Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Funday!

I'm not sure if you guys have heard, but there was a horrible mass murder on Friday night at my alma mater - UC Santa Barbara!  I was just visiting there two weeks ago!  It is so sad!  The 22 year old psychopath kid was so frustrated that he was still a virgin and received no attention from girls that he decided to kill as many people as he could to "punish" them for being happy.  He ended up stabbing 3 of his roommates to death, and killed 3 other people at a different location (also wounding like 13 others).  It ended with himself putting a bullet in his head in his BMW.  It's all over the news here, since he's from LA (I think his dad is one of the producers for the Hunger Games?) and two of the victims are from the LA area too.  He made a video about it before he did it, and you can just tell from his demeanor within the first 2 seconds that something was seriously wrong with him!  I guess there was also a 140 page long email he sent out beforehand as well which his parents read and called 911 immediately before driving to Santa Barbara.  But the killing happened before they got there.  So crazy!!  And sad!  The poor families of the victims.  His parents too!  Can you imagine getting an email like that from your kid?  =(

It's hard to transition from such terrible news.  But getting back on topic... I had dinner last night at Zengo in Santa Monica, which is a beautiful restaurant right on 3rd Street Promenade.  On top of the Nike store actually.  It is Latin/Asian fusion and I got such a good idea from there!  One of the things I ordered was tacos with daikon radish slices as shell instead of tortillas!  Omg.  What a great idea!  It tasted soooo good too!  I am going to hit up the store and buy some radish so I can remake this dish like every night from now on!  The dish at Zengo is actually duck breast.  I'm not that fancy, so I'll make it with chicken!

After my mini break last week, I got back into my weight lifting regimen this week!  Day 1 was brutal.  It was lower body day so I did my usual squats, lunges, etc. with the same amount of weights I used as before the break.  But I was sore for like the whole week afterwards!  I actually started feeling it in my legs/butt the 3rd set of my first exercise, so I knew it was going to be bad.  Wow, I can't believe a week off makes such a big difference!  I literally could not walk the next 2 days.  I tried my best to not limp at work but got weird looks.  :/

Monday 5/19 - I took the day off since I had done yoga and spin last Saturday and Sunday.  But here's my work outfit!  It was business dress day (we have those every couple weeks or so when important clients come to visit) and it's been so hot here!  So I was thankful for my Esley sheer sleeve blazer.  I wore it over this new DVF Issie Two top I got from a girl on facebook last week.  And Ann Taylor Wild Jacquard pencil skirt, with Coach Nala patent pumps.

This shirt has a bit of a strange fit because it's rather short and kind of boxy, but the color is really pretty and it works under a jacket so whatev.  

Tuesday 5/20
What I did:  I killed my legs!  Haha!  I did lower body weights and then 30 minutes of cardio on the gauntlet.

What I wore:  The new Lorna Jane Feline tank which I absolutely loved!  I had the Lorna Jane Lola bra in sparkle gray underneath it.  Lululemon Live Natural ombre crops, and printed Nike Free 3.0s.

Wednesday 5/21
What I did:  Shoulder/tri workout followed by spin class!  I wanted to take the spin class to loosen my leg muscles lol.  But I think it made it worse.

What I wore:  Lorna Jane Dantelle tank that I just got and loooved it too!  I thought maybe it was too much to wear it with the Lululemon Run For Fun crop in paisley embossed, since the tank has subtle jacquard mesh print too.  Buuuut then I decided to do it anyways!  Nike Free 3.0s in gray/crimson.

Thursday 5/22
What I did:  It was supposed to be my glute/back/bi day, but my legs and butt were hurting bad.  So I made it a back/bi day only.  Followed by 30 minutes of gauntlet!

What I wore:  Beyond Yoga Elastic Sweep Tank (I forgot about this tank since it fell behind my drawer lol!) with Lorna Jane Clover bra under it, Ivivva Rhythmic Space Dye crop in zing pink light/power purple/jet set blue, printed Nike Free 3.0s again.  I wear these shoes so much now!  So glad I kept them despite the initial discomfort.

I wore the black Splits59 Pose Fx racerback pullover as to and from:

Friday 5/23
What I did:  Legs!  They were recovered enough by then so I did the regular workout plus some of the glute workouts that I skipped the day before!

I love that this tank is a different color and material on the back (ribbed):

Splits59 Cameron jacket as to and from:

Saturday 5/24
What I did:  Upper body supersets!

What I wore:  One of the new Splits59 tanks I got - the Tone Racerback in mint, with Lorna Jane Dual Support bra under it.  Splits59 Nova Capri tight in gray/granita, and printed Nike Free 3.0s again!

Lululemon Beach Runner jacket as to and from:


I went to return/exchange some stuff in Santa Monica on Saturday after my workout (and ended up having dinner at Zengo as seen above!) and it was actually getting a little cold so I couldn't wait to bust out my new Lorna Jane Feline biker jacket!  Hehe.  It ended up being a little too warm to wear it though!  I wore it with the new Splits59 Ashby tank in blossom under it, and the red one over that!  Blank NYC skinny jeans in metallic pink, Balanciaga City bag, and these new cage sandals that are actually pretty cute and comfy - Madden Girl Coasterr sandals.  It's pretty funny - one of my coworkers who wears the same size ordered two pairs of them so instead of returning the other pair, I got them from her!  They are only $35 on amazon!

Sunday 5/25
What I did:  I took a pilates class today and then I went running for about 3 miles at the Hollywood Lake Reservoir!  The reservoir is very beautiful - it was closed for like 8 years and reopened last year.  So it was the first time I had been there!

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in wee are from space white barely pink, with white Lululemon free to be bra under.  For pilates, I wore the Wunder Under crops in silverspoon pique.  I wore the same shoes again lol.

It's hard to see the pattern in the crops - I love them!  

For running, I wore the Mod Moves crop but I really should have worn shorts or skirt because it was SO hot!  I wanted to wear the crops for the big side pockets though, so I could put my phone in it while running!

I took my phone with me on the run so I could take pictures along the way!  Hehe.  It was quite a nice day, and I ran a loop around the lake.  You can't get close to the lake though, because it is a reservoir that provides drinking water.  The dam there is actually quite nice, it's very small in this picture taken from the other side:

And here's the dam!  Too bad I couldn't get a good close up picture of it.  

The other side is view of the city - you can see the heart of Hollywood pretty closely:

It's very close to the famous Hollywood sign too!

After my run, I went to the Blu Jam cafe in Sherman Oaks for brunch.  I love this restaurant, it is like the best brunch place!  I discovered a new dish that made me really happy - this is a breakfast risotto dish with 2 poached eggs on top of risotto, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, etc.!  Omg, it was like heaven in your mouth.  Pretty sure that is worth more calories than what I burned from pilates and running combined.  Oh well!  I workout a lot so I can eat stuff like this sometimes lol!  If you live in the area, I highly recommend this place.  The line is always long so go either really early or late.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day here, so I don't have to work!  That makes today an extra FUNday!  Although all I've done since I've been home is like 4 loads of laundry while watching movies lol.  It is nice and relaxing though!  I hope you are all having a great weekend and have fun BBQing tomorrow!  I will be hitting the gym and running errands so no BBQing for me!  =)

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