Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lululemon Run For Fun Crop in Paisley Embossed Black - Pretty!

I went to Lululemon over the weekend to try on a size 6 of the angel wing slalom stripe cool racerback.  It actually wasn't bad at all, and felt pretty similar to my size 4s in other colors.  But I guess I was over it.  So I decided to just return it and buy the last pair they had of the Run For Fun crop in paisley embossed black instead!  Because they are super pretty.  I have so many black bottoms, ideally I would have liked this print in a different shade.  But black was all they had, and none of my luxtreme bottoms have prints.  So whatev!  I workout a lot.  :)

I think the web photos actually represent how these look in real life pretty well.  The embossed print is subtle, but noticeable enough.  It actually adds some shine to the fabric.  I think it's very well done.

I love the details of these crops too.  The waistband is wide and comfy, and the rise is actually pretty high.  The back of the waistband has this cute gather detail:

There are side pockets too, but they don't go as deep as the Mod Moves crops.  My iphone can fit vertically but sticks out a little bit on top.  

I got these in my normal size, 4.  The reviews online say that they are quite sheer.  I don't think they are really THAT sheer.  I mean... definitely not as thick as they can be.  But it doesn't bother me, and to be honest, even my luxtreme crops from 2008-2009 (way before their sheerness issue started) stretch out and becomes a lighter color because of the skin color underneath (I always wear thongs), if you are in a deep bend.  So I don't find these to be all that different.  I also think the paisley pattern help camouflage anything underneath.  Maybe these crops are worse in solid black.  I didn't try them on though.  

However, just to be fair, I should state that I am now kind of in between size 2 and 4 in Lululemon bottoms, whereas I was a solid size 4 before.  Maybe that also contributes to why I don't think they are that sheer on me.

Anyways!  Here are some pictures of them on me and some more detailed shots of the pants!  I love them!  Ripped the tag off right away.  :)

The lower portion of the back leg is all mesh

Gathered detail around the knee, and cute cuffs!

I'm glad I got these instead of the cool racerback that I would maybe wear seldomly.  I already wore these crops on Monday!  They were great!  So I'll definitely get more use out of these.


  1. The crops are cute.

    Reports of sheerness are hard to evaluate. I have found some crops sheer and somes crops I have found to be opaque other people complain about.

    1. Yeah, I think it depends on the person's body type. Some people just have a large badonkadonk lol.


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