Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lululemon Live Natural Crop

Hmmm so it's been a while since I've hunted down an item at LA area Lululemon stores.  Usually if I miss out on something I might have wanted, I just shrug and move on.  But I was sad to have missed out on the Live Natural crop in heathered medium gray/soot ombre when it was uploaded online 2 weeks ago!  I guess I totally forgot about the upload that night lol, they sold out super fast and by the time I woke up the next morning they were completely gone already.  So when I got an email from a local store yesterday that they had gotten them in store finally, I was super excited.

However!  I guess I under estimated the popularity of these babies.  Right when they opened at 10 am today, I called the store I got the email from (Beverly Hills) and they said they were completely sold out already!  I guess they got them in yesterday and they were instantly sold out.  Huh?  That many people want $82 cotton crops??  So I called like 10 different stores afterwards ranging from Calabasas to El Segundo and every single one was sold out of my size immediately after getting them in yesterday.  Woah!  3 stores said they didn't get them at all (Glendale, Pasadena and Studio City).

Sometimes some things are meant to be, because while nobody answered my repeated phone calls to the Santa Monica store, they did answer my TalkTo message a couple hours later, when I had already given up hope and thought I'd have to resort to ebay:

!!!!!!!  Ok, so I took a "lunch break" from work and drove my ass all the way to Santa Monica from downtown.  It actually only takes about 15 minutes without traffic, but it took me just as long to park.  I hate parking there!  But anyway, that is how yours truly became the new proud owner of the Live Natural crops.  They were literally the last pair in the LA area in size 4.  Even when I was in the store, they kept getting phone calls from people asking about these!  So I guess it really was meant to be.  The girl that sold them to me kept saying how all the girls in the store wanted them, and she seemed sad to have to sell them to me.  Hey, maybe SaMo is one of the only stores where there's a policy of customers before employees??  Crazy, I always just figure all the Lulu stuff sold out quickly because of employee purchases.

I didn't even try them on in the store, and only really looked at them when I got home tonight.  I must say, these are pretty nice!  Even though they are made of cotton, they are not thin at all.  In fact, they are quite thick and soft (feels a little fuzzy/fleece like).  Completely pass the bend over test.  I would say that they offer more compression than regular luon bottoms.  I think they look awesome!  They've got an "earthy" look, in that the color is a bit muted and a little worn looking (I love this look though).  Reminds me of Beyond Yoga leggings.  This is my true to size (4):

Wide waistband:

Ruching on back waist:

The only thing I wish they did differently on these is this seam - I wish they had made the thread ombre too to match the fading of the pants, instead of using dark thread all the way down.

Black logo:

I'm pretty happy with these!  They look different but the gray tones are still very easy to pair tops with.  I don't think there's really any color they don't go with.  At first I thought they'd be a low impact only type of bottom, but I think I can totally do my weight workouts in them.  I'm interested in seeing how they perform, the wicking and drying ability, etc.  I'll have to report back after I try them out, which will probably be tomorrow, because the tags are coming off asap!  =P

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  1. I have these as well...LOVE them! I managed to snag a pair upload night and they totally rock. So glad I didn't miss out on these babies.

    1. Ohhh you are smart and didn't have to track them down like me! I thought I was a mad woman! Hehe.

      Have you worked out in them?

    2. They feel a little too thick to run in. Will likely use them as an everyday legging instead of workout wear. They look great on you!

  2. Haha...I totally tracked these down in DC....they only had two size 6s left. Another reader was needing a size 6, so it was meant to be! I love these so much!

    I am worried that they might be a little warm! :/

    1. I worked out in them yesterday and didn't find them to be too warm. But I only did upper body weights, followed by walking on treadmill. Maybe a bit warm for higher impact stuff...

  3. Do you know if these came in size 2?


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