Friday, May 23, 2014

Splits59 on Hautelook!

First of all, thank you all so much for your efforts to inform me about the Splits59 sale on Hautelook!  For some reason I got myself unsubscribed from their email notifications a while ago, and haven't been checking it much because of it!  Well, you clearly know how much I love Splits59!  It is definitely one of my favorite brands to buy, and I really love that their designs are very edgy and different from others.  The Hautelook sale is still going on until Sunday!  So if you are interested, the price is heavily discounted and they have a lot of current season items!

I ordered on Wednesday morning, and my package is already here!  I love it!  I got 6 items, which is the max number that Hautelook allowed me to buy from this sale.  I would have bought more!  Haha.

Buuut, I got my the red/mint Nova Trailblazer capri finally!  I almost bought these like 3 times from Splits59's website, but each time I talked myself out of needing them.  Since the Hautelook price is $39 instead of $98, it was a no brainer, I just had to do it!

The above picture is from Splits59, which makes them look way more red than the pictures on Hautelook:

I was definitely hoping for RED!  And they are!  But, they do have a slight orange undertone - not a true apple red.  I ordered size XS, same as all my Splits59 bottoms.  I feel like this style runs even bigger than others so XS is the only size that would do.

So, same as my other pair of Novas, these are very long!  That's my only complaint about this style - I would love them to be at least an inch shorter.  I folded them up by about an inch in the photos, otherwise they look almost like ankle pants on me!

I love the mesh detailing over reflective stripes!


This piping is actually mint color, with a tiny silver reflective stripe running in the middle:

To pair perfectly with the tights, I got the mint Tone Racerback tank!  Only $19 on Hautelook! On both Splits59 and Hautelook, the pictures make the tank look really light in color.  I was surprised to see how saturated the color is in real life.

I like that they put a red bra under this tank on Splits's site:


Hmm... Hautelook must have had to photoshop out the model's nipples because this tank is so thin and there is no way they wouldn't show without a bra under... hahaha!

I have the Tone Racerback in rose, which is a size small.  I love the fit and how open it is, but it's very very long, even the shoulder straps feel a little too long.  I just wore it last week to spin class and tied the back in a knot so it wouldn't be so long!

So, I ordered this tank in size XS this time.  It is definitely shorter but still loose fitting.  

I also got the Danica Trailblazer tank which I had been wanting too!  It retails for $78, but Hautelook has it for $32.  The photos on Splits59 and Hautelook show a slightly different tank, so I didn't know which one I'd really be getting - there's a black band under the chest on the Hautelook pic on the right:

Back looks the same:

Turned out, I got the Splits59 one!  I think I like it better.

I bought the scarlet liquid cheetah Danica tank earlier this year and it is one of my favorite tanks (only wish it had room for cup inserts) so I knew I had to order this tank in the same size, which is S.  It fits the same, I love it!  The color Monaco is my favorite shade of blue:

I like the black mesh detail in the front:

As usual, love the metallic!

This tank does have a built in bra, just no slits for cup inserts.  So when I wear my scarlet one, I actually just put the inserts in between the built in bra and the outside of the tank lol.  They haven't fallen out... yet... hahaha.  That would be embarrassing, but this tank is fitted enough that I don't think that would happen if I don't do anything too crazy!  I really hate layering a bra under a tank with a built in bra because it makes me feel like I can't breathe.  But I did try it on over the Lorna Jane Sommersault bra.  I think it works well because the bra is sparkly which kind of goes with the metallic thing!

But it does look like a lot of stuff going on in the back!

Oh well, I don't want to suffocate so I won't be layering anything under.

I picked up another Devon Singlette tank too!  The color is a beautiful blue called pacific.  It definitely looks brighter, like the Splits59 photos:

The Hautelook photos make it look kind of muddy:

I actually have 2 Devon tanks that I got from the Splits59 sample sale!  They are both size XS and I like the fit.  So I got the new one in XS too.  But for some reason it fits differently - the back does not go down as low as the other 2.  It also looks kind of tight rather than drapey... booo!  For $19, I might still keep it.  But kind of disappointed!

This is how the other 2 look from the back - I like it so much better!  They are way longer and drape so much better... The updated version might look similar if I had size S... 

Lastly, I got 2 more Ashby tanks because I just love them so much and they are $19 on Hautelook.  I got one in blossom, and one in navy!  Blossom looks way lighter on both Splits59 and Hautelook websites again!  It's totally different in person.  Argh!  I'll keep it, but I was hoping it was a light cream peach color!

Ok I'll say it again - there is NO WAY you can wear this tank without a bra under.  You might as well be naked.  

Look how much darker it is in person!  They have another darker orange tank on Hautelook (called red, but looks orange to me) - I doubled checked my tank and it is indeed "blossom" which is the lighter one.  I mean... I don't dislike this color at all, it is just not what I expected.  I got size S.  I have this tank in size XS to M.  XS is too tight for my liking since it's to thin.  I kind of like the looser fit of the M.  S is probably my true to size.  I also have found that I love layering these tanks, so I got size S for that reason.

The navy one is exactly what I expected though!  It's a dark beautiful navy!  I can get so much wear out of this tank!

This is the only tank Hautelook pictures represented fairly in my opinion.  They really should consider different lighting next time.  Most of the Hautelook photos do the products a disservice. 

Size small too:

I'm so happy that I was able to get these items for such a great price since Splits59 is usually so pricey!  This will hold me over until their next semi-annual sale!  =D

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  1. I went back to the sale… twice! Got a couple of Eco stuff as I love that shade of green :D I'm a little surprised and anxious now about the Devon tank fit. Everyone says to size down, but it looks so much smaller, and I got an XS too. I Love Splits59 to death but I do wish they have better product photos on their website, like LLM. I'm also going to try out their Loren bra, and I got the seamless Bailey for layering too. The prices are really too good to miss. Any idea when the semi-Annual sale might start? Have to start saving again :D

    1. Lol I went back and ordered a second round after posting this last night! I decided to get the size S in the Devon tank... but after I added it to my cart and was checking out, it sold out! Wtf?? I thought the whole point of adding it to my cart was to reserve it! Argh!!! So I got a size M. Probably will be too big. Super duper sad face! I did buy like 3 other tops though to get over $100 and get free shipping lol. I can always return at Nordstrom Rack! =) I haven't tried their seamless stuff - I'm just afraid they would not have any support at all, since Splits doesn't do cup inserts... let me know how you like them!

  2. Are the red novas completely opaque? I really wish I had snagged those before my size sold out! But Splits is having 30% off on their website this weekend, so considering pulling the trigger.

    1. They are actually not completely opaque - maybe 85%? Lol. I tried them on with black underwear and you can kind of see the shape of them. But I think they are ok with lighter colored underwear. :/

  3. Your first two Devon tanks are actually a size Small, not XS. I went back on your blog and found your post about them right after you bought them and you said they were both a size Small. So, maybe their sizing isn't off?

    1. hmm really??? lol that's funny. I coulda sworn I got those in XS! Well I'm not sure if the new version is one size smaller.... it feels like more. But I got the M coming so we'll see how that one compares!


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