Monday, May 26, 2014

Lululemon Water Bound Singlet - OMG LOVE!

I went shopping on Saturday and wandered into Lululemon since I got a $25 credit from the Chaikin vs. Lululemon class action lawsuit that could only be used in stores.  You can read about the details of the lawsuit on the link, but basically they violated privacy by asking for zip codes with each credit card purchase in some Southern California stores.  They represented it as credit card security measure but instead used the info later for marketing purposes.  I don't remember if I was ever asked, but I did shop in one of the showrooms.  So I got my $25 which I happily traded in for 2 Water Bound Singlets!  I got it in both aquamarine and black - I can't remember the last time I bought 2 colors of the same tank at the same time!

By the way, this is my favorite Lululemon model!  She makes everything look good!

I don't know why I didn't even look at this tank when it was uploaded last week.  But I tried it on and it was amazing!  It's made of their swim material, which is actually a nylon (73%) and spandex (27%) blend.  It feels like the type of material that would dry super fast.  It's very lightweight and very stretchy.  It's also supposed to have UPF of 50+ so that would be great for outdoor running.  I love the fit, feel, and pretty laser cut details on this tank.  I got my true to size 4.

It's got an uneven hem with the back being slightly longer.  This is actually what I don't like about their 105 F Singlet.  I tried it on once and thought it looked ok from the front but horrible from the side.  But for some reason I don't mind that in this tank!  I think it's because the difference is more subtle.

The hem is unfinished:

Oh yeah, I'm wearing my new free Lorna Jane Arena sports bra!  They are giving this bra out for free if you spend over $250 in store or online.  I spent way over that last weekend, but I realized after I got home that I didn't get the bra.  So I actually went to a different store location this weekend to exchange for a size up in the Sommersault bra, and asked if I could get the free bra from them anyway.  They said no problem!  So I got it.  =)  I'm wearing it now since it's so bright and I thought it would make the details of the tank pop!

Here's the tank in black - it's hard to see the details on the black one, but it's very pretty in person.  I love that these tanks show the color of the bra through the laser cut details!  There are so many color combo possibilities!

I don't really like the other two colors that this tank comes in, but I would love a white one!  It would be so pretty!  I actually wouldn't mind it in many many other colors lol.  It's $58 a pop though - if they make too many, it will likely bankrupt me!

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  1. I was on the fence about this tank -- you totally sold me on it!

  2. Thanks for posting about the lawsuit. How do you claim the $25? Can you just go to a store and ask for it?

    1. I actually got an email a while ago saying that unless I decline, I would be included in the class action lawsuit. I actually didn't even know if it was spam or what, so I didn't do anything and forgot about it. Then I got another email saying the $25 credit was waiting for me on a link which I had to click on and type in my email. It had a barcode and everything. So I think you had to be included in the list initially in order to get it.

  3. I was completely surprised by this tank too! Tried it on and loved it! I have it in black. Looks great on you!


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