Friday, March 15, 2013

Finally Some Cute Lululemon Stuff Again!

Oh my gosh it's been so long since I bought stuff from Lululemon!  I do look at the emails every week still, but just rarely see stuff that I like now.  So sad.  I used to buy so much!  But anyway, this week I bought 4 items, but I think I'm only keeping 3.  That is still pretty decent though!

So my favorite thing that I bought this week is the Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve in Fresh Teal/Very Green.  I love the baseball style, and the two colors are so fresh together for spring!  Although I must say, this model doesn't do it justice.  She's cute but very very thin and fragile, and the shirt looks too big on her.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I like it better on me... LOL!  But seriously, I think this shirt is supposed to be worn more fitted.  I bought it in size 4, same as my other ones.  I can't wait to rip the tags off of this one and wear it to the gym!  Sorry for the obviously unmatching style here, but I was too lazy to change bottoms.  =P

So that swiftly was the reason I decided to make a purchase.  Then I decided that I might as well get another one too!  I have been loving yellow lately, so I got another Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve in mellow lemon.  I actually was deciding between this one and the one in clarity yellow.  I eventually went with this one because it looks brighter, and I figured that the swiftly material tones the color down anyways and I don't want it too desaturated.

I like that in person it is a bright sunny lemon yellow!  Perfect for Easter lol.

And then I got this petit dot dune cool racerback.  The dots actually look more obvious in person than on my computer screen.  I like it!  I don't have any other tops with dots on so I'm definitely keeping this one.  The material of this one feels more polyester-y though, and it's not reversible like the others.  It also fits on the tight side, I got it in the same size as usual - 4.

On me:

And lastly, the top that I'm going to return is the Practice Freely tank in fresh teal/petit dot fresh teal.  First of all, I didn't realize that the bra had dots on it.  I thought it was all solid.  My bad.  For some reason I don't like the dots on this tank.  Also, I got it in the same size as my other Practice Freely tanks, which is one size up from my usual 4.  But this one seems big in the front and the part that overlaps the bra has a weird fold that hangs down weird.  Like it's been stretched.  So I'm just not crazy about it, and I'm going to save my money for better things to come along!

On me:  meh...

Well, I'm happy to have 3 new items that I like!  Hopefully more cute stuff will come out later so I can add more to my ginormous Lululemon collection!

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