Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blast from the Past & A Wish for Lululemon

After being underwhelmed with my latest Run: Inspire pullover from Lululemon, and at the request of a very cool fellow blogger, I've decided to post about possibly the prettiest running top I've ever seen - the Run: Spirit Pullover that came out in winter last year. 

It's a mid-layer running pullover made from tech fleece.  It's very soft and warm on (a little too warm for the climate here!), but it's got these pretty reflective whimsical details all over the back and the sleeves that give the top a very feminine look.  It's the quintessential combination of style and function.

I also think the strategically placed black panels on the back flatters the rear!  When the front zipper is completely zipped up, it covers most of my neck.  I can see how this would be a very nice feature to have in colder weather, but I've never zipped it up when I've taken it out running before.  It feels a little tight to me when I zip it up and kind of pulls on my neck a little.  So I think that if you have it zipped up, you probably also should put the hood on to give the neck a little more breathing room.  

The hood on this pullover is a pretty snug fit.  Though I've never worn the hood while running, I believe that the snugness would definitely prevent it from falling off mid-run.  There is a pony tail hole on the hood - very good idea for someone like me with long hair!  I remember this was a huge selling feature when I bought it at the store, but I think I look like I'm going scuba diving when I have the hood on.

The only minor complaint I have about this top is the seam that separates the shoulder piece and the sleeves.  It kind of feels and looks like it's sliding off the shoulders, and I think I have broad shoulders.  But the cut makes them look even broader.  I would be happier if the shoulder and sleeves were one connecting piece of fabric, at least on top.  But the rest of the pretty details trumps this issue by far!

Too bad the only times I can wear this here in LA is during the coldest of the winter nights, when it's like 45 degrees out (gasp!).  But last winter I wore it all the time to and from the gym, or even running errands.  I remember getting tons of compliments everywhere I went and people wanted to know where it was from.   But I only wore it out running maybe 2 or 3 times and got too hot.  =(

BUT, I am still very glad I bought it.  I was pretty hesitant at first because it was like $120 or something, which is quite pricey.  It didn't stop me from wanting to get the power purple one as well though.  But I couldn't find it in my size anywhere which in hind sight is probably for the best since I can't get that much use out of it.

I'm wearing the matching Run: Passion crop here which just happen to be one of my favorite crops from Lululemon as well.  I think they are meant to match the Spirit pullover, but not sure.  

Now my wish for an ultimate running top would be something like the Run: Brisk with the pretty features of the Spirit.  

I'm trying to show the bright yellow (faded zap?) ring around the thumb hole, but it didn't turn out so well on the pic

The Brisk is a tighter fit than the Spirit.  It is made of running luon, with some mesh panels on the sides for breath-ability.  It doesn't have the crazy seams and lines like the current Inspire pullover.  It's simple and functional.  I love the collar, and the pretty ruching detail on the back which is the only decorative detail of the top.  It's overall a very clean look.  I would be so happy if Lululemon could just stick some of those pretty reflective stickers from the Spirit pullover to the Brisk, and add a zipper pocket on the back, and maybe the black panels on the back bottom (don't care so much for a hood), then I would buy every single one!


  1. Yay!! Thank you for the great pictures. I'm so stoked that I found the Spirit pullover online and I can't wait to get it. It's funny but someone had mentioned to me yesterday the one complain about the spirit was the 'falling off the shoulders' issue.

    There is a run brisk on ebay today in this gorgeous blue but sadly it's a size 4, otherwise I would have snatched that one up too.

  2. You're welcome! It was like 85 degrees here today and I was taking pictures wearing the Spirit pullover on my balcony and felt so silly! Hahaha... Lucky you to have gotten this on ebay! The shoulder issue is not a big issue, I just wanted to point it out is all.

    Ohhh size 4 is my size! But I think it's probably the one I already have. I'm hoping for the pink one to show up! I just love it. Maybe something similar will come out later this year. Hehe I love running pullover season!

  3. You girls have me spirit-pullover crazy! I really hope they bring it back! I've also never considered buying the run:brisk...because I haven't seen it until recently (I was seriously out of the fashion loop with having two babies in two years), but now I want that TOO! I feel so greedy! Thanks for all of your thorough can be sure I'll be following your blog (both of!
    Perhaps Lulu should consider giving you a cut of their!

  4. Great pictures of the Spirit pullover... that shoulder seam is exactly why I returned my size 6. I'm exactly a 6 by lulu size charts, but that seam stuck out beyond my narrow shoulders (kinda like how if you hang a top on a wide hanger and it has those little nubs on the upper arm where the hanger stuck into it). I tried to convince myself it worked, but it was just too roomy to justify the $118 price tag and my shoulders weren't growing any time soon. They disappeared quickly from the website, my store never got them, and sadly a 4 never resurfaced! It was so comfortable though and I thought the ribbing at the back waist was slimming/flattering. The hood fit nice and snugly around the face while not interfering with your vision...sigh...

    Brisk LS is great too! I like the collar up on colder days (yet still open neck to keep you cool once you've been running for a while) - but you can also fold down the neck if you need to. My faded zap is brighter than I expected, but I think it's good for visibility as we get into the fall and have less daylight for running.

  5. Superifical Endeavors - Do you have an Energy Pullover? If you like the Run Brisk, I think you'd like the Energy, too. It also is a very clean look and has a zipper so you can control cooling.

  6. @Jana: feel free to make that suggestion to Lulu any time! Teehee

    @RunningOnCoffee: aww that's too bad, but we can hope for a updated version to return this year! I love the Brisk for the same reasons too. I've seen the faded zap in person, it is very bright! LOL! But if you can rock it it's all good!

    @LUV2SPIN: I do have the Energy pullover. I really like it too, but must say I still love my Brisk more though. It's the piece I always tend to grab. I think it's because the neckline doesn't scream athletic wear? I don't know, maybe I just love the color! I got the Energy in white with gray stripy pattern on the shoulders. I like it but white is high maintenance so I also tend to stay away from that. So silly of me.

  7. MSE - There's a size 4 pink run brisk on ebay - at least I think it's the run brisk from the pictures (apparently the seller doesn't know the name either, cause they're title is just lululemon top). Just thought I'd let you know! :)
    (item # 250696675837 if you want to look it up). :)

  8. Thanks Angela! It does look like the Brisk! But I'm not sure if it is since the logo looks to be a little high up? Thanks for the tip though!

  9. The run spirit is my fav piece of lululemon clothing EVER! She flattering and comfy! Great post, makes me want one in the blue. (I have black and pink!)

  10. Hehe thanks! I think the black one is very nice too. All the colors are nice! Is the black one a different material though? It looks almost velvety in the website pic, but maybe that's just how it turned out on the picture. I never saw it in person.


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