Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lorna Jane Haul!

I mentioned in the last post about attending the Lorna Jane/Physique 57 event with Lorna Jane Clarkson, during which I received an inspirational tank (among other things... I actually got a simple white headband too which I wore to spin class on Sunday and really really liked it) and a 40% off Lorna Jane coupon!  Of course I couldn't wait to use that coupon!  There had been a few things I've been loving online so it was the perfect timing.  I stopped by the store on Saturday, and picked up a bunch of things!  I actually had to somewhat restrain myself so I wouldn't go broke!

First, this is the inspirational tank I got - they had a bunch to choose from and I took this one.  I really like it!

Ok so that was the freebie.  But on Saturday, I got 2 bras, 3 tanks, a long sleeve knit top, and a jacket!

Let's start with the bras - first and foremost, I saw this Somersault bra in sparkle black online and totally fell in love with it!  I love that Lorna Jane makes these sparkly bras... they are so fun!

The back is super cute too!  

This bra sold out online super quick I think.  But you can still find it in store.  I had to buy a XS though, because they were sold out of S.  The XS fits ok, but I think I would prefer the S.  I might have to search other stores around me to see if I could exchange it.

I think the XS is just a little tight...

The next bra I got is super cute and different too!  It is the Beyonce bra in pale fairy floss/black.  I love the lacey print!  It's also got a wide band so it's almost like an uber short tank.  I still wouldn't feel comfortable wearing it alone though.

So the straps can be clipped together in the back, or worn spaghetti style:

I got this bra in size S, it fits true to size and gives me more breathing room:

Now onto the tanks!  First, this is my favorite tank - the Feline tank in viola!

I love everything about this tank!  It's actually exactly the same style as the Inspire Tank which was one of the first Lorna Jane tanks I ever bought and still love.  I got it in the same size too - S.  But the material is different - it's a mesh material with animal print pattern on it!  I think the color viola is beautiful too.  I just love everything about this tank!

The next tank I got is the Wild At Heart tank, which is made of viscose jersey.  It's really soft and has nice drape!  It's not something I normally buy, because I tend to stay away from tops with words.  I actually do wish this one didn't have any words on it.  But I love the fit and I love the back of it, and I can live with this phrase.  

I got this tank in size S too.  It's rather long and covers my butt.  I think size XS probably would work too, but I like the way the S fits.  I don't know if I'll wear it working out, though it would show off the back of all the cute sports bras!  It also would be a nice summer tank to wear over a bathing suit or something.  I love it over the Somersault bra.

The third tank I got is the Dantelle Excel Tank in ocean.  Lorna Jane Clarkson was actually wearing this tank when I saw her last Thursday!  I don't have anything in this shade of blue.  I think it's nice and understated.  It reminds me of my Lululemon jacquard mesh cool racerback which I always wished they had brought back in more colors.  The material of this tank is actually called Parisian jacquard mesh.

I also got this in size S.  I love this material - it feels nice and cool.  Would be great for sweaty workouts!  The fit of this tank is perfect too - not too tight but still fitted!


The upper back of this tank is made of a different type of mesh and is more see-through:

 Here's a closer up of it:

Ok, and then I got the Willow LS Mesh Knit Top in funky pink/fluro orange... it is super bright and makes me happy!  I think this is a slightly older style that has been out for a while.  I remember seeing it a couple months ago, but never tried it on.  I think it's one of those tops that looks cuter on than on the hanger!

This top I also got in size S.  It fits loosely, which is what I want.  I love the casual look of this top, and I can just imagine being on vacation on some beautiful island wearing this and white linen pants!  I need to go on vacation so badly, can you tell?  =P

Lastly, I got the Feline Biker Jacket from the Uniquely Lorna Jane line!  It's actually quite a thick jacket, and I put it on just for fun but then I loved the fit!  It's got the same name as the viola Feline tank I got, because it has the same embossed animal print!  This jacket is more of a casual jacket with a sporty side, rather than a to/from gym jacket I think.


I had to get this jacket in size XS.  It just fit much better than size S.  The upper arms are a little tight in XS, but the sales girl swore to me that it will stretch a little.  It's not super tight where it makes me uncomfortable, so I bought it, which is funny since it was like 100 degrees out.

I like the back pleat, it cinches in the waistline and looks very flattering:

So I think this jacket would totally look cute with jeans and heels!  This was my one "splurge" item.  But with 40% off everything, I really saved a lot of money.  It still wasn't cheap though... lol!

The end of the sleeves can be unzipped to make it looser - I prefer wearing it this way (I haven't taken the plastic wraps off of the zippers yet):

So these are my scores from Saturday!  I now have much much more motivation to go back to the gym this week and wear all my cute new clothes!!

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  1. FYI there is a splits59 sale on haute look today!! You should check it out

    1. I did this morning! Finally got the red Novas I've been wanting! And 5 other tanks, only because they had a limit of 6 items lol. What did you get??

  2. I grabbed the Sabrina legend singlette tank in red/mint and the racerback performance tank (I think that's the name??) in blossom. I was def eyeing those novas! Great prices!


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