Friday, July 19, 2013

Beyond Yoga Sample Sale Haul!

I went to the annual Beyond Yoga sample sale today in Culver City.  I thought it would be like the Alo sample sale I went to, which was held in a HUGE warehouse and everything was pretty much $5 or less.  But this one was literally in their office space.  It looked like they emptied out a few rooms and put out tons of racks and bins filled with clothes.  There was also a couple empty rooms used as fitting rooms, but you literally stripe down and share it with whoever else happened to be in there too which was an interesting experience lol.  The prices were cheap compared to their retail price, but not $5 cheap. Their leggings/pants were $20, tanks/tops and shorts were $15, bras were $10, dresses and rompers were $30-35, and I forgot how much jackets were but I want to say $30 as well.  The cheapest things by far were the skirts, which were $5 each but they didn't have many selections in skirts.  I think they tried to organize everything constantly but people kept throwing different sizes into the wrong size bins or racks, and it was a little chaotic at times.  I was confused by their organization for a while in the beginning too.  But overall, the selection was ok.

Their sample sale is only two days - today and tomorrow from 9 am to 4 pm.  I showed up at around noon today, and there were already quite a few people there.  I totally should have gone right when they opened!  Because I think by the time I got there, a lot of goodies were gone already.  I spent maybe an hour or so there, and by the time I left, they had a lot fewer selections.  I don't know what they are going to do tomorrow, because they don't have anything else to put out.  They said they will probably close early.  So if you live in the area and did not go today, I would say it's probably not really worth going tomorrow as selections will be little.

I still walked away with about $200 worth of stuff though!  That includes 2 tops, 5 pairs of leggings, 2 skirts, 1 pair of shorts, and a maxi dress!  Not too shabby at all.  I love their supplex material, which is soooo soft and nice.  I would say it feels like Lululemon's sheer luon, or maybe running luon.  But from back in the day when they used to be super soft, not the thin version that they sell now.

Their sizing is all over the place though.  I got sizes ranging from XXS - M.

So my absolute favorite piece that I got today has to be this Elastic Sweep tank in white stripe.  It's currently on their site selling for $64.  It is sooooo worth the $15 that it cost me.  The material is interesting in this top.  It feels silky and very light.  I guess the best I can do is compare it to Lululemon's silverescent, but it is softer and silkier.  I instantly fell in love with it.  It was the only top I saw there in this material.  Everything else is their supplex.

So this top has an elastic band on the bottom that cinches it in.  I love the light and flowy style of this top.  It has a built-in bra, but it's very thin and definitely shows your nipples lol.  I put some cups in when I took the following pictures, but there is no pocket for cup inserts.  Just have to wear a sports bra under. I don't care, I love this top.  This is a size small.

Here's a close up of the material, which is white with thin grayish-colored stripe in it.

As you can see, I am wearing a black skirt here.  This is one of the 2 skirts I bought.  Or maybe I should say "skorts".  They both have built in shorts with diamond gusset.  I was asking them why they were charging $5 for a skirt with built in shorts, while charging $15 for just shorts alone.  Seems counter-intuitive lol.  But the girl I asked obviously did not make those decisions, and I wasn't complaining about the $5 price tag.  I think this skirt is sooooo cute.  It's tiny/super short, and it's made of the super soft supplex.  But it is so comfy and it will be great for tennis.  This is size XS, which was the only size they had.

I like skirts that don't bell out.  Most Lululemon skirts don't do it for me because of this reason.  There are so many ruffles and stuff, and they always look too big on me from the front, even in size 2.  I prefer the simple look of this skirt.

I got it in white too, which was the only other color they had:

The pair of shorts I got, which I believe are the Short Short, currently on sale on their website for $32, down from $58.  They are basically exactly the same as the built-in shorts of the skorts with the same diamond shaped gusset, but they cost me 3x more!

The same shorts (I think) on me.  These are size XXS, but they are still pretty loose.  I think sizing is definitely off in these.  They feel like a S.

The only other top I got is also currently for sale online, at least I believe it's the same one.  It is the Racerback Drawstring tank in heather gray.

So I think it might be the same tank, and they hid the drawstrings on the pictures above.  Or it could be a slightly different tank.  This tank is a size M.  The supplex used in this tank is thinner, and it reminds me of Lululemon's sheer luon a lot.  

The maxi dress that I got was definitely the most expensive thing.  I almost didn't get it.  But then I figured that $30 is still a pretty good price for it so I tried it on.  It's actually pretty cute on!  And I like the violet color.  It's pretty long though.  I have to wear like 4 inch heels with it.  The back of the dress looks kind of like Lululemon's Free To Be bra/tank.

Ok, now the leggings!  I actually got 2 pairs of full length leggings!  I don't own any full length leggings, in fact, I never even tried any on before.  I guess I just figure that they are too long to workout in.  But I tried on their Essential Gather Long legging in heather gray and red, and I fell in love with both!  Both colors are sold out online, but there are other colors available now for $88.  They are actually very slimming, and I think they elongate the legs more than the crop length!  But could I wear them to do weights/cardio or just yoga/pilates/barre type of workouts?  I feel like they would look weird with sneakers on.

The heather gray pair is size XS, and the red ones are size XXS.  But the heather gray pair actually feels more compressive than the red pair.  So strange!  The rise of the heather gray pair is slightly higher too, but you probably can't really tell from the photos.  I only feel a slight difference when I put them on.  I also noticed that the red pair has a diamond gusset, while the heather gray pair has a triangle gusset.

I love this red... it's true red without any orange or coral undertone, which I love.  I almost didn't try them on because they only had size XXS and I thought they'd be too tight.  Glad I took them with me anyways!

I also got another pair of Essential Gathered Legging.  The only Beyond Yoga item I owned before today was a very recent purchase, which is this exact style legging in dusk.  I love them!  So when I saw this moss green pair today, I picked them up too.  These are also size XXS, with diamond gusset (my dusk pair is XS with triangle gusset).  They fit pretty much exactly the same.  The color is called mojave, and I actually wanted these when I got the dusk ones online.  But they were sold out of my size.  I guess it's meant to be!

I also got a pair of what I think are the Essential Knee Length Legging in true navy.  They look exactly like the pair still for sale online for $66.  These ones did not have any tags, so I don't know the size, style nor color code.  So I'm just going by the picture.  They have a triangle gusset, which seems to be on newer items, so I think these are most likely them because they are still available for purchase online.

They fit looser in the waist than all the other pairs I got, so I'm inclined to believe they may be a size S.  They actually look like a grayish navy in person.  I really like the color.

Lastly, I got these white fold-down waist leggings.  I don't know the name of them either.  All the Beyond Yoga tags only have style numbers, not names.  I don't see this style online, so it's probably older and sold out.  They have a diamond gusset.  The fold down waist is very wide.  They feel thinner than the other supplex bottoms, and being white I feared that they would be very see-through.  However, I was surprised to find that they are not at all!  The fold down waistband also covers half of the butt anyways so that's double layer material right there.  These will probably work best as casual wear rather than workout wear.  They are size XS.

Actually I would wear all Beyond Yoga leggings for lower impact activities.  They are so comfortable that they can totally just be pajamas/ lounge wear too.  Due to the thickness, I think they'd be too hot for any high impact cardio type of workouts.  They are definitely ok for weights.  This is the reason I didn't get most of their tanks as well.  I feel supplex is just too hot as tank material to sweat in, no matter how comfortable it is.  

Anyways, the sample sale also had tons of what they called "lifestyle tops", which are basically non-performance material tanks and short/long sleeve tops.  They were sold at mostly $15 too which is the same as their performance material.  I have enough casual wear clothes (well... enough workout clothes too but somehow I keep buying more...), so I wasn't really tempted by those.  They also had some sweaters and jackets that I wasn't too crazy about style wise.

The men's section had 1 single bin lol.  It only contained 3 or so different colored t-shirts for $10.  Kind of sad. So this was almost a female-exclusive event.

Anyways, I think I got some pretty good scores for the price!  I thought I got a lot of stuff, but I saw other girls that literally bought racks of clothing.  So crazy!  They made me feel better about myself... hahaha.  I guess since this is an annual event, it's not bad to splurge a little.  


  1. Love your blog! Thank you for all the reviews. Everything looks fantastic on you.

  2. The leggings look great! I wish I lived near enough to go to the sale! :)

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  4. damn, you feet and toes look so sexy..

  5. hi where you bought d skorts from I oso prefer dis type of fitting skorts not flare flare like most lululemon skorts. Can let me kn whr u purchase it? thank u

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