  You'd definitely be able to get a lot of use out of them.  

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