Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lululemon Run:Swiftly Tech LS - Haze

I went to Lululemon today hoping to find the Post Run Pullover that I saw on Lulumum's blog.  It's so cute, and I completely missed it and it's now sold out.  So sad when this happens!!

In lust with it

So apparently it's not in stores yet, at least not the one I went to.  I guess I don't *really* have a need for a pullover like this other than to lounge in it.  But that is what I do best!

Anyway, I did however, finally cave and bought the Run: Swiftly LS in Haze.  I have only one other Swiftly LS and that was the Silver/Faded Zap I got back in January.  I liked the color in the beginning, but then I started wishing I had a brighter color.  I have much love for the Swiftly shirts, long and short sleeves alike.  It's funny that I never understood why these shirts with no built in shelf bras should be worth over $60 for the short sleeve version (after taxes).  Until the Lululemon run club I used to go to gave me one to test out and I finally saw the light.  (See the original post about my free Lululemon goodies here.)  Since that time, I've bought so many more of the short sleeve shirts.  Every time a new color came out I would grab it.  All the sizes always sold out so fast too.  They used to never go on sale before but about a few months ago I think they over-saturated the market a bit, and when I kept seeing different colors going on sale, they kind of lost their appeal to me.  I don't like it when I see something I paid full price for go on sale for much cheaper a short while later.  Because it makes me feel like an idiot!  So I stopped buying them.  I know it's very silly of me.  Well I also had enough stocked up anyways.  Very long explanation, but that's why I haven't bought another until today.  I just fell in love with the color haze on me!

This is a very nice blue.  It's in between an Easter egg blue and a bright blue.  It's just pretty and calming.  Since I already have the same shirt from before, I knew the fit in my size but I tried it on anyways.  And it did look exactly the same as my old one, except I found the sleeves a bit looser than my silver one.  That is a good thing - the sleeves on the silver are way too tight.  This one is just right, though I would still have to wear the wrist watch of my heart rate monitor on the outside of the shirt.  I don't mind that.  It's more convenient when I'm running since I won't have to take my hand out of the thumb hole and pull up the sleeve to see the watch.  The rest of the shirt seems to be exactly the same as my other one.

By the way, the new Lululemon photos are fine, but why is this model's hair covering the back of the shirt?  If I didn't have this shirt already I would be annoyed that I couldn't see the details of the back.  Just a thought.

Oh yeah, they have a new shopping bag for the holiday season.  It's got superhero pictures on it.  I'm not really sure why they chose the superhero theme, but I really like how it has a full zipper on top!  I use these bags to store my food in the communal fridge at my work.  I don't like it when it's open and people can see inside.  Not that I eat weird stuff, I just don't want people seeing.  It's kind of like a "mind your own business" kind of thing.  I've been using the "special" ones I got around the holiday season last year that have a button on top.  But the zipper is even better!  There's also a label on top that says "what's your superhero name" and "what's your superhero power".  Naturally that's the perfect place to put my name!  Hehe.  I think I need to make more purchases at Lululemon and stock up on these! 


  1. I have both the Very Violet and Wish Post Pullovers coming to me this week - I'll let you know if they're worth it (IMO). I also found that the new swiftlys (I bought the wish, but then returned it) feel different - not as soft. Someone on Facebook pointed out that the old ones were made in Sri Lanka and the new ones in Thailand - or something like that. It could be vice-versa, but they were made in different countries. Weird. Anyways, hopefully you like yours. I only own one LS myself, in gray. I branched out in the colors on the SS swiftlys, but not the LS yet.
    The shopping bag sounds cute. I think I have about 30-40 bags in my closet - sadly enough, so probably don't need any holiday ones.
    Have you tried on the pique luon yet? Just received some of those this week and am in love. So soft!
    And how was Portland?

  2. I have all three colors (black, very violet, wish blue) of post run pullovers coming to me this week. I have one of last year's fuzzy fleece pullovers in power purple and it is the softest, lightest, cuddliest thing ever. I probably won't end up keeping all three colors - just one or perhaps two if I really can't decide - but I have to say that I think the very violet will be my favorite. I also got the alpine pullover in haze at my store this week and ran in it yesterday when it was sunny and quite cold out. Great cold weather running top and the haze color of blue is so pretty. Happy with my purchases AND with the cuddle up jackets that are also on their way to me. I'll be plenty cozy this fall.

  3. Hmm -- I received my very violet pullover yesterday -- and am on the fence about it -- I just don't see much difference between this and any other fleece pullover -- there are no technical features (other than the thumbhole, if that's technical) -- i put it in the closet with the tags on to try on a few more times to decide--It is warm -- I just didn't have that Ohhh I love this moment that I usually get when I can't wait to get a lulu product in the mail. At least the return period is extended for Christmas -- so I have time to decide :)

  4. @Anonymous 9:45- I agree. I have the Wish Blue and I think it's going back. I compared it to a fleece I got at Target last year and to be quite honest I think the fleece from my target pullover is much nicer than the Lulu one. IMO, the Lulu fleece feels a bit cheap to me and it's really nothing special...especially for $88.

  5. I agree about the fleece pullover--I got mine in black this week and was just ho hum about it. Nothing special and definitely not worth $88.

    I also agree about the shirts feeling different--totally bummed because the old ones were so soft and smooth. Oh, well...saves me a bit of $$!

  6. Hmm... maybe I don't feel so bad about missing out on the pullover now. It just looks so cute on the stock pic!

    Maybe I'm retarded, but I can't feel a difference between the newest Swiftly and my older ones. I have like 5 of them in front me right now and I keep feeling from one to another. Lol. But this shirt never felt especially soft to me anyways. If I want soft, I'd go with my running luon tops. It's true though that this one says made in Sri Lanka and the older ones were made in Israel. All the patterns and venting areas look exactly the same to me too. Who knows, I'll see how it performs during an actual workout. I just love the color! I might have to go for a tank in Haze.

    I have not tried pique luon. What's so special about it? Softer? Warmer? Is it usually $10 more than the same items made of regular luon?

    Hehe last Christmas time I bought back like 50 bags to the store. That was before they had the option to opt out of bags when online shopping. It was insane! I don't like keeping the bags because it reminds me of how much I've splurged at one store. =) So once in a while I take the bags back to the store for them to recycle. I keep some smaller ones for food, or sometimes as a "gym bag". Like if I don't plan to shower at the gym and only need something to take my spin shoes and keys / cell phone, etc. then I take a small Lulu shopper. I gotta go get a couple more of these zipper bags! I can't even believe how excited I am about it.

  7. Pique - it's still luon, just stitched together differently. So much softer than regular luon, though. I'm not sure if it's more expensive - could be. It felt so nice I didn't really pay attention to the price. I'd at least try it on. :)

  8. Pique luon fits a bit looser than regular luon; it's not as compressive. It does feel nice and it's the same price, but I don't like how it feels less structured and even though some have said different, it's definitely no warmer than regular. I have the pique wunder under pant and like them, but do not love them.

  9. I love the zipper tote, too! I have two of the small ones now. I went to a lulu this past weekend (for the second time EVER!) and I got the swiftly LS is very voilet and a pair of the outward bound pants in gray (I'm from Arkansas and it gets very cold here in the winter, and this winter I have a lot of long early-morning marathon training runs on my schedule). I realllly wanted to try the Apline tights, the new cuddles ups, the bust stops here bra, and some ear warmers in another color besides black. I went to both lulu locations in Dalas and neither of them had any of this stuff. Chicago's lulu was a millions times better than Dallas.

    Also: I signed up to be on their research and development team and receive 15% off of my in-store purchases! It's just a shame that it can't apply to online purchases since the nearest store to me is 6 hours away.

    They let me sign up because I am an aerobics instructor. I don't really know if there are any other ways to get lulu discounts, but 15% off was better than nothing!

  10. I missed out on the post run pullover too. I was out all day without access to a computer. I sure didn't think I was missing an upload since it was Wednesday. I usually do most of my shopping in the store anyway. I think they will come to US stores. I'd be surprised if the US only got a few online. I have the Lolo Swiftly's both SS & LS and they feel the same as the new wish blue and very violet. I did also buy the teal zeal one and it felt softer and was made in israel. I've seen a lot of people wearing these in my gym. I just can't imagine wearing in door at the gym since it's long sleeves. I guess I'll have to try it out and see what I think. The other day the lady next to me was wearing a very violet LS at spin class. I can't even wear short sleeves in spin, I only wear tanks, because I get so hot. I hope the post run pullovers are uploaded again this week. I want very violet, black and coal.

  11. I cannot imagine spinning in a long sleeve top either, but some women at my gym do that as well. I have done it in the short sleeve swiftly tee, and it's not bad. But that's as far as I'll go. I can't even imagine wearing the long sleeve to lift in indoors. I would only wear this top while running outside.

    I do agree that different colors can have different feels. I don't have a teal zeal swiftly but I have a lagoon one (they look the same to me lol). But if there's a difference in softness, it is very imperceptible.

    Lisa, you are right, 15% off is definitely better than nothing! I should get my license too just for the discount. Hehe. And I can't believe you are so far from a Lulu store!!! I don't know what I'd do. I used to be super close to at least 3 stores. Now I'm farther (but not that far from any), and I do have a showroom within walking distance from where I live, but it only opens like 3 days a week and does not open on Sundays! Drives me nuts. I barely go there because they always get stuff late. They just got the Flow and Go tanks last week! But maybe that's a good thing if I ever miss out on anything, I can always hope it will come to the showroom!

  12. There was a program last year called RRD? It wasn't R&D... it was run, something, something... haha. I showed them I was registered for a 5K or greater race, and was eligible for a 15% discount on anything in the run line. It was in-store only. And sadly, it ended sometime around late last fall. I keep asking from time to time when I'm in my store but it doesn't sound like they're bringing it back. :(

  13. Aww I didn't know about that last year! I bought so much stuff during that time too... especially from the run line! Sometimes Lululemon's sales aren't even 15% off.... there are stuff for like $3 or $5 off on their site all the time. That doesn't even cover taxes. Lol.


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